Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trimming the fat

Entry today on what I've been up to since my shuffling of markets, mats and more. So far I've narrowed down all of my markets to fit on three bankers, technically two. So this is me organizing my thoughts a bit here. Hey I'm allowed a 'just for me' entry now and then aren't I? But as always, I provide at least one good tip on making some extra coin.

While doing my required reading on EJ about my space goat priest, I found that the best flask for longevity is a Flask of Distilled Wisdom. It adds 65 Int which is an amazing regen stat for disc. I would assume that it's the same for a holy pally since int for them is like crack. The catch however is that it's a TBC recipe that requires Cenarion Expedition exalted reputation to learn. The mats are something like 18-25 gold to craft a pair, so on average they cost about 11g each. Nothing impressive I know, but when you keep in mind it needs a ton of rep with a faction almost nobody gets past honored with... yeah. You can charge out the nose for these.

Assuming you do every quest in HFP and the marsh you'll be just a tad above or below honored. If you get lore master of outlands then MAYBE you'll be half way to revered. Regardless, for the true min/max healer money is not a problem. The only problem is supply, so supply them! If you want to grind out this rep, get an enchanter in group and go grind out the steam vaults regular mode a few million times. The coilfang armaments are the rep turn in items along with just killing trash. I say bring an enchanter in group because you can get a lot of DE goodness from there. They don't even need to be with you just in group and you can get the DE option to pop up. Once you're exalted you can also get one of the coolest looking mounts in game.

EDIT: I read a comment that told me that the recipe for this flask can also be found as a BoE version. Apparently it drops from the last boss in the living side of Stratholme.

Ok here's the low down on everything I've been mucking about with.

I now have Stokpile handling the distribution of all my gems. The gem business is now limited to epics and metas, no more rares or commons aside from the left overs which may be vendored soon. He is also taking care of all my LW and misc sections.

My most favored DK is still handling all of the enchanting and BS goods. I have my two alchemists doing their daily xmute of king's amber and shuffling sarontie bars. I'm still clamoring for truck loads of bars to feed my BS markets with titansteel. Things would be infinitely easier if I could just drag and drop from one toon to another as if I was dual boxing. But I'll never be able to justify a second account for that. Ever.

My mage is still handling all of the tailoring threads, spellweave, and general purpose material buying. That's only because they're crafting it all and ahve a large amount of open bag space. And since they'll be going to the AH a few times a day to buy stuff, I might as well post it on them. Orangerocks is no more and has been transformed into a rather stunning blond human girl to take care of the messy banking work for my girly space goat thing.

I've finished moving all of my rare orange gems along with all but a handful of twilights and scarlet cuts.

All that's left to move are my glyphs which, sad to say, aren't going to be moving that fast. Handling the glyph market is tough enough, but having to do it twice in a day is far more than I can ask myself to do. So unless I find myself extra bored with a lot of extra time I'll fire up my glyph machine again, but for the time being all the mats and such will be sitting in the mail box of my glyph banker horde side. I'll still be keeping up fully on my alliance glyph market of course.

Speaking of which, small update on From the ground up for those of you that are interested. I've been abusing the storm wind AH trick that I found on Tella's blog a while back where you can access the mail box and auctioneer without moving a step. Definitely saves me a lot of time since my banker doesn't have a mount obviously. You can read all about it here. So if you've got an alliance banker I highly suggest you take advantage. Every moment you spend going back and forth is a moment you're not doing something else!

All that being said my messege to you is this: follow the golden 80/20 rule. 80% of your profits must come from 20% of your efforts. If working a few specific markets are taking up too much of your time for too little profit sell out cheap and call it done. If something is taking too much time then you're obviously not having any fun.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey recently broke into the beast you call the glyph market, and I'm quite enjoying it. Only been at it for around 2 weeks now, so still trying to run off the campers and other people who once ran that market. They're relentless I give them that much, but I've bought all the supply of herbs off the market that are worth buying, and have tons of glyphs banked so its only a matter of time before their supply runs low and they end up spending more than they make or just giving up all together.

