Friday, June 25, 2010

Profession cliff notes

Here's another entry I had already written but haven't gotten to post just yet. Fun fact, I even show up on Google now. Type in my name you will see me right up top. Check it out!

This is a short series of entries rolled up together about the basic info that you need to know on working each profession out there. A while ago I made an on going series about how to work each of them in detail, but some people only need the basic info to get by. You can find it off to the side titled "Profession How To." Also If you start with the basics and learn as yo go, you'll be far better off as you'll learn things from experience that can't be taught in the traditional sense or be found in a guide book.Refer to The List for everything that I've been selling in a certain market.

~ There is no such thing as too many Inks of the Sea. Trust me. If you're fully in the market and not just a few types of glyphs, fill up bank tabs with IotS and never stop buying more.

~ Make a stack of 5 of every glyph you know.

~ Post your auctions for 48 hours.

~ Craft more only when you have 2 or less of one type of glyph.

~ If you are sold out of a glyph, make 10.

~ Craft two of each off hand and list them one at a time

~ Sell armor vellum in stack sizes different that the most common on the AH. If there's a bunch of 20 stacks, list yours in stacks of 5 or 10.

~ Craft a 10 stack of epic threads and list them 4 at a time as singles.

~ Post your auctions for 24 hours.

~ Make sure there's never any ice web spider silk on the AH for an acceptable price.

~ List as many as 60 netherweave bags at a time and -always- buy more cloth. It is completely impossible to stokpile enough materials for this market.

~ Be mindful of what you pay for eternals and frozen orbs

~ List your specialty cloth in stacks of 2 with 24 on AH at once. Also don't bother making any of the cloth if you're not specced for it.

~ Spellweave seems to sell the best out of the 3 specs.

~ If you have access to an alchemist that's willing to xmute saronite into titanium, you can never EVER have enough saronite bars. If you can fill up a full guild bank with 6 bank tabs with nothing but saronite bars do it! Just like borean leather, you can go through so much of it so fast in so many different markets it's insane to not buy as much as you can at all times.

~ Craft ToC epic dps/tank gear 1 at a time and only make more when they sell.

~ Post your auctions for 24 hours.

~ Undercut on your epics by at least 10g and always have a bid option set to at least 95% of your buyout.

~ Make sure you have a mid range sale price cap on buckles so you won't attract too much competition with high prices.

~ List 4 buckles at a time during the day and up to as many as 10 after raids end, they sell fast.

~ Craft 2 of each enchanting from from TBC (eternium, fel iron, adamantite) and list them both. If the market for titanium rods looks good make a pair of them as well. Careful as a lot of people make a ton to skill up and list at dumping prices.

~ There's no such thing as too much borean leather.

~ Post your auctions for 48 hours.

~ List your heavy leather in the same method as I mentioned for armor vellum. The same goes for any epic gear.

~ Make 4 mining bags and 3 LW bags and list them in pairs.

~ List heavy armor kits in single stacks and 4 at once.

~ Craft 4 of each profitable scroll and list 2 on the AH as singles.

~ Post your auctions for 48 hours.

~ List 4-5 scrolls for ones you notice constantly selling out. For my server it's Ex spell power to gloves and ice walker to boots.

~ Any old world enchants never list more than 2 of. This gives the impression to a potential buyer that you don't usually make them and that they're still rare since you only have one up.

~ When there's a large supply of mats on the AH buy everything.

~ Put out the extra effort (or gold) to get old world enchants.

~ Be very mindful of what you pay for herbs.

~ Post your auctions for 12 hours.

~ If you're not elixir spec, don't bother making flasks to sell. Same goes for potions.

~ Do your daily xmute weather you're xmute spec or not.

~ Only list flasks when most raids are about to start, and list a ton of them.

~ If there's heavy competition or low prices, list yours as second or third lowest and you'll still get some sales after the cheap ones are bought up.

~ I still believe that xmute mastery is the best way to go.

Jewel Crafting:
~ Post your auctions for 12 hours.

~ Rare gems and metas: craft 3 total and only list 2 at a time.

~ Epic gems: craft two at a time. List a pair of the most popular ones and only a single cut of the less commonly bought ones. This helps to save a ton on lost deposit costs.

~ Craft leveling gear two at a time and list them both.

~ List the pets from Gnomer two at a time and don't be shy about listing them for 300g and higher. They'll sell.

~ Post your auctions for 24 hours.

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  1. Thanks for the info! Your info on inscription and jewelcrafting is going to help me the most. I am just about to enter glyph markets!

    I couldn't decide on my alchemist what spec to choose but I am going xmute for sure.

  2. My realm is filled to the brim with Scribe AH squatters. Posting 5 of every glyph known to man at 48 hours each (assuming I'm not squatting because I have a life and like to do other things than refresh the AH 24/7 and repost), would result in very low conversion. What then?

    Wouldn't it make more sense to make 5 of every glyph a dozen times (huge up front investment, I know) and save it for cataclysm, taking into mind the recently announced changes to the glyph system?

  3. Oh and FYI, my realm has one of the few and rare WoW millionaires, so that's constantly a problem for aspiring gold cappers, but as I mentioned there are a LOT of Scribe AH squatters.

  4. I haven't finished off engineering, but I have experience in all of the other professions on multiple servers. All of the advice in this post is very very useful. The only thing I'd add is watching the enchanting rod market on a blacksmith. Very hit and miss, but also very quick and profitable.

  5. @ Charlie
    I completely forgot to mention enchanting rods, thanks for the reminder. I'll edit that in.

    @ Ice
    If you have a lot of glyph campers you'll have to be ready to make little profit for a large investment of time and gold to force your way in by driving them out as much as you can. If you're doing well with all the other professions, you likely don't need to work glyphs to continue doing well.

    However having a max scribe will definitely be a great boon for when cata comes out with the glyphs being changes and being able to learn all of them on all of your toons.

    So if nothing else at least have a scribe reay to work then.

  6. o_o there's another Charlie! How will we be told apart?!

  7. Thanks for these cliffnotes. A lot of good stuff there I am going to have make use of.

    I'm also finding that I am difficient in some professions, either due to level or Rep. Not that I mind doing the work to get there, it just I want to be there now. Heh.

  8. I love reading all your stuff and i have to say i for one will be sorry when you decide to call it a day.

  9. "~ If you're not elixir spec, don't bother making flasks to sell. Same goes for potions."

    "~ I still believe that xmute mastery is the best way to go."

    These don't jibe, given that you seem pretty up on the profit potential from flasks. The only way both of these statements could be true is if flasks aren't worth making.

    I could see the argument that if you have multiple alchs, one should be flask and the rest transmute. Or it might make sense to plan your flask making to happen only once a month or so, and spec in and out of elixirs for it.

    But it seems to me if flasks are a solid industry, you should be elixir spec when you are making them.

  10. @ Gnome -
    From what I've seen, it varies server to server. Often, the flask market is saturated by people willing to post below cost. They essentially make profits only off of their procs. Professions that have an easily reachable, high demand item (like spellthreads) often prove to be hard markets to break into and impossible to control.

  11. @ Gnome
    I meant don't try for the flask market if you are not specced for it. That said the market can vary greatly from server to server, even more so than others. So you might not be able to get a consistant of a profit as you could with xmute mastery and the many things you can do with it. I think that makes sense.