Monday, June 7, 2010

Report 6-8

It's that time again, resets, crashes, bugs, and reports. Today is the day where I, Stokpile the well dressed and lover of all things shiny provide you with some nice reading material while angrily awaiting blizz to get servers back up. As usual, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Income per banker

Gems, LW, misc: 41,500

Smithing and enchanting: 60,000

Glyphs: 1,500

Total weekly sales: 103,000
Weekly profit: 20,000
Total gold: 1,180,000

I've once again been spending on my DK. I bought an ICC 25 boe neck and ring totaling 18k for her (in addition to equipping a pair of toc epics and i251 kirin tor ring) and finally managed to break AND sustain 8k DPS in vault this week. I almost broke 9k when I could AoE the adds with pestilence and a chain of rime procs, but on the pure tank 'n spank fire boss it was a solid 8k+ start to finish. Now if I went into ICC with the pug carrying buff that'd be almost 10k. Fek yuh! So once again big sales but low profits due to my love for playing the DK chica.

Detailed Recap
I'm taking a rather large risk in the epic gem market for the sheer thrill of it. I'm still stokpiling as many cheap gems as I can find and keeping my reserves up while only selling certain cuts when the price is right in hopes of one last price spike when the ruby sanctum raid comes out. Since a ton of the gear is going to be upgrades for 80% of your entire server, people will be going there a lot, especially the trinkets from 20m holy crap. So people will be upgrading their mains, alts and off specs with tons of gear that has several gem sockets.

My idea is that the cheap gems are all flooding into my pockets so when the demand hops back up there won't be anybody else (mostly) with stokpiles of gems ready to cut. Once that happens I'll be able to make a killing while severely pissing off the people that oh so love me on my server. Good times!

Other than that the profits have been steady and a bit after raids end I've managed to catch a ton of gems without any cuts on the AH. So I made a few of those and listed a handful over night and sold most of them each time. As of now, my lowest sale price is 130g which gives me a 30g profit.

Spell thread sales are still in the gutter (love ya mulegirl!) but I'm definitely not going to give up on that merkat. Enggy pets are still selling every day and since the craze has worn off I'm the main supplier. A while ago their price got down as low as 60g some times. Now they're back up to the 180g+ range. They're pretty annoying to figure out what the specific mats are and such if you're not an engineer, but if you don't mind the head ache get a few made and have some easy profit. This is one of the many situations your average AH player will come across and it comes down to more than just a heavy stokpile and an aggressive play style.

It comes down to either leaving or just having good timing to make that uber profit. Knowing your competition and market is what saves the day when you get into a drawn out battle with niche markets such as this one.

There's a few new players in the LW scene so I'm once again making sure that there's as few mats on AH as possible while cutting down on the prices. Not as easy as it sounds though as this is where all of the UF of the server have gone so supply is huge, profit margins are crazy, and demand is just as strong as ever. Bags and armor kits are now down to half of what I usually sell them for and heavy borean is down to 70 a stack, sometimes lower. Good thing I still have a couple thousand heavy borean I picked up for wicked cheap.


With all the fun and excitement going on with my pet alliance project, I suddenly kick started the glyph machine back into full throttle horde side. It took a bit to get going due to the fact that I had about 1800 glyphs that have expired still chilling out in the mail. Then I had to refill my ink stocks, mostly because I had completely ignored it and used up 90% on armor velumns. And with the weekly numbers I pull with enchanting, you know that's quite a feat in and of itself. But after that initial annoyance, I tossed them back up, crafted another hundred or so to refresh the stock and blam. Not much profit this week as I only got started up again a bit ago, but look forward to next week for much better numbers. The glyph inflation shall continue but now on both sides of the fence, hehehe!

I managed to flip another battered hilt this week for a good 1.5k profit, always makes me smile. In addition to that, toc epics have been going like crazy. So much so that I've taken to straight out clearing the AH of titansteel daily since there's no possible way I can xmute enough saronite to keep up with it all at this point. The same goes for crusade orbs, there just aren't enough of them around. I'm not going to start listing them two at a time since they have an extremely high deposit cost, but I am keeping a much closer eye on the sale speed so I may pop back in to list another set here and there.

In point of fact, I just sold the tanking AND dps chest/bracer combo a few minutes ago for almost the max price I set onto them. That gives me a whopping 1800g+ profit on the chests and 900g+ on the bracers... each. Booyah! I am allowed to say that just this once, right? Booyah?



  1. hey, nice post...

    To manage a large number of auctions and profession inventory is there an addon you use? I have trouble consistently remembering/finding out what has sold and what needs to be remade/relisted consistently or efficiently. Manually seems to take too much time.

