Friday, June 11, 2010

Taking the weekend off

Few things to update you all on. First, no post today about making the WoW gold. Sorry. Second, I have finally arranged an ICC 25 run. Well, more like I finally got around to trying heh. I'll be dedicating a bit of an entry about the details, but I believe it's going to be quite fun.

Next I wanted to thank everyone for reading. I originally started this blog to sort of shake out the cobwebs in my brain to help me think. When you have a million instances of different bits of assorted math going on while you work and keeping track of every market and trying to trace back all of them to their source while still holding a mental inventory of what you have stokpiled and what you always need to buy more of and what you're almost out of... you get the idea. It wasn't my original intention to set out to make a gold blog to help the masses increase their income.

But as things progress, word got out and that's just what I'm doing. I only advertised this on maintankadin as the community there helped me greatly with my tanking and I wanted to be able to give a bit back. As for everybody else, well, I have no clue how you found this blog but here we are.

Thank you all much for reading! You've made it a great bit of fun and helped turn this blog into more than just gold and copper. It's coming up on my last few weeks on the game so I wanted to make sure that I said that at least once. Especially Mulegirl (you'll see him posting comments here and there). I love that a competitor can read all my "secrets," get annoyed at my ruthless undercutting, know that I'm STILL working their markets and still be able to hold a polite conversation with them. Very cool.

Here's why there's no post today. Obviously taking a couple days break.

It's that time of the year for me where I am given a socially acceptable excuse to goof off for a day or two and act like I'm back in college without much in the way of consequences. I'm taking it. Over the next few days I won't be writing much because, well, I probably wouldn't be capable if I tried. In the mean time, I'll be far too be busy with infinitely more important things. Things like consuming about 50 too many adult beverages of assorted brands and getting into hopefully not too much trouble (or catatonic stupor). Yes it's my birthday over the weekend and I'm taking it seriously... or not very serious at all. It's a matter of perspective =)

Catch you all Monday!


  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you and say "Many Happy Returns" for the celebratory day.

    I also wish to say a big thank you for creating this blog. I have spent over a week reading the entire archive and keep trying to find that odd post with a piece of advice I know I had read. It inspired me to try and change some of my habits and maybe make more than I usually did with the long farms.

    Thank you again, you are an inspiration to us all.


  2. Party hard you deserve it! Dont you worry about the AH I got your back while your away :)

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Heh, Happy Birthday.

    I'm a new reader, I'll admit it! I found you because I was at work. No, seriously. Our company uses Websense and doesn't block Blogspot! Anyhow, you were Saate's Friday Jumble dedication, so here I am. I've been grinding gold on and off for years, and I enjoy talking about it, whereas my friends in game haven't the time or care.

    If you want to be successful at anything, you surround yourself with like minded people. That's true in WoW, business, education, anything. I've enjoyed the blog to date, which is why I read and contribute thoughts.

    And poor Mulegirl, having a clear shot at what his competitor is up to. I wish I had that opportunity!

  4. Happy bday, have fun and thank you for a great blog.

    A Fan

  5. Happy birthday brother. Enjoy it.

  6. Happy Birthday! I'm really going to miss your daily posts when you quit!

  7. Hope you have a good one! Yes, you will be missed!

    -another Fan