Thursday, May 27, 2010

Knowledge is power

So you want to get into glyphs but don't want to handle the whole monster of the business. Well with a little bit of time spent over at EJ or learning from experience, you already know what you should be making glyph wise. In fact, all of the required research is already done. If you don't see what I'm getting at, I'm referring to the cookie cutter glyphs used by each class and spec. They are the most popular sales and are a great place to start if you're wanting to get into the business but don't have the time and/or resources to go all the way.

So here now is the list of expected glyphs for each class and spec. Please note that not every spec has 3 base major/minor glyphs so in those cases I'll just list the ones that I see bought and sold the most often. If you happen to be leveling inscription still or plan to in the future keep these in mind and make them for your skill ups until they go green. Remember that this listing is intentionally limited as it's for those who want to just work a small portion of the glyph trade and a number of these glyphs are debatable. The optional ones(or highly recommended but not required) ones I chose are just the ones I see used and sold most often.

Death Knight

-Dancing rune weapon
-Dark death

-Frost strike
-Icy touch

-The ghoul
-Icy touch
-Dark death


-Rpid rejuvination

Lazer Turkey

-Survival instincts
-Frenzied Regeneration

-Savage roar


Beast mastery
-Steady shot
-The hawk
-Serpent sting

-Serpent sting
-Steady shot
-Chimera shot

-Serpent sting
-Explosive shot
-Kill shot


-Eternal water
-Molten armor

-Molten armor
-Living bomb

-Living bomb
-Molten armor

-Molten armor
-Arcane blast
-Arcane milliles


-Seal of vengeance
-Divine plea
-Hammer of the righteous
-Sense undead

-Seal of vengeance
-Sense undead

-Holy light
-Beacon of light
-Seal of wisdom


-Power word shield
-Flash heal

-Circle of healing
-Prayer of healing

-Mind flay


-Hunger for blood
-Tricks of the trade

-Sinister strike
-Killing spree
-Tricks of the trade


-Flame shock
-Lava burst
-Totem of wrath

-Water mastery
-Chain heal
-Earth shield

-Flame shock
-Feral spirit


-Life tap
-Quick decay

-Life tap

-Quick decay
-Life tap


-Mortal strike
-Blade storm

-Last stand
-Shield wall

-Heroic strike

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  1. Combat rogues should, if they are maxing their DPS, use the Rupture glyph rather than Sinister strike. It's just a question I guess how many will do this than just take the 'old' option of SS or Eviscerate Glyphs.

  2. The possible trouble with starting with popular glyph is that they are usually well covered. The only way to really make money with insciption is to use all the profitable items and use them to cross subsidise the poorer areas. Cards, epics, glyphs, selling inks, vellum.

    By doing this people concentrating in one area would find it dificult to achieve any significant profit. Why are glyphs so low? Are people selling at a loss? No they are making money somewhere else but where?

    I think going into inscription lightly is probably the wrong way as there will be several hardcore traders making making money difficult with few sales over time.

  3. Nice collection of popular glyphs.

    Just as im thinkig about downsizing my glyph market in a week. Now i dont need to do the research myself hehe.

    Thanks :P

  4. I'd be curious to know whether these actually sell more volume than average or not. I have to assume that since the majority of people who raid already have their glyphs, the only source of demand for these will be new characters and people who respec for pvp.

  5. Just one thing for mages, every single spec will take the Slowfall minor. I'd be hard-pressed to find a mage that doesn't have it.

  6. These listed sell in volume and are your most competitive on most days. will tell you a cross-section among all classes exactly what you should be making as well. I hate this profession with a passion, mostly because it's stupid easy to make gold in and there are so many campers. Glyphs are awesome though because by controlling their price, you control the price of herbs. Control the price, you control the tertiary market.

  7. Glyph of mend pet is another good one, at least on my realm. It's a minor glyph for hunters that increases your pet's happiness whenever you mend pet. It's so popular because the minor hunter glyphs are mostly useless and the majority of hunters glyph for it, as with it you never have to carry stacks of food for your pet ever again.

  8. "By doing this people concentrating in one area would find it dificult to achieve any significant profit. Why are glyphs so low? Are people selling at a loss? No they are making money somewhere else but where?"

    Making a glyph that sells at a loss is always a negative thing to do. If you cannot sell a particular glyph for even a small profit at low volume, then it should be removed from your crafting rotation. Crafting "random inscription leveling glyph that is always supplied in quantity for below mat cost" does not help you earn money on some other inscription item. The only reason to craft glyphs like is because you are using an all glyph mostly automated system where it's more work to pick out a few dozen glyphs to avoid than to just sell them all.

    Even then, it's best if you are using a system where you can't be selling the glyphs below cost, so that they sit in your bag or on the ah unsold rather than being sold in quantity for a loss while you make more.

  9. Just wondering, did you ever find a fix for the mailbox lag?

  10. @ Bobbins
    Of course the popular ones are covered. Flasks are covered and so are buckles, but they still get picked clean. It's rare to find a scribe listing 20 glyphs of the same kind every day so that argument doesn't fit. You'll have slow days which goes without saying, but popular glyphs are just that. Popular. So more people want it and more will be bought from the AH, so make sure that yours are included in that bunch.

    @ Euripides
    The best raiders think of glyphs as a consumable. There's many glyphs are are great for one specific fight but do little to nothign everywhere else. Think of a tanks taunt glyph, there's a few ICC fights where it saves wipes and other times is worthless. Once those fights are taken care of you go back to your standard glyph set up.

    @ Leggo
    I moved myself to Darnassus and still have the same lag alliance side at the mail box, but nowhere else in wow. Annoying.

  11. Understandable, I play on the horde side. I've tried every town, and oddly Orgrimmar seem to be the fastest, but if you press the red ? on the micro menu bar, there's a report mailbox lag option ^ ^

  12. I get both auction house and mail box looting lag. I've pretty much narrowed it down by that combination to Auctioneer as I don't have a problem with my non bankers (who have Auctioneer turned off). Most likely it's even one functionality in Auctioneer, Beancounter being the most likely culprit. That's what I've figured causes my issues, your mileage may vary as I'm not sure that you are using that add on.

  13. minor glyphs make one hell of a market as well.. especially the glyphs that make spells no longer require a reagent..