Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Addons Updated

I figured it was time that I gave an update on what addons I used and what for. If no other reason than to reiterate the importance of some and how they can be used. First I'll give you to the link where I made an entry on how to set up QA3 with glyphs as the example. After you've read that here's the rest of the ones that I'm using on a daily basis and what specific functions I'm taking advantage of. All addons listed here can be found on and I'll be leaving a link to this entry up at the top under "Everything I Sell" for easy access.

Zero auctions:
This is the one I use for 99% of my posting, everything from glyphs to gems to scrolls. It makes canceling and posting insanely fast. If you're not using this you're doin' it wrong. Here's the link to the guide I wrote to set it up.


Collect every mail I have with the push of a single button? Yes please! I use postal to collect my mail for everything except for sold enchanting scrolls. That's because I don't know of an easier way to track which ones I've sold just yet. Otherwise one push of a button and I collect 50 mails in under 30 seconds.

Mail opener:
Automatically collect every mail I have while 100% afk and without hitting any buttons at all? Yes please! The main purpose of this is again for glyphs. With a thousand mails you don't always want to sit there smashing /reload to collect them all. This one when used with postal will refresh your mail every 10 seconds and collect any mail that's in there automatically. So if you have a ton of expired glyphs and want to run out to the store or something, just open the mail box interface and let this addon do the collection for you.

This used to be THE auction house addon of choice for the masses. But ever since qa3 came out it's fallen by the way side. But I still use it for several unique functions that I love. One is the easy buy/bid/cancel function that lets you bid on an auction by double licking it, cancel an auction by shift+right click, or buy it out by shift+click. So if you have a few auctions that are about to expire and don't want to wait you can manually cancel them in just a few moments and not have to worry. The other is the appraiser tab. It lets you see all of a selected item that are on the AH organized by prices and lets you post from there while seeing all the other of the same items up at the same time.

There's also the invaluable sorting options that it comes with. You can sort AH listings by item name, item level, character level requirement, price, by price compared to market % average, time left, and even who is selling it. If you like to bid on cheap gerens to DE the sort by price or time left is amazing. If you're trying to intentionally invade a competitors market this is what you use. And of course the sort by % prevents you from accidentally buying 100 arrows for 500g.

Lastly is the "protect AH window" option. What that does is makes it so that the AH window will never close until you either walk away from the NPC or manually hit the close button. Why is that great you may ask? It's awesome because you can do your mass crafting while scanning the AH for more current data or buying more materials. Saves an ass ton of time with just that one option, it's great.

This is one that I've never used, but always hear good things about it. So if you're the adventurous type give it a look. As far as I know it's like auctioneer but cuts out a ton of the fluff that comes with it that you never use.

This is the most important addon I use next to QA3. It shows you in a tool tip who has what and where it is. Lets say I have 10 glyphs of X last night and I log on to do my crafting the next morning. All I have to do is mouse over the tool tip and I'll see how many I have after logging into that toon for just 5 seconds. It'll tell me if there's any in the mail, on the AH in their bags, or in the guild bank even. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that to get the item information stored you have to open the AH window and open the mail box.

If you have 500 mails you'll have to open them because it has no way of knowing what's in there as the game hasn't even loaded their information yet so there's nothing to report back to you. However if you're like me and tend to craft while things are on the AH still this is a god send. It basically makes it so that you don't have to post auctions from your crafting toons to know what you have left and what you need more of.

This is a simple addon which was the first addon I ever got and I've had it since the first week I installed the game. All it does is merges all of your bags into a single large window for both your character's personal bags and those in your personal bank. It also give you a note on the tool tip (like on altoholic) of who has what items in their bags, but only their bags. It also has another nifty function that shows you who has how much gold and the total amount by scrolling over the part of your bags that shows your toon's gold. Then it pops up a tiny window with all your toons listed, how much they have, and adds it all together at the bottom. Good stuff.

