Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It's important to have your own personalized daily routine as it adds greatly to how quickly you do your AH game. And as we all know, saving time saves money. So today I'll give you my daily routine to help you refine and redefine your own to match the markets you work with.

1. Log into stokpile and collect mail. Cancel undercut auctions and collect mail again. I do this because I usually have 30+ sold or expired auctions to collect right when I log in and another 30+ that I'll cancel. Doing it in this order saves me the need to /reload to collect them all. Then I post all that I have in my bags to make some extra space as they're likely full short of a huge night of sales.

2. Log into my enchanter and que of for a heroic as DPS. Then I go through her mail crafting new scrolls as I see one has sold. Collect, cancel, post and craft any toc epics that I need to replace. By now the que has finally popped and I go faceroll to get some EoF.

3. Log into my mage to post more epic threads/pets and do my buying. I do my buying on my last banker because at this point my biggest fans are swarming towards the AH and tripping all over themselves to undercut me. This gives them the time to do so and feel all sorts of clever and special that they've beaten me.

4. Log onto my alchemists and do their daily gem xmute.

5. Log onto my former main jc/lw and start up crafting the gems and any profession bags that I've sold.

6. Before logging off, I clear my auctioneer data so that I can ensure that I'm not lagging any because of the stored data.

7. Lastly I go through my two bankers and do another cancel/post cycle just as the campers are finishing up owning me and ruining my AH fun.

All in all it takes a total of 45 minutes (not counting the daily heroic), especially since the buying portion is always rather fast. Once you've built up a large stokpile you don't have to constantly clear the AH of materials unless you have serious competition. At that point you're only maintaining your supply and ensuring that a drought won't end your fun. After all of that is done I go about my business with daily heroic runs on any other toons that I care about having frost emblems.

I hope that gives you a good idea of how to run your business instead of just randomly loging onto the first banker you see and just 'going with it' from there.

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  1. What do you use to keep track of all the nights sales? I am looking for a daily list of previous sales so I have that info in front of me when I want to create new auctions.

  2. Number 7 made me LOL. The worst part is I have seen you do this complete cycle (1-7) a few time lately. :) God I need to get of the AH and "get a life" ... But it was all time spent reseaching for enchanting. So watch out now. Muahaaha :P

    And now I know your methods too...


    How many auction do have listed between your characters on average?


    The blog is popular I must say. Today a post from Gevlon (grats on that) and just minutes ago I had nice conversation in WOW with a fellow reader looking for some advice who found me from my comments. Funny :) Shout out to "Theoutlier" and good luck.

    PS: Ask the questions here and many will help I am sure.


    Taking notes,

  3. ok I may be a bit of a noob here but how do you go about clearing the auctioneer data so you don't lag or what not in point 6?

    Does that go and wipe out your old history and other info or just some select info? I want to have a smoother game after I've done my AH stuff but like to keep it running and my 1 year + tracking info intact.

    Cheers and thanks for the blogs, helped me alot with ideas and when to move and back off on cirtain markets.


  4. I was going to ask about clearing data and effect on history too. I have noticed my computer freezing when the mouse hovers over some items. I have wondered how to go about clearing down the data but then also been concerned over the hit on the history. For example, I buy netherweave cloth at 4-5g a stack normally but have seen a lot of auctions of 20g a stack. If I was to clear down the data, would auctioneer then consider the price of NW at 20g a stack 100% instead of >999% or whatever price if scanned and that is the only cloth there.

    I am trying to get into the AH game. I have spent most of my game history as a... Dah dah daaaaaaaahhhhhh... A farmer. *Gasp* *Shock*. I have started reading blogs for a while now and it has been Stockpiles that has inspired me to actually do something about it as I found his last week.

    Part of it has been the clear concise instructions on how to get things set up. I have started a blog of my own ( http://merlstradingpost.blogspot.com/ ) about my attempts and experiences along with going to include some history including, I know, things that are going to make people anything from sigh through /facepalm to /smash face into desk. But I also intend to offer a little advice to those who do farm from my experience. You never know if there is something there that people might appreciate.

    Kudos to you Stockpile. You are an inspiration to us all and I hope you stay around for a while. I am still catching up on the history and a little worried about the posts regarding quitting. Thanks again for all the great pointers.

  5. @ questions on clearing AH data.
    I use a macro to clear my auctioneer's history, here it is. Close the AH window, hit this macro then reload your ui.

    /run AucScanData.scans=nil

    It does clear out all of your scan data (as far as I can tell) but it will come back close to what you'd normally expect rather soon. I never see something absurdly priced listed as 100% after a clear unless it's the only one on the AH. But then again, I never buy something based on the market % average, just the price in gold and go from there.

