Sunday, May 2, 2010

Buy. Sell. Profit. Giggle.

Once again making my Monday entry a tad early due to recent events.

It's Children's week! Ah I just love special event weeks, don't you? Probably not for the same reasons though mwahahaha. This is the time where the bad guy in me really comes out for a good laugh at the fools that don't know who sells ice cold milk or simple flour. People that are so stupid and astoundingly lazy that they just CBA to look on wowhead for the very complete and simple to follow guide.

Today, we're actually going to farm and camp the AH. I know, it's scary to read those words coming from a blog that is so against it, but the sheer comedic value is beyond worth it. We farm because the items of sudden value have disappeared from the AH and we will camp to enjoy a good laugh as our obscenely overpriced items sell in droves. First things you can farm for some fast cash are:

Northern eggs
Small eggs

You use the northern eggs plus vendor sold flour to craft a tasty cupcake. Note that each craft creates 5 cupcakes and each player will only buy one as that's all the achievement needs so list your stacks as singles. The northern eggs I farmed, kinda, from the rocs in the NE corner of sholozar. I killed 5 birds, looted 4 eggs, crafted 20 cupcakes all in the span of 60 seconds. The profit over all might not be astounding, but it sure is worth a good laugh. If you're wondering where to get the recipe for this, just go kill mobs and it'll drop soon enough. It's a very common world drop so if you have the cooking skill for it and have done naxx at least twice you probably have it already. It's really that common.

If you actually do the math on that out of curiosity, it will look something like this:

60 seconds farming = 4 eggs
4 eggs = 20 cupcakes
20 cupcake = 60g

60g / 60 seconds = 1g per second = 60g per minute = 3600g per hour
That's something ain't it?

The small eggs are used for chocolot cake. These things as you may notice are needed in stacks of 8 so if you're going to list some, put them up in that size. The reason they're worth farming is they drop from mobs you can 1 shot, have an amazingly high drop rate, and will sell for a ludicrous amount of gold the entire time this event is going on. In fact you could probably just stand near the bank and spam trade "selling cupcakes for X gold each, at -town- bank, just open trade."

Note the materials for the cake there. The only ones that need to be farmed are the mageroyal and the eggs. The rest can be purchased from a simple vendor in any capital city for a handful of silver to be resold to the bots lining up at the AH like lemmings to purchase it for 10 gold. It always amazes me when people spend gold on stuff that's sold for coppers that is literally less than 30... Yards... Away!

Also if you happen to play a mage leveled enough to have portals to dalaran and shatt, you can make a good bit of money for zero work by selling portals from your capital city. With so many people needing to travel and being far too lazy they'll spend 15 minutes looking for a mage to portal them for some gold instead of spending the 5 minutes it takes to get there.

All of these digital snack foods are for the achievement Bad Example.

One other thing to keep in mind is that there's always a hgue mini pet craze whenever any new or otherwise rarely offered but easily obtained pets are released. So make sure you go to the pet vendor in dala and buy a few of her little cuties and sell them for a profit as well.

Other vendor sold goodies for that achievement are sold by an NPC in your faction's capital and an NPC in dalaran named Aimee, she sits at the northern bank across from the blacksmith shop. Notice the stack sizes of the food she sells though, the lovely cake for example is sold for 14g for a single one. The brownies and such are sold in stacks of 5 each. So you can just divide by 5 and sell them for like 30 silver and still make a profit. The best part is you can't be bought out because you can just walk right back to the vendor and sell more. The only thing somebody can do is intentionally lose money by listing a shit ton on the AH for cheaper than the vendor just to make sure that you won't be "taking advantage" of those poor innocent people who just didn't know (that wowhead exists).

/care face

Say what you want about all this, but if you buy simple flour for 5g you are either an A-Class moron or one of the laziest human beings on earth, fact! And you need to hit yourself. Hard. But if you happen to be questioning my motives for selling over priced crap to the lazy I shall direct you to the nearest convenience store. Here you will usually find a great many things much higher priced than those exact same things at your local (but sooo much farther away) super market. IRL this can make sense as you have to pay for the price of gas to get there and depending on distance it might just be cheaper. There are no spikes in the price of a ride on a bat or a griffon in azeroth so this is nothing but laziness through and through.

And lastly I leave you with a chain of screens from the banker that is handling the new and improved Stokpile bakery! All of these were taken in sequential order, over the course of abotu 45 minutes.


Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm doing the same thing, but my prices are way more exploitatious. Check em out here.

  2. @ Cold
    WTG on the massive profits! I have quite a few serious AH players on my server so towards the end of the day prices went way down on all the vendor goodies, but it seems like you're not having a problem at all. I hope that they lose interst in a few days and I can get back my my giggles hehehe.

  3. Also, just for those that CBA to spend a lot of time getting small eggs, the dragonhawks near the blood elf capital city have a 100 percent drop rate on eggs. I used this to great profits as on my server 8 eggs go for 20g.

  4. i stockpiled around 2000 mageroyal, selling them in stacks of 3 for 25-40g.
    i am already running out of stocks and there are 5 days to go!

    i regret stopping to buy them some weeks ago... but i never thought they'd sell like hell on my very underpopulated server *sigh*

  5. @ shax
    I had actually completely forgotten that you needed mageroyal to make the cake, so I missed out on that oppurtunity sad to say. In fact I had completely forgotten it was coming up until I saw the guide on wowhead the other day, heh. But your running out just goes to show that stokpiling for an up coming big selling item is always a wise decision.

    2000 flowers at 30ish per 3 is quite an astounding amount of profit I must say.


  6. @ Anon
    SMC is actuality where I went as well due to the drop rate. But if there's a lot of people farming there at the same time, I also recommend outside of thunder bluff. Convenient as my DK happens to do their banking from there.

  7. im a humble farmer who just stumbled upon your blog. thank you for this tip, going for the mage royal when servers come up

  8. @ blue
    I'm glad you stumbled upon me and I'm sure you'll find a handful of good ideas to make yourself some fast and easy coin. Though at this point I'm not too sure if it's worth farming eggs as the word does spread quickly and prices have likely bottomed out.

    But if you keep a close watch on the AH you can easily sneak in when there's only a few left up, buy them for a few gold, and relist them plus all of yours for a substantial mark up.

    With events it's usually the same pattern; day one is uber profit, day 2-4 bottom end prices, day 5-6 things slowly creep up, day 7 the "oh crap I gotta hurry and finish!" people swarm in and prices sky rocket back to day one levels. Again, all you need is an observant eye and you shall do well. The key for event farming is simple timing. Good luck!

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