Friday, June 18, 2010

From the ground up: Week 7-8

Happy Saturday to you all and here's the latest journal entry of the "From the ground up" project where I started a level 1 priest with not a single copper and intend to level them to 80 and amass a large amount of gold without the help of a single person. The only supplies they were given was a set of BoA gear and nothing else. They are starting out with only inscription, herbalism, and their wits with which they must turn a profit.

Here's the run down of my progress thus far.

Level: 80

Current Gold: 41,000

Total gold earned: 151,000
(according to my banker's statistics page)

Inscription skill: 450

Enchanting skill: 450

Required purchases to make: +4 stats enchanting recipe

Looks like I'm almost there!

Taming of the shrew
Logging on for today and went up over 1500g in a single night placing my a hair below 10k even. MB just got done with with giving my daily allowance of gold and I'm off to craft more glyphs as per usual. Still no luck on the last enchanting recipe I need sadly. While I craft my glyphs I'm going to count just how many I had to make because of MB and company buying my "horrible market ruining, doin' it wrong (tm)" priced glyphs.

It seems that the other usual posters of armor vellums are getting discouraged and giving me free reign for the most part to list them for 7g each instead of 80 silver over material cost. Definitely giving me some great supplemental income for purchasing extra mats for my own enchants and flasks.

Finally researched a useful glyph with slow fall and steady shot. Granted they're not the constantly selling out type of glyph, but at least they're useful and sell more than 1 a week heh. Still waiting to discover the mortal strike glyph, but all things in due time. I think I only have another week or three before I know every
glyph available. That's when MB is really going to hate me because then I'll lower my sale price even more down to 6.5g and let them buy up every single glyph I own. Fail!

Random thought, I used to get annoyed when I'd do my glyph research and get low level armor vellums because I couldn't vendor them and had no use for them. But now I get a little giddy when I do because it saves me a lot of gold in the long term with not having to use max level ones and the lower level ones never sell for much if there's even any on the AH. Now when I go to craft twink scrolls I can lower my thresholds by another few gold with the money I'm saving by checking for low level vellum.

Glyph sales by class (thanks blue)
Deathknight - 100
Druid - 105
Hunter - 80
Mage - 60
Pally - 130
Priest - 80
Rogue - 45
Shaman - 100
Warlock - 80
Warrior - 100

That makes a total of 880 glyphs sold at an average price of 4g sales makes 3520g income and at 80% profit is 2,800g profit just from taking advantage of another cancel/post button monkey. And I still have over 1k IotS left over with a full set of the rest. It's kind of pathetic how easy it is to take advantage of somebody that thinks they're untouchable.

Nothing special went on this week actually other than me being only 30 days away from having all my glyph research finally completed. But even with that being the case, I still have a huge number of stokpiled inks and enchanting mats and glyphs that will sell. I say will sell as opposed to my silly competitor MB who is convinced that buying my glyphs will be turning them a 5k/day profit. Even when I was the only major glyph seller horde side, I never pulled a steady 5k/day even with 30g price caps where as on my alliance toon they're capped at 8g. Meh, doesn't matter. I'm still on top of the game, on top of the AH and on top of one of (if not the most) gigantic piles of wow gold ever collected in the same spot.


The glyph sales have been as steady as ever to both players and the new competitors. It's fueling my enchanting business quite nicely and I'm rarely at a loss for materials. The only time I get short si when I forget to make blade ward scrolls and have to shell out a full stack of crystals again for them. On top of that I'm constantly selling a set of 4 power stats every night it seems. Tough to find the supply, but I can definitely afford to stokpile when it comes in.

The best part is, when I get a full line of glyphs bought out or undercut when I'm not around to craft/list more it still flows nicely along. Every gold I make goes towards -something- and that something lately has been infinite dust and cosmics. Ex spell power to gloves and fort to boots have been going like mad! I've been taking full advantage of my glyphs being bought up when the price is low and can count on the stupidity of others. Just like I do horde side! Except now it's almost a guaranteed 400g/day promise on top of every other sale I'll make during that time. The tactic of raising my sell threshold worked nicely and managed to snag a few extra gold coins from selling my glyphs at a 4g min instead of the previous 3.5 gold. Looking forward to next week when I hit my goal.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Just a quick question with your glyph selling low scheme, how will you be able to sell glyphs higher against MB when he's buying up your current stock? Whats to stop him from undercutting you everytime with his stockpile of what youve sold to him?

  2. They buy them up and relist for 55g then I list mine at my full price of 8g. And if he undercuts me down to the bottom 3g prices again, they're losing money while still making me a profit. I undercut by a lot so the more anxious they camp the faster prices will drop and the more likely they are to sell the glyphs they bought from me at a loss.

    Not a flawless plan, but it's best way I've found to remove pesky competitors.

  3. How do you get get all your Statistics for the week. I have look all over auctioneer, like how did you know you sold 100 dk glyph other than counting them all out. Maybe an addon? I checked your addon post but did see anything

    Great blog keep it up. Good luck with MB guys

  4. @ Anon
    After crafting all my glyphs I just counted how many I had before I mailed them. Since I craft them all by class I'll see like 8 stacks of 10, a stack of 5, and two stacks of 3. They're all ordered and placed in the mailbox window so that makes the addition rather easy along with identifying what glyphs are for what class.

  5. Cool, I have been asked a few times by some guildies, how many glyphs I sale or how much of "x" have you sold. Most the time I have no idea. I like how you have Leatherworking: 34K or what ever. I dont have those kinda numbers but still would be cool if someway to keep it all straight. What happens is I'm on my LW and someone is trade spams for epic gems cheap and I buy all his gems and then this next guys "x" and now my lw money is mixed up.