Monday, May 17, 2010

Report 5-18

It's that time again, resets, crashes, bugs, and reports. Today is the day where I, Stokpile the well dressed and lover of all things shiny provide you with some nice reading material while angrily awaiting blizz to get servers back up. As usual, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Income per banker

Gems, LW, misc: 50,000

Smithing and enchanting: 58,000

Total weekly sales: 108,000
Weekly profit: 40,000
Total gold: 1,080,000

Lowerish profits this week. I've been slacking on a lot of my mass crafting as I've been spending so much time on my priest and not much crafting. So smithing has taken a dip in sales, but everything else has been top notch. And yet still a short report as I've cut down a ton on my businesses.

Detailed Recap
LW has been exploding still, I can't keep enough profession bags in stock. I've even taken to posting 4 at a time of each instead of only 2. The armor kits and such though have taken a nose dive so I haven't been making any profit from those lately.

I still cannot seem to find a good supply of saronite! Blarg! I'm totally sold out of toc epics and blade ward scrolls and can't find any more bars to shuffle around with. I've at least had enough to keep making and selling belt buckles though. My rampant undercutting has finally driven off the new found campers and competition. It got to the point where I was undercutting by 10g a crack and the sale price went as low as 15g per buckle. But alas they finally gave up and couldn't continue selling at a loss and buckles are back up to 60g and I've already made a profit on top of my losses from that. Heh yeah.

With enchanting, the end of expansion is definitely rearing it's ugly head. Crystals are in high supply while cosmics and dust are nowhere to be found. Good thing I try to live up to my name and stokpile a ton of it. I'm now the ONLY supplier of high end weapon scrolls. You know what that means, 500g+ per sale. Twink enchants have still been going crazy. I've even started selling a ton of healing power enchants (29 spell power) in addition to my normal 30 spell power scrolls. All the caster enchants have been high sales for up to 300g profit a sale. I'm loving it.

My smithing as I mentioned has been a bit slow due to lack of materials, but I've made over 5k profit from selling all my my stokpiled toc epics and belt buckles. Weapon chains have picked up steam once again and are selling at a 30g profit per craft.

I haven't bothered to work the glyphs at all this week.

Tailoring is still going strong and I have finally managed to chase off several of the campers. Spell threads are now back to selling in the 180g range instead of the previous 120g and below. Almost a shame though as the people camping this market were the same ones camping my toc epics if you remember. Now that they're finally gone I'm sold out of all those goodies. Oh well, at least I'm making a killing on the threads.

Epic gems are back with a vengeance! The number you see up top is about 50% profit per epic gem sold. Just a week or two ago it was down to a tiny 10% profit. The market crash chased off most of my competition including my number one camper, the one who loves to nerd rage in trade chat and general chat about me. It's a great feeling to know that you've effected somebody in such a way without even trying. Makes me giggle. So far it seems that mixed color gems are sitting at 100g buying and no lower than 130g cut. That's the bottom end, but I'm still constantly selling them for an average of 170 and up. Profit margins on these have gone back up to what I'm used to and it is good. As for the solid color gems, they're around 120 raw and 140 cut low end with an average sale price of 180.

There also was a few new names showing up on the epic gem list trying to undercut deep and make their claim of the market. Unfortunately for them they missed the lesson of stokpiling and financial backing. I forced the prices down nice and low to the 120g range and then I bought them all out. Relisted their gems a day later and flipped every one of them for a profit and I haven't seen any of them posting since. Of course during this whole time I continued to make sure the price of raw gems were close enough to the bottom sales as I could so that they wouldn't be able to refresh their stock of raw gems. This is my turf. What people may not realize is that the server isn't my competition, I am the server's competition!

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  1. It's funny how economies from server to server differ. Over here everything you are having problems with - we're the opposite in terms of pricing.

    But this is the last damned time I stop buying Saronite on a Saturday and Sunday just because I fill 3 guild tabs with bars. The real shortage is correctly priced Eternal Earth.

  2. I'm still attempting to break into my servers epic gem market. I've a handful of epic cuts, and I am trying to stockpile intelligently setting purchasing thresholds at about 120 for solids. What kind of minimum profit margin should I be looking for when I post?