Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Report 6-1

It's that time again, resets, crashes, bugs, and reports. Today is the day where I, Stokpile the well dressed and lover of all things shiny provide you with some nice reading material while angrily awaiting blizz to get servers back up. As usual, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Income per banker

Gems, LW, misc: 46,000

Smithing and enchanting: 46,000

Total weekly sales: 92,000
Weekly profit: 48,000
Total gold: 1,160,000

Detailed Recap
Been spending a bit this week on my DK. Bought a pair of trophies in a toc pug to complete their matching set and the gems/enchants that go along with it. But all things considered that wasn't that much, a drop in the bucket compared to the usual weekly earnings. I would get the primo legs crafted as well, but they just totally don't match the rest of the toc gear she's wearing.

Epic gems, holy crap. I'm totally sold out of a few colors and slowing down my sales on the ones I'm stocked on a lot. The idea is that when the new raid comes sales will explode temporarily thus increasing prices by a lot. So unless I can make a good 50% profit, I'm not selling that particular gem currently. I'll continue with my stokpiling, xmuting, etc in the mean time. The raid should be out soon as it's being farmed on the PTR currently so I don't have much time left to build up a stock of cheap raw gems to sell for a killing later on. Meta gems have mostly been selling at top end prices, even the slow moving ones have been sold rather quickly for 100g a piece. So much so that I have to xmute another few stacks of both meta types. No super luck on procs as usual >_<

LW bags have been moving just as awesome as usual, but armor kits have sped up a bunch. I'm getting about 30g+ profit per sale and leather has been all but absent on the AH. Strangely enough arctic furs are STILL below the cost of 10x heavy borean and thus epic leg armors are worthless as well. I'll never understand why this is the case. I mean there aren't THAT many skinning UF's around. In fact the last pair that sold tons of leather have basically stopped farming. Good thing I still have a few thousand heavy borean hanging around.

The battle for tailoring is back in full swing along with belt buckles. They're both riding a nice 1g above material costs. That means that when they sell, I'm losing a few gold from the AH cut. And if they DON'T sell I'm losing a few silver from the deposit fee. But lucky for me I can still keep this up perpetually to ensure the competition makes as little profit as humanly possible. I defend my markets rather fiercely, I know. But that's just how I do things here.

Enchanting rods have still been selling out at the rate of a full set every other day at the least. Though titanium rods not so much due to the many people leveling up smithing with them. Since titanium bars are so cheap, sometimes cheaper than xmuting saronite, this is the best way to get the last points in BS. Because of that weapon chains have been down on the sales end as well since they require the exact same mats as the rods do. I'm not defending this market as viciously because I have many other options to drop the titanium bars into for a sweet profit. I refer to of course toc epics.

The tanking bracers have finally picked up and are now selling at the same rate as the rest, I must have just started selling them at a slow point. The dps ones though... there isn't enough titansteel in the universe to stokpile enough to keep up with these sales. All I can manage to do is barely keep up with the demand. It's starting to be a serious drain on my stokpile of saronite.

If I could, I'd hire the entire Venture Co. out in sholozar basin to mine all the damned sarontie and titanium they can find if I could. Then maybe, just maybe, I'd have enough mats to stokpile titansteel properly. But until then I'm making due with what I have available to me.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. great post. I myself have some hired farmers who provide me with enough saronite and titanium from scholozar basin at a very low price. This makes it easy for me to make a lot of titansteel at a low price and ensuring that i can dominate that market. They are also providing the eternals at a 40% market price(dumb basterds).

  2. Intresting read.

  3. Wish you could hire venture co :D

    I tend to noticed farmers i hire eventually just stop farming. My loyalist farmer was only for 2 month :(

  4. I enjoy your blog very much, thanks mr Pile!

  5. I think tailoring is a money sink. You should abandon it ASAP. :)


  6. Tailoring works, you just need to hit mats at the right prices.

    Skinners are definitely out there, I noticed this weekend the Arctic Fur Prices = Heavy Borean Leather = Borean Leather. That tells me someone else knows what's up and kept the AH free of the good stuff. The problem with skinning is that GFs don't focus on it much and the stacks posted are always by random people leveling.

    And I finally, FINALLY was able to get saronite at a reasonable price! My miner spent 2.5 hours smelting and then another hour transmuting. Lots of housework done and a nice stockpile of junk to sell this week! I've gotten away from Titanium rods and chains, frankly the profit is better in other areas.

  7. @ Mule girl
    Going to log on and undercut you just to see how much of a 'money sink' tailoring is! <3

    @ Sham and Anaalius
    I've tried to buy myself a farmer, even offering as high as 16g/stack which is the 'normal' AH average price, but no takers. Apparently they prefer to sell them in 2 at 14g/stack and CBA to wait for me to log on and collect the mail. I dunno /shrug

    @ Zero
    If you were responding to Mulegirl above you about the tailoring bit, they're my biggest competitor on my server in epic threads and are still trying to make me go away hehehe.

    As for titanium rods and chains, I always keep a handful on me even when prices are super low. I just set my selling threshold much higher than normal as there are many places to spend the titanium bars indeed. But if the sale price of the chains/rods is up to like 50g why wouldn't you want to craft/list a few of them? I try not to limit myself, but if I need the titanium for toc epics or enchants, I'm definitely not making any rods.

    @ McSchnitzel
    Please, just Stokpile. No mister =)

  8. @ Stok - yes, I was talking at Mulegirl.

    I craft those things when the price is right and keep a few on hand, but prices are not that good right now. Those items generally are not high movement items except on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Given Saronite has been a rare commodity, I would almost move to a Just In Time inventory method on those because I can move an inventory of 100 TS Bars within 48 hours.

    The hardest thing right now is getting a stockpile. I was looking at my market data and I had to go back to May 16th to find the last time market pricing was halfway decent on all mats. Prices haven't escalated because people still sell at normal prices. Although tonight should prove interesting since herbs haven't been farmed in weeks.

    I'm thinking of letting my stranglehold on glyph prices go for the week so people start farming herbs again, stocking up on everything, and then crashing it again just in time for the patch.

    In case I didn't mention it before, I have all glyphs posted 4-5 each, 24 hour posting, and none exceed 10g price and I thresh out at 50s under that. I get UC all the time which prevents me from having to restock. Since I did this on both horde and alliance side, herbs have been 25g per stack (when they used to go for 10-15g a stack). This has resulted in every single major glyph seller leaving the market and it's dominated by 2-5g glyphs. UFs are the only ones making a small profit. You even see people short stack selling at prices that they want to see hoping people will undercut and post several dozen stacks so they get cheap herbs.

    I only did this to see if what I expected would happen happened. And it happened! Sellers got out of the market, so demand went into the toilet, supply went down so the price went to the moon. Since I have this control on my entire server, the next question is when to stop it so I can correct herb prices and stockpile for a week or two, and then crater them just in time for patch.

  9. @ Zero
    You basically outlined my general approach to glyphs. Drain the supply, crash the prices, wait for the rest to leave. As to when to let prices rise to attract more farmers is all on you. I'd take advantage of the pseudo monopoly for at least a week or two, but you're the best judge of that.

  10. @ Zerohour
    My only "market" for awhile was epic spellthreads and I was basically the only person selling them horde side for big profit. Until a certain Deadfish (Stokpile) decided "enough gold for Mulegirl. I want it all!" And took over the spellthreads as well as the rest of the AH. :)

    I hated that "Deadfish" crazy undercutter for a long time until I stumbled onto this blog and realized I was dealing with a Goblin.

    Now I take notes...