  2. I'm still hovering around 13k, which is about the same amount I had last week. I really need to transfer over the 20k I have just sitting around on alliance side. I've been buying up a lot of blacksmithing mats to work with leveling it up on my DK, and mithril in particular is expensive. I finally have it to the point where I can at least make the truesilver, fel iron, and adamantite rods. I think I got out of control at some point, because I have enough mats to have over 200 truesilver rods, heh.

    I completely ran out of my stock of Essences of Air, and they've been over 30g per on the AH the past few days (I pay no more than 10g per), so I looked up on Wowhead the best place to farm them, and did so. The northwest corner of Silithus, off the Dust Storms, I managed to get about 1 stack per circle. I had no competition, and by the time I did the circle, they had started respawning at the beginning again. Definitely categorized as a "worthwhile farm".

    So there is this 10-man strict guild on my server that sells a spot to their Algalon kill each week. Only 5k, which isn't bad. I'm going to hop on that this week. It's too bad they don't sell the hard mode drakes, because I have about half the achievements needed and would really like to complete it. They're also beginning to sell the 10-man ICC frostbrood mounts, for 80k! I'm nowhere close to that yet, but it's definitely a goal to shoot for.

    So the 6k I spent on the Weapon - Spellpower enchant this past week is already starting to pay off. 500g for the first scroll sold, with little competition. Shouldn't be too long before the investment pays itself off! =)

    I'm still enjoying selling rare gems, except for the fact that Autumn's Glow have been in extremely short supply. I've even bought up Saronite Ore to prospect, and have had little luck with the slippery yellow buggers. I've had an excess of Monarch Topaz, so with my JC tokens I bought another cut, and found another on the AH for around 40g. Not bad, considering the cut gems themselves sell for 40g at most.

    Greater Cosmic Essence are still a pain to try to find now at 15g and under, and I use a ton of it every day. Eternal Earth have been scarce at 4g and under as well. I'm thinking about just perusing the AH for some cheap greens to DE, though with the addition of the "DE" feature in heroics, I'm not sure what the supply of these is like.

    All of the profitable blacksmithing ToC patterns recently popped up on the AH at around 2-2.5k each, something to keep an eye on. Some tailoring ones up there as well, but not Merlin's Robe or Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers. Now that I've taken both professions as far as they can go for my DK's current level (63) it's time to power level him. I'm quite excited to start really sinking my teeth into those two new markets (Netherweave Bags = hot as ever).

  3. Wow didn't realize how long that got. xD

  4. Just wanted to echo the first anonymous post above. I've recently hit the 100k mark for the first time (I'm new to the blogs and the market scene--this one is the best), and have expanded from just glyphs to heavily working tailoring and chanting as well. I'm running into the problem though that I'm having trouble remembering my whole list and knowing what's already up on the AH, in the mailboxes, in a bank in reserve, or in the bags - figuring it out, doing the math manually for each item (was that darn tuxedo worth selling or not? Did it sell, or is it still sitting somewhere?) then manually switching to the right character to restock an item is taking up unreasonable time and effort and there has got to be an easier way to track the "resupply" list.

    Any recommendations on some kind of addon that will let you make a multi-profession list and then track your sales and give you a list of what you need to resupply on? I love the QA function, but having to manually refill the queue is exactly what I'm trying to avoid.

  5. The gear in the new raid is so blah! The tanking trinket is nice, I've wondered when they were going to replace Kael's trinket since they released 3.0, but the current offering of the Key and UO is simply better for MT needs. But then again I'm a prot paladin and am usually last to die, even on a wipe (my healers are incredible). I don't even think I'm going to be directing my guild raids into the place since time prevents it.

    I think the real buff to sales of enchants and gems will come when 30% is released for ICC. At that point everyone will be running their alts through the joint.

  6. @ Anon
    At the top right of my blog I have a link to a post listing all the addons I use, the one you're likely looking for is altoholic to see what you are low on. Combine that with keeping certain stack sizes and it's easy from there.

    @ Charlie
    See if you can get the toc recipes for around 1k if you're not able to make the investment immediately, but still try to pick them up none the less. I'll swear by that market until the end of time the profit is so good for me.

    @ Zero
    The melee dps armor pen trink is still BiS for several classes right now and the rest of the gear being LK level. While that's not BiS according to EJ, it is according to the people that are 6/12 ICC perpetually and that's who is going to be spending the 200g per epic gem.

  7. I love ya too Stokpile :)

    Taking Notes,