Monday, May 24, 2010

Report 5-25

It's that time again, resets, crashes, bugs, and reports. Today is the day where I, Stokpile the well dressed and lover of all things shiny provide you with some nice reading material while angrily awaiting blizz to get servers back up. As usual, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Income per banker

Gems, LW, misc: 68,000

Smithing and enchanting: 63,000

Total weekly sales: 131,000
Weekly profit: 32,000
Total gold: 1,112,000

I made yet another week of huge sales that was counter balanced by massive stokpiling once again. It seems I can never make an ass ton of gold in a week without finding just as many great deals that I couldn't pass up. I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing O.o

Detailed Recap
Saronite! I has it! I finally managed to catch an UF in action and picked up enough to smelt over 3,000 bars. Very excited to finally be stocked up again. I dropped 2,000 of the bars into the guild bank for later use and xmuted the rest which became a pile of 300 titanium bars. Setting aside two stacks for back up materials, another stack to my enchanter/smith and the rest is going into titansteel. Ah titansteel, never enough of it around. I generally don't keep a huge amount of plain raw materials hanging around. I'd rather use them as I find to the time to do so, sort of like a credit card for time, spend 5 minutes here and there so that I can have an entire hour later on.

Of course I always make sure that I distribute it evenly and not use every bit on buckles or make 5 million enchanting rods. Just taking advantage of a spare 5 minutes where I have nothing pressing to do, I'll start up a mass crafting session of 4 stacks of buckles, or start smelting 100 titansteel bars. Work now, play later.

I also managed to catch somebody clearing out their guild bank and bought a few dozen stacks of dust and a ton of greater cosmics. No such luck on crystals though, but I'm still well stocked with them since I haven't been able to craft many weapon enchants while being so low on cosmics. Speaking of enchanting materials, righteous orbs have been flooding in along with brilliant shards, but essences of air are nowhere to be found. Same goes with golden pearls. This is yet another time where I'm glad I take my own advice and stokpile like a madman.

I still have plenty of mats to make old world enchants while waiting for supply to return. Now I am once again the sole supplier of caster twink enchants and keeping the orbs off the AH means I have a pseudo monopoly on crusader enchants. Would be nice to be running the full spectrum of old world enchanting scrolls, but hey can't have everything.

Epic gems have been doing very well since I've been putting a much more personal touch onto the market. Keeping track of things allows me to ensure that I can maximize my profits. It seems that cardinal rubys are in the annoying middle area where they're too pricey to buy raw and sell cut, but cheap enough to tempt me. I'm down to under a stack of every epic color and struggling to keep enough of cuts on the AH. I'm now able to pick up gems as low as 80g and resell them for an average of 140g for this week, but still able to hit the 200g marker time and time again.

They're back in full swing after the crash with profit margins being almost exactly the same. I'm actually very grateful for the crash, I am. Once the dust settled only the people with the foresight to see that it wasn't over and still maintained a huge pile of materials while still having the guts to keep buying have remained in the market. Go on and guess who that one person is on my server... go on, guess.

/Evil grin

Tailoring has been almost totally absent from my weekly earnings this week as there's a lot more competition in that market, so I've been posting my wares at barely above material costs. As per my standard MO, I'm hoping to annoy and frustrate the competition into convincing themselves that tailoring is just a bad profession. No money to be made here people move along. Heh. I can deal with only making 2g profit on a sale essentially forever, but not many have the patience for that. People always want a magic "I win button" to push, sadly it doesn't exist. If it did trust me, I'd be a millionaire. Oh wait...

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  1. Raw mats this week have definitely been absent, I feel your pain. If things don't change in the next few days my buyout tolerance goes up 10% because I'm beginning to run dry on mats. As I said 2 weeks ago, that's the last time I let Saronite stay up on the AH. Since then it's been a challenge to get it at 100% tolerance.

    I blame the end of the school year. The kids aren't on to farm like normal so there's not much being posted. Either that or they're buying it all out before I get home from work.

  2. I think there has another round of banhammers on gold farmers because every server seems to be complaining about raw materials climbing up quickly. Give it a week and maybe things will be back to the normal range.

  3. I can usually get buy with what I find on the AH in normal amounts, it's just saronite and enchanting mats that I can never get enough of. In other words, I need super mega jumbo sized orders of those where as the rest I'm fine with, like eternals or orbs.

    Example, the bank tab+ of sarontie I bought was half way gone by last night. The 1200ish dust I picked up is down to only a few hundred. The only enchanting mats I'm stocked with in BULK are crystals due to so much gear being sharded as so many have farmed 6/12 ICC by now and aren't progressing further.

  4. Great report once again Stokpile. Seeing these huge enchanting numbers makes me want to take a shot in that market but unfortunetly my biggest competition has a massive stokpile and a firm hold on that market. Of course that would be you...:)
    I am glad that tailoring is not on this report. Maybe I had a hand in it. As for annoying the competition just worry about Xioulou. Mulegirl is no threat to you.
    I have started stokpiling matts like crazy for the first time and it feels good. :)
    BTW you are hard to catch online lately. So I'll say my "Hi, I love your Blog" PST now.


  5. Great numbers there. I'm slowly making my way up. Started off with 5k spent in inscription to get going, now making on average of about 500-800 per day of that alone.

    Only problem I seem to have is this one camper, I've tried changing my posting times to catch him offline, but due to work he always catches me after I go to bed, and after I go to work so I can't get the late at night sales or early morning sales. I've even went so far as to completely remove the chance of him getting herbs off the AH (lichbloom is now 35g per stack, with the rest of the herbs no lower than 20g) on the horde side. Also transferred money to the alliance side and completely demolished their herb stockpile, and personal farmers are out of the question for the both of us. This has been going on for close to 3 weeks now. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  6. Hey anon^,

    Does your realm happen to start with an S?

  7. 6/12 ICC... LOL That is so perfect, because that's about where I hear all the pugs on my server seem to be ending it at. I hadn't thought about it, but that definitely explains why crystals are going for 20g per. I think some weapon enchants are in order here.

  8. Being able to stock up so much on enchanting mats has made me less sad about not finding many good raw gem deals lately. I've still been able to find some, but not enough to where I have a really good supply of them.

  9. Anon 4^:

    My realm does not start with an S actually.

  10. @ Mulegirl
    Yes, Xi... the bear dude. They're ratehr annoying, they're the one that was screwing with my toc epic market, but I managed to mostly shut them down. I've been spending a lot of my game time on my priest alliance side so that's likely why you haven't caught me. I'm tickled that you like the blog ans, as a competitor, you're not being all QQ about it. I like that.

    @ Anon
    The only thing you can do to beat a camper is to make it not worth their while and see which of you can deal with low profits longer. I'm generally not the type to suggest a merger or w/e but the chance to split the market is always there. My first tip of course would be to lower your sell price to 7g, but if glyphs re 99% of your income you're in a very delicate position and can't really do that. So expand into other markets slowly and you'll be able to try and muscle them out.

    @ Charlie
    Enchanting sure is a fun market and you only need to make a few certain scrolls with a decent stock to get in. I'm glad you're having some success with it.

  11. ya, glyphs are about 75% of my income, and I wish glyphs actually went for 7g on this server. Majority of the glyphs are around 4g, and some go as high as 18g. I've thought about putting my prices right above material cost and since I'm keeping the price of herbs high, its only a matter of time before he runs out hopefully. I will still make profit and force him to either sell for cost or less but that risks being bought out i suppose.