Monday, May 10, 2010

Report 5-11

It's that time again, resets, crashes, bugs, and reports. Today is the day where I, Stokpile the well dressed and lover of all things shiny provide you with some nice reading material while angrily awaiting blizz to get servers back up. As usual, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Income per banker
Epic gems: 32,000

Meta gems, LW, misc: 21,000

Smithing and enchanting: 54,000

Glyphs: 4,000

Total weekly sales: 111,000
Weekly profit: 40,000
Total gold: 1,040,000

Numbers look a bit funny, I know. That's because I've spent the later part of the week shuffling around items and gold to condense my business. Several bankers lost their lives in the chaos.

Detailed Recap
I mentioned Friday that I'll give specifics to the changes in my markets so here's what I will no longer be selling. I won't be just vendoring all my materials of course so you'll still be seeing them in my reports up until I have sold out of all the mats. Basically the idea is to trim down enough of my dealings so that all of my inventory fits on two bankers; my DK enchanter and of course Stokpile.

~ Bloodstones
~ JC leveling gear
~ Rare gems
~ Glyphs
~ Vendor pets
~ Tailoring crafted bags

This week I've been doing a bit of epic flipping. I bought a few ToC recipes for the gear that I'm actively selling (razor plate, white knight BP, titansteel bracers) for about 600-800g per pattern and resold them within a day for over 2k. I also bought a battered hilt from some impatient bastard for 9k and sold it over night for 14k. Please people, don't fail the marshmallow test. Patience in the AH game will always be rewarded.

BoA enchants have been rocking it something fierce once again along with smithing. I'm almost out of my stock of 40 golden pearls. I also had to restock on TBC mats for mongoose scrolls. Seriously if you have an enchanter and DON'T have goose, get a buddy to help you kill a boss in kara, it's a 100% drop now. DOO EET! Sold another few sets of ToC epics for up to 1800g profit on each and came into a mass supply of saronite ore which I shuffled around into two more stacks of titansteel so I still have a bit of that hanging around for later. This is getting rather difficult to keep up with... I like it! In case you're like me and constantly forgetting how much saronite you need to make some titansteel here's the flow of ti all to craft 10 titansteel bars:

480 saronite ore = 240 saronite bars
240 saronite bars = 30 titanium bars

+ 10 eternal fire, shadow, and earth = 10 titansteel bars

Note that if you're xmute spec as you should be you'll most likely get at least 3 bonus titanium bars so you can almost always count on that happening.

Epic gems seem to have leveled off and titanium ore is way up. So far all mixed colors are in the 105g area with solid colors hanging around 130g. I'll sometimes though see people selling them in trade for 50g less than that. Oh and in case you couldn't guess, I'm still being camped. With prices slowly settling down and going back up after the massive fall out, demand is starting to show it's face once again so I'm now making at least 15g profit per gem upwards of 90g per cut, just like the good ole days.

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  1. So I've always wondered how you gather your numbers each week. Do you just use bean counter? I couldn't get it to group by profession. Is there another addon that will help you to do this? Thanks a lot for your great blog. It has helped me get started in the AH business.

  2. @ Johnathan
    The way it works is I have several bankers and they always handle their assigned markets. I always keep 1k gold on them and never do any purchasing with those bankers dedicated to selling. At the end of each week I take the total gold they have, minus 1,000 and deposit that into my guild bank. That tells me just how much income I got from those specific markets combined.

    Example: I start the week on Teusday with 1k gold on Stokpile, my premier banker. I sell a ton of gems, LW goods, and assorted junk. Next Teusday comes and he now has 45k in his bags. I deposit 44k into the guild's coffers and write down in my weekly report that from those markets I earned 44k gold for the week.