    @ Mulegirl
    I have at least 400 auctions across all my toons, likely more. And that's now, not when I was working glyphs and every other market under the sun at which point it was well over 3,000. 2k in glyphs and another 1k of assorted goodies. And I'm sure you've seen me do my full cycle a million times, but until something is pointed out you'll never -really- notice it. Therefore... blog.

    @ Merl
    Glad you like the blog and are starting up one of your own, I'll be sure to check it out. And don't be ashamed about farming for gold, 99% of every AH player started there. For me it was primal airs in TBC. As for quitting, I'll be around until I reach my goals with my alliance project if nothing astounding comes up in the time between now and then. But until that point, I'm still here and still writing.

  6. Thanks for all the great info you are providing! It has been a big help. I must say that I really miss your sidebar with all your links and old posts though. Having to scroll to the bottom of the page to find them every time I am trying to research something is really cumbersome. Could you please return them to the side of the posts?

  7. I has a routine too!!!1!

    Shop, Post, transmute, run TOC dailies + the 5 man, (only 92 more days), shop, repost, shop some more, grind achievements, shop, go to bed.

    I must say, my favorite part of the entire routine is the shopping part. I always say, gold is made when you buy, so there's nothing like finding a good deal.

  8. @ Zero
    Ok I'll admit it. I lol'd. Your routine is completely flawless and stunningly accurate, covered completely with absolutely surgical precision. Well done sir, well done.

    @ Anon
    I think you just need to resize your browser's window tbh. On my screen they're right where they've always been.

  9. I've lost a lot of good deals on mats by posting/relisting before buying. Picking up new materials is first on my list now so I no longer see "Auction does not exist."


  10. Glad you like it! This is actually what I do every night when I get on. =(

    I'm actually more driven at the moment to get my 100 mount achievement completed. Getting that done in conjunction with Loremaster, Insane, and Exalted is quite the challenge.

  11. Hey mulegirl! haha thanks for the shoutout.

    I'm slowly reading through your blog and I'm not 100% sure where to leave questions at. (If I post comments on super old posts will you still comment on them?) So as of right now I have this question from the beginning of January:

    How do you get cheap mats?: (Jan 8th) "I will undercut down to a gold above material cost without hesitating (and I get my mats very cheap)"

    I was just curious because I'm on a fairly high pop server and I am looking for more ways to get cheap mats as I never seem to have enough.

    Mulegirl and I talked about how you pushed her out of the spellthread market, I was curious how someone can move people out of markets... Good discussion for how late it was at night. haha.

  12. @ The outlier
    Feel free to comment on the current post, I check through out the day but rarely on older ones. As for cheap mats I get them in the same places you do; /2 and the AH. I just make it a point to stokpile as much as I possibly can. And with the amount of gold I have, that's a ton. As for forcing somebody out of a market, you just make it not worth their time to stay in it. Working for 1g profit usually does the trick.

  13. Hmmmm...IE is running full size and my monitor is set for 1440 x 900 at 32 bit...any other suggestions?

  14. @ Anon
    IE is likely the issue. Microsoft apparently doesn't believe in web coding standards that much, especially when it comes to styles. Try Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome.

  15. I'm using Google Chrome and since the day you mentioned the change of the appearance of your blog, it has changed. I tried viewing it from different computers with different resolution but with the same browser and still view it as your links being in the very bottom...I mean it's not bad, but I'd prefer to see it the way it was.

    On other news: keep up the amazing job you're doing. I'm positive you're the first one who is giving out all his "secrets" of working the AH etc for free! Really valuable information.

  16. :) Another reader from Ysera spoke to me this afternoon and of course this blog was mentioned. Good advice spreads like wildflower. Next will we see the blog on CNN Walstreet report... :P

    Taking notes,

  17. The problem with working for 1g profit is, well... working for 1g profit.

    I can't believe it's really worth doing most of the time. Certainly nobody has ever been able to drive me out of a potentially lucrative market permanently without being willing to have low profit permanently. As Gevlon said, you either have to be more efficient or accept a lower g/hr to keep somebody out indefinitely. and it may take weeks for them to go away.

    I've had markets that I decided to get out of, but ended up driving out the competition that had pushed me to that decision in the process of selling out my supply, so I ended up staying in.

    I've also had markets where somebody tried to drive me out where I just bought up their stuff and resold 20-30% of it at double/triple the price before I got cut again. When their price is close to mat costs, I know they can't go much lower, so worst case I end up selling 75% at a small loss but 25% at a big profit, netting me a decent profit on average. Pushing your margins to near zero has a tendency to hurt you as much as the other guy.

    I play ah pvp a lot like a peaceful go game. You can try to push me around a lot, but I'm shifty. If you want this over here, ok but that means you gotta pay me something over there. At the end of the game, I might have more territory than you, even though I avoided every fight you tried to pick.

    The idea of getting into a camp war, or intentionally driving my profits to zero never even occurs to me as useful.