Thursday, May 6, 2010

Seven Digits

EDIT: I was a bit unclear in this entry, but I will be continuing to write daily entries in the blog and post on "From the ground up" on Saturdays. Not going anywhere just yet.

Well, I've done it. I have officially amassed over a million gold in WoW and hit a fifth gold cap. My what a long strange trip it's been. Some may ask me how this is possible, how can you possibly get a million gold? Well the answer is rather simple: I sell stuff.

I do not: bot, farm for hours, exploit bugs or glitches or drop rates, have more than 1 account, have a "business partner," get lucky with insane sales that I take full advantage of such as the release of dual spec, have somebody help in any way with my auctions, camp the AH, sell gold, violate the world of warcraft EULA, have a monopoly on any market or trade materials.

I recently said that once I hit the mark I'd be closing up shop, but due to my "From the ground up" project I'll be sticking around a bit longer. But with me reaching the 1,000,000g marker and having no other goals for my primary industry you'll be seeing changes, mostly in my reports and markets that I watch.

Here's the general plan for what's next for me:

~ Further screens can be found here:


~ Buying a run for two through ICC, preferably 25 man but if that's not possible then I'll settle for 10. Willing to pay a VERY large amount of money obviously. Naturally I'll be passing on all loot, but if a BVB or something equally awesome looking happens to drop I'd most likely try to buy it off who ever in the hosting guild gets it.

~ I'll still be continually working a lot of the markets that I am now, but a number of them I'll be completely getting out of. I'll be removing my selling thresholds from all items and selling them until I'm completely out of inventory for that particular market. I'm sticking with enchanting and smithing as it's quite fun, tailoring cuz it's easy, and epic gems because the current state of the market fascinates me. The rest you won't be seeing anything about them in my reports once I'm out. It'll definitely be interesting to see how much gold I have in raw materials stokpiled that's for sure. When I publish my next business report I'll be more specific as to what markets I won't be working in.

~ Going to buy a gladiator to carry me to at least 1800 to get a nice feel for the arena and a shiny weapon as I never bothered to play the team bouncing game to find decent players to PvP with. I've done too much of that with raid guilds trying to find a quality one.

~ One idea that I'm toying around with is having a sort of Q&A session on my server where you can make a level 1 and join a raid with me and we can all just BS around and talk about the AH game. Though there's the very high potential for trolls and the low amount of participants, so not sure if it's worth doing.

~ Continue on as planned with my Priest and the "From the ground up" project. The goal is to have all riding skills and dual spec etc trained by the time I hit 80, get a large stake in enchanting and glyph markets and fully decked out in BoE purples and high end blues. Then see how hard I fail in ToC/ICC as disc. Heh.

I really don't have much in the way of closing words about this other than damn has this been FUN!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I genuinely enjoy your blog. It's well written with care and thought, so I really hope that by reaching your final goal you won't stop writing. Perhaps you might look at other means that players could earn their gold. I particularly enjoyed your tips on Children's week.

    It might be a chance for you to look at gaps in the market and comment on these, rather than going into these yourself. What about the actual mechanics of running such a large business? How many bank alts? How do you use your time effectively? What are those killer addons you really couldn't do with out.

    Anyway, thanks for all the enjoyment I get from reading your blog.

    My circumstances are I am married with a busy job and manage about 8 hours a week on the PC. But I have now approx 100k in gold using mainly inscription. And it's due to blogs just like yours.


  2. @ J
    I will be continuing to write of course. As you have noticed by now, I focus mostly on the theory rather than the process as I find it's far more important. I hope you keep reading and expanding your self to learn more as that's how you can make the WoW gold as you have shown yourself.

    For the amount of bankers, it's all personal preference, I use one banker per two markets and being time effective I multitask. Buy mats while I mass craft, mass craft while I'm not at the desk etc. As for addOns I have a post dedicated to that called "AH Tech" I believe. Check it out!

  3. Wow major milestone! congratulations on reaching 7 digits.

    I look forward to continue reading your future posts. And good luck with buying 1800/icc runs

  4. @ Anaalius
    Thanks a lot! It was definitely fun. I know the top alliance guild sells runs for 125k but I'm not sure if the top horde guild is selling them at all. We shall see.

  5. That's a brilliant achievement, big congrats :)

    I made about 40k pretty much by following your tips and with time constraints I stopped. I have gone in with a mate and we are going for a joint venture trying to tackle as many markets as possible. Hopefully two heads will be better then one and access to more professions and time resources. We are hoping to have a nice little nest egg for Cata :)

  6. I'm a new reader this week. I enjoy your blog so far. I hope you keep it up.

  7. @ Leigh
    Not to sound cynical, but so long as you and your partner trust each other it shall work out very well. I assume that you know each other IRL? With two bodies and two accounts that cuts the time needed for mass crafting and posting and such in half obviously, so you should be able to pool your resources together quite nicely. I wish you luck!

    @ Ice
    I intend to, but you'll be seeing less and less posts on markets that I'm going to be getting out of though. But I'm always open for questions.

  8. Congrats, that is one heck of an achievement. I do hope you keep writing as your posts are very well written, humorous, and extremely helpful.

    When it comes to undercutting wars how far do you take it? I understand there is a profit threshold but do you just take it to that threshold and say screw it for now? I've always thought that if things get out of hand past my profit threshold I just focus on other markets. Is there a better way to combat this?


  9. @ Naked Jay

    as far as undercut wars go, I'll sell at a loss if I have to. I am mercilessly territorial you see, hehe. But that sort of ability comes with a high bank roll so it's not for everybody unless you're positive you can outlast your competitor. Otherwise I'll go as low as materials + 8% so that'll at least let me break even after the AH takes a cut.

    Because of that you need to have a diverse market share so that you're always able to turn a legit profit.

  10. Congratulations on hitting seven digits! I don't have much to say except that I've enjoyed your blog so far and am happy you won't stop writing. :)

  11. I read your blog a lot and never post but i wanted to say grats.

    I start AHing in 2010 and im up to 300k. I hope to hit one million by the end of 2010 and your blog (with JMTC) provide me a lot of good tip.

    Thank you

    -Earthquakes (Turalyon)

  12. @ Anon and Anon and Anon
    Thank you much for reading and the grats! I'll be keeping up with the more interesting markets (and thus writing) and wish you well in your own AH playing.

  13. Congrats on becoming a WoW millionaire! I am sad that you will be leaving, but glad that it's not right away. I've really enjoyed reading your blog, and I'm still learning a lot about the AH game (and how much fun it can be). I wish you the best in your remaining WoW endeavors and beyond!

  14. Huge congrats on reaching 7 digits, stok! In honor of your achievement you're the subject of this week's word jumble :p

    Catcha round :)

  15. Congrats! I just realized that you're on my server. I totally recognize some of your bankers' names. :)

  16. Hi Stockpile congrats on hitting a mil. Your blog has help me break pas the 20k wall and now I'm sitting on 60k. The one question I have for you and I hope you answer it is at what gold amount to you think a person should attempt to stockpile?