Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mail call!

In case you didn't notice (like me) it's the mid summer festival in azeroth this week. The thing that makes it worth mentioning is that you can use the LFG system to que up for the event boss. Also the gear he drops (purple cloaks and super cool looking staff) has all been upgraded to i232 gear. There's a cape for each spec and they're all damned good imo. Also the first time you do it each day you get a bag that contains 2 Emblems of Frost and has a chance at the seasonal mini pet.

Also worth mentioning is that you can que up and kill him as many times as you damned well please. So that means that you can farm the capes and staff to your heart's content. Or in my case, the enchanting recipe for Deathfrost. It basically makes your weapon proc an Icy Touch like the DK spell and has a damned cool looking effect. So enchanters get your butts in gear and farm the recipe and try to sell a few scrolls for it! Materials are 2 primal water and 2 primal shadow, totaling about 50g on my server. So I'm listing a scroll on horde and alliance side for 150g.

Since setting up the email for the blog I've already gotten a handful of emails, much to my genuine amazement tbh. So Taking the time today to answer them in this entry. I'm not replying via email because any questions that one person has there's likely others that have the same one in mind (or just haven't thought to ask yet). So if you're wondering why I haven't responded, that's why. Also of note I'll only be referring to people by first name or character name here. Depending on the influx of mails I may wind up giving shorter-ish answers to some and if the frequency goes up a bunch I think I'll just dedicate my Friday posts to this little bit.

Fred says...
I am a failure at making gold but I am optimistic for the future. I am currently leveling 5 alchemists simultaneously (they will all be transmute masters like my two warlocks). I am hoping that having 7 cool-downs per period will help me get the jump on the JC business in Cataclysm. I have all the gathering skills in the game maxed out as well as JC, Inscription and Tailoring. Working on LW and have abandoned BS because I just can't stand it. I know you are busy but I would like you opinion of my plan for Cat; Transmute gems, sell them (cut or not), mining ore and prospecting it for gems to do transmutes and further support JC.

That's a solid plan actually. Xmutes are easy guaranteed cash and you can use that to bank roll your primary markets or give you the backing you need to get into one. I did the same thing in my alliance project using glyphs which start making profit immediately and used that gold to level enchanting and stokpile the mats. So your basic plan for Cata is identical to one that I've been using for a while now and has been a great success for me. And with you having 7 xmute specs (holy shit yo!) that shouldn't take long at all to get your other businesses up and running. Good luck!

Trugrav says...
I've been reading your blog for a little bit after returning to wow from a long hiatus. The first thing I did after returning to the game was roll a shiny new paladin on a new server along with a DK bank toon. I got my DK up to 60 and will get him to 65 eventually and thanks to your blog have him enchanting low level scrolls (right now just crusader, fiery, icy, and lifestealing) and for a while was making a decent profit, I was able to purchase epic flying at 80 and still have about 10k gold left over working solely in this market, that's how good it was. Now though i'm in an undercut war with an AH camper though and am selling my scrolls for almost no profit (He has to be loosing money though cause i'm on my stockpile of mats I has saved up for just such an occasion) I figured this would be a quick thing but it's been going on for a couple weeks now and i'm almost out of reserve mats. what's your advice on the situation. So you know I also have a JC/transmute alchemist but almost no paterns for JC. With my alchemist I can sometimes make money on meta gems but this is a shrinking market too.

Determined competitors are a thing that you'll just have to learn to live with I'm afraid. Just ask the enchanters and jewlers how much they like me. Like I always say it's an issue of time and money. Is the money from it worth trying to stay in it? How long are you willing to put up with low profits? Though since you're only doing low scrolls atm, it's not likely that either of you will want to back out as it's an amazing niche market to be in. Once you skill up some and get access to NR enchants (or even mongoose) you'll have a much wider market open up to you. So the short version of my advice is to wait it out until you get more recipes available. Otherwise (if you're already at that point) try to get the meta cuts for chaotic, relentless, and insightful. They always have their ups and downs, but are definitely worth staying with.

