Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gold for your thoughts?

Once again I come to you with an entry of assorted ramblings, gibberish and gold making tips. As usual no semblance of order or flow, just a bunch of random thoughts that don't make the cut for an entire post.

Weekly farm run
If you're looking to get the enchanting recipes from ulduar here's a tip. Every time the weekly is a boss from there form up a 25m group and set yourself as ML and announce that you'll be taking the enchant if it drops. Nobody ever runs that place anymore, especially not on 25, so you get a shot each week it pops up. Sadly I haven't had much luck with it.

Another thing you can look into is taking your enchanter to Nagrand in outlands and chill out around the pvp zone halaa. When your faction controls it you can buy a few BoP greens fro ma vendor that DE into triple the vendor value in TBC enchanting mats. They respawn at a decent rate (is it 15 minutes? I don't remember) so this is a good way to fuel your goose scrolls for super cheap.

Morning bids
If you're like me and wake up early enough that you can take your time going about your business, it can pay off to check a few things on the AH. There's almost nobody on my server from like 5am to 10am. That means that if an auction has only a few hours left it's very likely that if you bid on it you'll win it. I've done this and saved at least a few thousand gold over time simply by bidding on something that was 2g lower than the buy out price. The same thing goes for the small hours of the morning, especially before Tuesday resets. Granted the AH bid timer is still ticking when servers are off line, but most people won't log on immediately as they come back up. And if they do, it's rather unlikely that their first thought is to check anything they bid on, more likely it's to try and get in a voa run asap since they just reset.

It's not about excess, but access
The point of having a bunch of professions and materials open to you isn't so that you can have an excess of gold, but access to the means of which to make more. The more options you have mean the more gold you can make. And when the market takes a turn for the worst from a crash, material shortage, or a few campers you'll be well prepared to deal with it. When glyphs get another few campers you need to drive off you can rest assured because your epic gems will still be selling well. The more you have access to the more excess you can have.

A goblin did it!
A lot of people naturally attribute a price spike or low priced item flood to a goblin. This is not always the case. In fact I would even venture to say that it's rarely the case. If you pay attention to the cycle of things you'll see that it's just a natural occurrence.

Expensive item > farmers come > supply spike > price drop > farmers leave > supply drop > expensive item.

Why do people automatically assume it's a goblin? Because an AH goblin is somebody that will make life very uncomfortable if you try to get into their markets. They have the resources to force people out and can ensure a zero profit for a good amount of time. Add on top of that their extreme willingness to do so is what makes people think "I see goblins!" Instead of thinking it's a goblin, think or it as opportunity knocking. Take the brief moments in price spikes to make some extra gold selling your own supply.

Hell if I could sell abyss crystals or cosmics for 100g each do you really think I'd be pressed about leveling enchanting? If you can get 4x the price of raw materials instead of the product, sell the materials even if you "need" them to skill up or hold a market. The bottom line is always making gold with the AH game. Think outside of the profession box once in a while, it'll do you some good.

Quality vs. Quantity
Some people get worried when they're only making a few gold profit from something and start to shy away from it or drop it all together. Before you get nervous or leave that market look at just how many you're selling and not how much they sell for. Bags, glyphs, buckles, etc. They all sell at a huge rate and sometimes only for a few gold profit. In cases like that it's always valuable to stay in it if you can handle the inventory space. I say this because you're only looking at the singular sales, not the bottom line at the end of the day.

If you sell 1 epic gem for 50g profit and I sell 50 netherweave bags for a mere 2g profit, guess what? My crappy-not-worth-anything bags just got me more profit than your gem did. If you sell 40 gems I can sell a hundred bags. And if you're already at a point where you can afford all that you need the quality of sales is irrelevant.

When quantity is irrelevant, apply quantity.

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  1. i'm slowly falling in love with this blog keep up the posts. It looks like i've still got some things to learn or do better :P

  2. @ shamaeni
    There's always room for improvement if you ask me, always. So long as you're willing to learn you'll continue to improve just by doing. Glad you like the blog =)

  3. Hey, great post, but I think your last sentence meant to say...

    "When quality is irrelevant, apply quantity"

  4. I love the netherweave bag example.
    Since a week now I have been selling them myself. I started by listing 10 at once but those sold out in an hour or two. So 20 were posted at once the next few times. All sold out within hours. Next I listed 40. All gone by the next morning. So now I post 50-60 at once and I have not once had an expired netherweave bag return since I started selling them a week ago. Not one expired auction on over 150+ listings! WOW :) I have over 200 bags stockpiled so I should be good for another week...

    Profit = 4.5G - 9G per bag


  5. dude i need some advice but i don't think this is the best place to ask you this but hre we go...

    i have inscription and i sell like around 30 glyphs a day or more... i have around 3k gold to waste. what should i do to make more money ? stick with the glyphs until i have more gold or buy and resell other items ?

  6. I'm a goblin to the core and rather territorial, I spent tonight researching sellers rather than grinding my precious Third Loremaster...

    Someone camped the AH on me all afternoon, I noticed the standard 1s undercutting. I don't cancel, I repost. He jumps down another 1s. This got old so I posted at 20% above cost, and Congratulations Mr. Camper, I just noticed you're pulling about 250-400% profit margins on some of your other auctions. I don't normally deal in those, so how do you feel about 10%? Canceling these auctions are gonna make you scream! Watch your costs bro, you're gonna get wrecked!

    See, AH to me is like business, it's War and PvP on a more intelligent level. I don't mind adding things to my shopping list, I watch the market prices like a hawk and it takes me 10 seconds to do it. That and someone in my guild accused me of being that person I'm about to slam, which I denied but they don't buy it.

    So long story short, just because prices drop, it's probably just me paying someone back.

  7. @ Anon
    If you don't have all the mastery books in glyphs you can work on buying up all of those along with a stokpile of inks if you want to get head first into the trade. Otherwise I'd suggest to expand into other markets and see what you can invest in. A 3k gold investment can get you a lot, like materials to craft some toc epics to resell at a good markup. Make sure you tip though.

    @ Zero
    I did the same thing to a few campers I've dealt with in the past. I did a scan under a few things and looked to see if they were in those markets. When I found one they worked with, I made sure to invade it with force. If they were bringing one of my markets down I made damn sure that ALL of theirs were down as low as I could. That's when I started getting all the in game fan mail teehee.

  8. I need fan mail, just to let me know that I'm making an impact. I haven't gotten any from glyphs, even though I've kept that market in the gutter for the past month. The only people making a good profit there are UFs.