Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stokpile: The Index

Even though I've since retired from the game, I'm sure that a number of people will come around looking for gold advice. Since I have a large number of assorted posts on the subject of, well just about everything relating to gold, I decided to write this one last entry. This entry is nothing more than what I feel are the most important entries that I've made and the ones that contain the most pertinent information in the AH game for both new comers and experienced tycoons. Remember, one can only have as much preparation as one has foresight.

First of course are my credentials: proof of amassing over one million gold.

Proof of a million

Theory and methods:
The importance of Stokpiling.
The art of the undercut.
QA3 set up guide.
Have a system.
How the markets work.

Profession guides:
JC guide.
Leatherworking guide.
Enchanting guide.
Smithing and xmute alchemy
Inscription guide.

Miscellaneous tips:
Vendor goodies
What 1k gold can do.
Everything I sell.
Best selling items of each profession.
Importance of learning for yourself.

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  1. Its Yokai! You never said good bye :(

  2. So long and thanks for all the fish!

  3. Thanks for all your tips, I really hope you come back in Cataclysm. =)

  4. Don't be shy and stop by the jmtc gold forums once in a while. Did you at yourself to the 1000k club?

  5. Your blog has really, really great and I really do hope that you come back in Cataclysm. Thank you :)

  6. I have a big problem now,... im on the insane ativment, a bit late i know, and competition on my sever are high, for " Pristine Black Diamond" have gotten about, 30 out of the 82 i need,..and prices ore from 400-500 in ah, i get the odd for 150-200g but i cant blow my bankroll on thise then nothings left for darkmoon fair decks/cards.. any toughts on how to lowering the price, as farming the remanding 50 will take me months, or sever change maby,. ??

    Then the question rose in my mind while searching the AH, for the darkmoon fair cards,. Ugh there aren't many , decks and all most nothing in outland herbs...for the rouge deck,.

    What can i do,...? have about 35k only and 1 level 80 toon W JC and Eng, have a few alt whit low level proff and guild banks for my mats..

    is the only way to level an inscription/herb myself and farm everything, can i really do that, as the ativment need about 90 Epic decks or 1500 rouge decks,. what time frame will this be then, can i even manage that before cata hit,. as im afraid the ativment isent there in cata, and months of work if wasted.

  7. sry to post it here , but i wanted it to be read, even its out of context a bit.,..
    love your blog.,.