Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Duplicate professions

Today I want to talk about a nifty investment that you can make in rift. With the profitable recipes coming from tokens that you can start to acquire immediately after learning a profession it takes a long, long time to learn them all. This is especially true for weapon and armor smiths because so much of it is useful for so many different people. And since there is no other way to acquire these tokens outside of dailys we need to look for a way to get around that. And I've found one.

This investment won't be on the massive 5k plat scale, but can be a lot if you're just starting out. It's as simple as power leveling a profession for a second time on an alt. You'll still get all of the daily quests and tokens for it regardless. Obvious I know, but the obvious isn't noticed sometimes unless it's pointed out. You leave your main crafter to do the dungeon runs and the like for rep and rare drops while still doing their dailys for tokens also.

Make a note of what recipes you're missing and just be sure not to double up on them. I'm not aware of any minimum level req to train max level professions, but my level 23 alt had 300 artificer so you can probably assume you can do it at level 15 at the worst or possibly level 1.

I'd suggest making a cleric so that you can easily solo earth and fire invasions or rifts. You'll still want to do these for a quick five egg shells to put with the 10 from dailys to get the profession bag. I was crazy lucky on my cleric and got a plaque on their second day being alive at maybe level 8 if that. So yes it is possible to get them that early.

Instead of taking duplicate professions, you can also take three crafting professions on the same toon to really maximize the tokens that you get. In addition if you have multiple toons with OF they each can do the weekly quest to get a plaque so that you can craft all of the epic recipes even faster. Once you have all of them available to you, keep doing the weekly and such on your "primary" crafter that you have all of the rare drop recipes on and keep trying to acquire the epic ones that you need alts to make. Once you have all of those on your primary crafter you can feel free to delete your alts that have duplicates of all the recipes you have on a single toon and start over with another profession.

This might seem time consuming, but power leveling a profession only take a long time if you farm everything you need. Please don't. If you buy everything it might total up around 150 plat using current average material prices which isn't too terribly high. Doing this will essentially cut down the total time frame by half to get all of the recipes from tokens and plaques. Is this viable? Well that depends entirely on you. It depends on how much you have, are willing to spend, and how cheap you can get materials for. That and how much you can sell the crafted goods for of course.

If there are only 3 epic recipes for OF that get a profit then this is totally not worth it. But if you're in the situation as I am where half of the weapon and armor smith recipes are profitable then this is something that you should seriously consider. As of this writing, I need almost three THOUSAND tokens to get all of the recipes that get a profit. At an average of 70 per day on 3 different toons that makes it 15 days or so to get them all. That doesn't sound too bad does it? Well unfortunately it's not that simple because all of the tokens don't go into the same pocket.

For OF I need 400 to finish that up which is 6 days on that toon and only that one. Armor smith needs 700 so 10 days for that toon and then another 700 for weapon smith which is another 10 days on the same toon. Keep in mind also that I've been doing these dailys for a month already, so starting up an entirely new profession that you don't have already will make this time frame much longer. This is why power leveling another profession just to do the dailys is a good option for anybody that wants to jump into a new market. Think about it.

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