Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy fun time screen shots!

"From the Ground Up" Update: As of this writing I have acquired the following towards my goal of this project:

~ 1,500 stokpiled inks
~ Full round of glyphs in stacks of 5+
~ All glyph mastery books purchased
~ Stokpile of enchanting mats (as much as supply can allow)
~ Enchanting recipes spellpower and healing power
~ Every properly priced material taken off the AH perpetually
~ Over 2k gold in hard currency

After obtaining all of that, all I need now to complete my goal are a bunch of enchanting mats, if/when supply comes in, greater stats to chest recipe, and of course 50k in plain gold coins.

Remember, you can read all about this project where I started a new toon with no money and no friends to build a WoW financial empire From the Ground up Every Saturday!


Hey all, didn't have time to put together a post for today (I actually just forgot tbh). So here's a bunch of screen shots I've taken since starting my alliance priest along with commentary. I'm sure you'll find some amusing. Also here's a pair of recommended links from Maintankadin of a few threads that cropped up since I started this whole "bloggering" stuff. Some info may be outdated due to recent patches, some is very current, but the theory and methodology is still 100% sound. In those threads I'm posting under the name Daemonym. Again, most of them are too wide to fit the blog formatting, so right click > view image to see the whole thing of ones that don't fit. Ok, on with the screen shots!

Maintankadin 1

Maintankadin 2

EDIT: Here's another screen that I just took a few moments ago of my favorite biggest AH fan. I are popular! O.o

Screen of my going disc in ToC 25. If that's even close to accurate I'm amazed, well over 3 million damage stopped by my shields? Wow.
EDIT: For some reason image shack doesn't want this one to show up even thought the link code is correct.

Showing just how low I can go with my buckle sales to drive somebody out. Sales were like that for a few days and after the deposit cost that's about a 5g loss per sale. Things have since picked up but I doubt the competition is gone for good.

Screen 1 of my competition buying up my cheap glyphs to relist them.

Screen 2 of my competition buying up my cheap glyphs to relist them.

Screen 3 of my competition buying up my cheap glyphs to relist them.

There's a person my this side named training dummy and amidst a spam of "LFM WEEKLY ZOMG PLEASE!" Somebody thought it would be funny to start a raid against the target dummy.

Screen 1 of my entrance into outlands for the first time and the lovely sight that waited me. Thank god for flying or I might not have made it out in less than 400 pieces. You'd think that the guards there have had enough practice that this wouldn't happen...

Burning legion 2.

Burning legion 3.

Burning legion 4.

The annoyance of getting around the old world alliance side was a pain and I'd always miss the boat to Kalimdor. Not this time, hah!

While running chain heroics and wanting to /headDesk every time I got a group of morons, I finally got a small bit of appreciation.

While leveling in STV I apparently discovered...myself?

Screen of my stokpiling of glyphs alliance side so far. I'm now regularly listing over 1000 everyday.

A snippet of a nice conversation I was having with a competitor of mine that made me giggle. You know you're learning something or read something worthwhile when you make a few notes on it.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I've also made stacks of 5 of every possible glyph in the game as a preparationg for cata. gatherings enchanting mats is slowly progressing. I've tried managing the glyph stock with glypher and appraiser but it's not working as good as I hoped are there any tips you can give me on the subject?

  2. @ Sham
    I use altoholic addon to keep track of what I have and what I need to craft. It shows who has what and where they have it. It keeps a database of everything in your guild bank AND on the auction house. I couldn't work glyphs without it. I only use glyph to scan the most recent glyph prices and don't use appraiser for much of anything anymore.

  3. what do you use for posting the glyphs fast then?

  4. I don't get pmstank, he took screenshots, and has for months, why? Nothing better to do? Or is he someone thinking they will be able to get you banned for wrecking them in the AH metagame? Can't beat em, Report em!

    I spent my evening last night fending off 1 copper competitors in the flask and leg enchant market. The beauty of stockpiling is that you never have to cancel to relist, and if I get upset enough I cut to 20% profit and chuckle when I see they cancel entirely a few moments later. This drought needs to end though, I was the only one posting buckles for several hours. I don't mind making insane profits but it also means I'm going to sell through it all.

  5. @ Zero
    I don't get it either but it is a tad annoying because it is bad for business after all. As for your selling out with no material supply I feel you there. I love the money coming in but never like to STOP making it. I mean the point isn't the gold it's the fun of getting it all to come in and we don't want to stop having fun now do we?

  6. Just like pmstank I am famous! Only in a better way I think :)

    Taking notes,

  7. Honestly if that were me I'd screenshot it and print it for motivation. I never get hatemail or tells, as much as I've tried. Except when I used to send rediculous offers to people selling stuff in trade. Half the time it worked, the other half I was dealing with a 14 year old (or at least one with that mental capacity).

    Gev's weekend wrapups were always hilarious to read. People can't get over themselves that it's just business and not personal. Except with me in some cases, anytime I can choke someone I know out of the market it's a good day. I made my competition, they all use my old techniques and it's fun to make em squeal.

  8. @ Zero
    I have quite the collection of hate mail actually from several people. Some even went so far as to try and type it out in Chinease. If you flip back to my other screen shot entries I'm sure you'll find a few there. Never stops to make me giggle though >:D

  9. Can't believe how much time this blog saves me. First it was the QA3 setup, then Postal, and now I just learned I can right click to purchase (on the first screen shot). Couple that with lil'sparkies and ATSW (which I'm sure is mentioned here too) and I have cut my buy -> craft -> post cycle down to about 30 minutes a day (was over an hour). Plus the List confirmed I was making the right stuff.

    Thanks again for everything

  10. I must say Altoholic is one amazing addon and would recommend anyone playing AH get it. Makes for easy inventory of all characters. Awesome tips indeed.