Outlier says...
Just so I can be more exact: I'm sitting at about 15k gold (fluid)... with I don't even know how much in mats. I'm working on the JC (blue gems for now, have about 2 stacks of epics but I'm still learning the blue gem market so I figured I'd start and focus there). Also I'm focusing on Enchanting scrolls, which I'm killing right now. (I also have an alchemist to do all my transmutes/meta's)

So on to the questions...

1) I don't have a lot of the Gem Recipes. Especially the epic cuts (I have one of each epic cut, 2 of red). The blues/meta's I'm finally starting to get under my belt. But there's still quite a few cuts that I need.

In your recent posts if I get you correctly, you are saying that you are slowly moving out of the Gem market, selling off your supply as the demand slowly goes down.

So in my position what would you do? Would you just stick only to doing the daily and adding gem recipes really slowly? Would you invest quickly to get some more cuts before demand completely diminishes? I just don't know if the investment will pay itself off with raids finishing up.

2) Buying thresholds. Okay so I have been opening up my buying threshold quite a bit. Here's what my enchanting materials look like now (inside the spreadsheet you gave us).

Infinite Dust: 1.10g
Greater Cosmic Essence: 19g
Dream Shard: 3.50g
Abyss Crystal: 29.50g

In QA3 I add about .20-.30% profit onto the material cost. I can't keep up with demand. What do you do in this situation? Do you raise material thresholds. Do you try and find alternative ways to get the material? Any advice?

Enchanting has given me crazy profits so I want to push it to it's limits.

Personally I wouldn't get into the JC game at this point in the expansion. If you already have some worthwhile cuts go for it and keep the dailys up. But definitely don't go hog wild trying to break into it, act more as a casual seller in the market than a big supplier. I'm not totally out of the market though, I left rare gems behind and am now trying to stokpile epic gems for ruby sanctum. Taking a chance on their being a demand spike afterwords. But if you have access to an xmute spec alchemist or just cheap raw meta gems, those are always worth cutting.

As for keeping up with enchanting demand, it's tough as hell. Sometimes if I have the time I'll DE a bunch of JC rings for dust, but not that much anymore. Mostly what you can do is to scan the AH for greens and see if there's any that are cheap enough to buy or bid on for DE purposes.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'd add to your response to outlier that his instinct is correct for enchanting. If you can't meet the demand, the answer is to increase what you're willing to pay for supply, or the profit you expect. 20-30% is already pretty solid margins, but I'd go higher on the high end. If you put a solid undercut in, that will immediately push you back to 20% in the event of serious competition, but getting 40-50% when you have none is well worth it.

    If you have trouble meeting demand, first raise your fallback, if your typical margin gets close to the range that appeals to casual sellers (>50% or ~25g per scroll, whichever is bigger) and you still can't meet demand, then start raising your buy prices, and raise threshold to be in line with the new cost ceiling. Only reason not to raise your buy prices if you're selling out at a profit is if you could farm the mats profitably at the new buy price. I put my essence of air buy price up to 25g because I was selling out at less. Over 25g, it's worth going to silithus and grinding the dust stormers, since you make about 2kg/hr at that price.

  2. Just to expand on the xmute farm... I did this at the opening of Patch 3.2 and started with 6 transmuters. It is definitely a solid money maker, even to this day. The real money in it is also having a jewelcrafter that has all the cuts. Generally you can sell out on an entire week's xmuting on any given Tuesday by selling the different cuts that are priced right and in demand. If you only sell the raw gem you end up in the true commodity and should sell all xmutes on a daily basis if the price supports it. I'm down to 4 alchemists at this time only because I took those toons a different direction.

    If the last expansion is any indicator, these farms will be profitable up until the release date of Cataclysm, when gems will no doubt be replaced by updated green recipes that will trump the epics, again...

    If you don't have cuts for your JC, I would recommend doing the daily and only going the epic gem route and not spending the tokens on blue recipes. YMMV, but given that people are so into gearscore now (gems affect it, good for AHers!) I'd look at the profit potential from flipping those epic raws vs. the blue counterpart. Blue recipes made me a fortune when they were relevant, but it's all epics now. Blue gem profit margins are silly low, even on reds.