    I do have some questions though. I've made about 4 stacks of belt buckles that seem to drop in price way to often, rest of my saronite I transmute into titanium, any other suggestions what to do with 250 stacks of bars?

    My 2nd question is what do you do with all the snowfall inks, I can't seem to move them very fast at all?


  2. @ Leggo
    The snowfall inks I turn into fortitude scrolls, off hands, or just sell them as is. When the dark moon faire comes to town each month a lot of scribes will gobble them up to make cards (almost always at a loss btw) and spend up to 15g each on the inks. As for the saronite, I turn it into titanium bars and then into titansteel. That's then used for either ToC epics, bladeward enchant scrolls, or just plain bars.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying the glyph market as it's so vast it's very exciting for a very long time. Always something new going on in that area of the AH game.

  3. Ya the fort scrolls have been a no go. I suppose every raid manages to get a priest. Forgot all about darkmoon faire, guess I will just stockpile a majority of them and wait til then.

    The titansteel bars are going just as fast as I can put them on the AH which is great. Can't wait til I'm bringing in enough income to go all out on the market.

    As of now, 2 weeks into the market and I have managed to bring in 10k this week before expenses, all thanks to you.

    Thanks for the reply.

  4. There is also a BoE version of the flask recipe (which I just bought for 25g ^^)

  5. Yeah, the flask recipe was a flask from Vanilla, when we used to have to spend an hour grinding Scholo to get the stupid lab just to make them, or 2-3 hours in BWL... the BOE version should commonly be up on the AH.

    There is a fast route to Cenarion exalted, you just have to turn in the plant parts until honored before doing any quests in Zangar or the CE outpost in Blade's Edge, and then grind the dungeon a few times. Best advice, buy the recipe.

    Glyphs aren't bad, the campers are awful but I'll spend an hour a week on making them just to insure the market is "awful" for them. Just collapse the market when posting 1-2 times a day (with multiple copies for added effect) to insure that the campers either 1) buy me out (at a profit) or 2) lose money/make only a little profit or 3) give up. Just keep the market clean of those pesky underpriced herbs so you can remain profitable (which means consistently looking for them when you can). The thought of these pinheads sitting there watching their friend's list for hours at a crack just to undercut themselves into oblivion makes me smile.

    This is the only market I will spend time purposely deflating because I know who one of the main campers is (former guildmaster of mine), and I can imagine the pain I am inflicting on him. He's not happy making 1-2g a glyph (for weeks on end)... so never brag to me about being an AH expert when all you know is glyphs! AH PvP at it's finest.

  6. On a leatherworking note, you may want to mention something about Glove Reinforcements ( I don't know what it's like on other servers, but I can easily craft these for 40-50g and sell them for upwards of 100 or even 150g. They're slow sellers, but at a minimum of 100% profit on my server, I've found it to be well worth keeping a couple listed, and I make a solid 500g/week off them alone.

  7. @ Anon
    Ah, I didn't see there was a BoE version of it. I may try farming it up as the rep grind might be quite a bit longer than a few dungeon runs, luck providing of course. Thanks for the tip, I'll edit it into the post.

    @ Zero
    The only problem with the "fast route" to exalted is that most, if not all, players are already past that part which is what makes the rep still obscure.

  8. @ Sicarri
    I actually used those for a while, but the stamina ones I found were still superior. But I'll still craft a few of those and see how well they work on my server. I'm always up for trying something different.

  9. School being out is not going help alleviate the AH camping situation.

  10. @ Mike
    True, but a severe lack of profit always helps to move things along.

  11. @Mike: Agree with Stok, the simplest way to deal with campers is take the motive for profit away. If they choose to dump in turn and play along, that's fine, just insure you're prepared and know what you're doing.

    Glyphs are for campers, I choose to make their camping trip as expensive to them as possible. Then again, I only post glyphs to mess with people. Example, posting 10 of each glyph at like 7g per. I make 3-4g a glyph and get hate mail and tells. But I also insure that the price of herbs skyrockets as people get out, and I commission farmers. Not my fault they didn't plan it right.