Atkis recipe list:
I might have the spelling wrong, but it's easy enough to find. It just adds a search function to your TSK that lets you see what recipes you're missing and where they're from. Very useful to see if you need to buy more glyph books or keep doing the JC daily for more tokens. But once you have all the recipes you need you can get rid of it. But all in all it's definitely a very useful one when starting a new profession and trying to find out where some recipe is from.

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  1. Another thing that is great with Auctioneer is the Beancounter. Especially if you like to flip auctions a lot. If you right click the tab, a seperate window will open and can be expanded to show all fields. Stick this underneath the the Appraiser window and you can easily see the posting history of the item selected in appraiser.

    I took your advice and tried Postal. Works great. The main reason I didn't try it before was I feared it would cause issues with Beancounter. But they work fine together. :)

    Taking Notes,

  2. My favorite thing to use Auctionator for is to supplement my Snatch list. Particularly now, at the end of the school year, and with massive bot-bans from Blizzard, prices for raw materials are rather erratic. Rather than having to repeatedly adjust my snatch list every time I go back to the AH, I use the Buy tab on Auctionator. It allows you to see all auctions for a given item AT A GIVEN PRICE as one line item AND you can buy an ARBITRARY number of auctions.

    Say there are 15 auctions of Adder's Tongue at 16g, 3 at 17.50g, 9 at 19g and 30 at 20g. You can buy out all 57 of those auctions with 3 "actions" per price level. All without changing up your snatch list.

    Select a price-level line item, click Buy, in the popup, type how many of the stacks at that price you want to buy, click OK. Repeat for every price level you want to buy out. And keep your snatch list at your "long term" price level, or just wait to change it until you're sure the prices really are different, or simply deal with a short-term shortage/price spike to keep crafting.

    It is very handy.

  3. Second Mulegirl's suggestion - Beancounter is something I use quite often. I mostly use it to track what sold whenever there is a question of "wtf did I do with all those buckles?" It also saves the names of all buyers which I find useful.

    I still use Auctioneer on most all of my auctions except glyphs, scrolls, and gems. Although I'm pretty pro at setting up QA3, I still like to look at current pricing and make judgement calls on whether to post or not for everything else. Mat costs change so drastically that it makes it prohibitive to constantly adjust QA3 to compensate on floor pricing.

    For example: Flasks! During raid times it's common practice among people to post 1-2 flasks at 3-5g under the next flask but still have a 1-3g profit. They are fishing the QA users hoping for someone to post a string under them and then buy them up. One guild on my server buys a ton of flasks, and I learned from one of their members that the GM does this all the time to stock up at a discount. Now whether it's for personal use or resale, I don't care. I like maintaining a good margin in these lean times. I simply insert my appropriately priced flasks immediately above them, allowing someone else to buy them out and making my flasks next in line, and they usually always sell through. Auctioneer allows me to catch these anomolies.

  4. I'd add ATSW to the list as it adds two functions for crafting that I find very helpful when you are doing just a few of the recipes you have. First I changed it to custom sorting and made my own group. I moved all the items I craft to this group (about 30 of the 200 recipes I know in blacksmithing). This let's me scan the list quickly instead of scrolling the long list or typing in item names. All 30 of my crafting items are right at the top. The second thing I do is use the queue function. This lets me queue up crafting items while another one is being created which speeds up my crafting time. After I have them queued I just have to press one button to process the next in queue which gives me more afk time.

    My crafting looks like this: select first item in list, mouse over to see how many I have with alcoholic, queue up the number needed, press the button to process the queue if needed, select the next item in the list and repeat. Prior to this I've done a mailbox, scan, mats purchase with my banker and after it I do the mailbox, post cycle with the banker.

    Oh, and setting up the auto mail feature for mats in QA3 is cool too, if you didn't mention it above.

  5. The last addon is Ackis Recipe List:

    Kisses, Fivedolla

  6. Postal and Mail Opener are basically covering roles that you already have covered by QA3. You can setup QA3 to auto open all your mails if you walk away from the computer. I don't know if those mods do it faster or not, but you could potentially eliminate them just by configuring qa3. QA3 also already has a craft queue feature that is quite useful, although just the other day jm2c's post about KTQ made me give that a try instead for queueing crafting easier.