Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why I plan to quit

EDIT: I began responding to a few comments in my typical long winded manner and it got so long that I decided to edit it on in to the OP. On the question of any other up coming projects that I might have, here is my response.


Firstly, I want to say that reading all of you thinking that I have helped you more than Gevlon and Marcko definitely impresses me as they've been writing about gold for a damned long time and I've been around for only a few months. Also Gevlon helped me the most while Marcko mostly pointed me to smaller niche markets along and of course Tella who was also great for pointing me to a few markets I missed as well. Even a goblin is allowed a measure of pride and bragging rights now and again. Everything else I've learned on my own. Again, if I can do it so can you. Especially since you have so many resources to learn up front and not deal with as much trial and error as I did.

The game that I'm most excited for (and have been since the announcement) is Guild Wars 2. The only problem I had with the game was, ironically, the ability to make money. You had to farm to make any money, but it was generally very light and you never needed more than you got from leveling up in all reality.

Unfortunately the game is probably at least another 2 years off, but I'm still extremely excited for it just like I was when I first heard it was in development. In the mean time though, I'll likely pick up FF 14 or Star Wars and if there's an AH type of system in there, you bet your ass I'm going to make a point of dominating it! And of course, I'll be writing all about it.

Suffice to say, unless I somehow wind up with a job that requires me to actively be playing WoW (heh wouldn't that be the day!) I'll be I'm keeping my eyes out for other MMO's in the mean time. Unfortunately, there currently aren't many that are that well done imo.

However if I start up another blog for another game and/or project I'll be sure to update here. But it'll be just like this one, for my own purposes and no other advertising. If you want to learn about something, the first step is to seek it out. If you can't put out the effort to look, you don't deserve the knowledge.


Even though I've completed all my goals in wow, I'm not done writing just yet. I still have a few posts written and one final experiment I'm doing over the course of the week so stick around. I'm not done yet!

I've been asked many times in comments, private messages, and in game tells why I plan to quit the game. So this entry will hopefully end that mostly (in before "why you quit wow" comments). If nothing else, I can just direct them to this post and they can read for themselves if so inclined.

TL;DR: I'm bored.

1. I have a million gold. I proved that you can get rich easily which zero support. My biggest entertainment in the game lately of playing the AH holds no remaining goals that are meaningful to me.

2. Raiding. I just don't have time to raid seriously anymore. And as much as I like it, I'm not going to spend 15 a month to casually raid toc as there's not a chance in hell that I'm going to pug ICC even with the 5000% damage buff. I can only deal with so many retards for so long before I bite off my tongue. I'm sure that if I applied to a solid guild and spent a goodly amount of time memorizing the fight mechanics which I've seen all of one times I could get into a proper raiding guild. Especially if I said 'pretty please' and slipped 200k across the proverbial bartering table. But alas, I'm just no longer that interested in it.

3. With the direction that Blizz is taking the game come Cata it's going to be only more of the same with free purples being crammed down your throat. Unless you're doing heroic ulduar or the top end of ICC all the boss encounters in this expansion have been extremely self explanatory. Also they have been very "casual" friendly. Unfortunately in this situation, casual wow player translates literally into power drooling mouth breathing inbred fuckwit.

Yes I know that casual players are not complete incompetent morons that couldn't tie their own shoes until they were 21. I'm a casual player. I don't stand in fire nor will I ever see a tank do more dps than me. However there are more failbots in this game than people who enjoy success for the sake of success. It's the journey that matters not the destination or reward. The people that just want to look awesome while AFK are the ones that blizz is catering to now and have been this whole expansion. Again, only so many retards at once people. You can call me an elitist if you want, but if you care about how you appear to others and social status more than anything else you can just get the hell out.

4. No AH playing, no raiding, what else is there for me to do? Grind out achievements? No thank you. Emphasis here on GRIND. 99% of all of them are boring as hell and involve zero challenge what so ever. The achievement system in Guild Wars (called titles) was all about challenge even though there were a few that were obvious fluff and gold sinks. That being the case I was all about going through the game on hardmode and going by myself with only the internal AI or a friend to accompany me through the world. Due to that I'm not going to spend several hours farming AQ to get rep. Not interested.

5. Even irl I'm completely against wasting money. In fact I generally don't like to waste anything haphazardly. So spending 15 a month on something that I rarely use is entirely out of the question. Would you spend 15 a month on wow if you only played by yourself for an hour or two a week? I hope not.

Those are my reasons for leaving a game and I'm sticking to them. Also I am not going to donate my gold to somebody for any reason at all. I believe something given has no meaning and does nothing to benefit in the long term as it is only a temporary fix. If you don't earn something, you'll never appreciate it and won't be able to fully take advantage of what you've gotten. Thus, wasting it.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What about PvP? The Gladiator title is pretty challenging, and you can pick who you want to work with to get it.

  2. i'm in a similar situation.. just don't know what to do anymore.. i may quit for a month or 2 and come back then when my spirit is up again

  3. Thanks for writing the Blog, man. It's been very useful to me, granted I've been more of a lurker than anything >_>. The blog truly is incredibly quality advice.

    Good luck with whatever it may be you're going to be up to in life!

  4. Sad face.

    Well, I still hope that you change your mind at some point. If not, however, I still wish you all the best in all of your future endeavors!

  5. I'll keep the AH throne warm until you come back. :)

    This blog is by far the best gold blog I have ever read and I will miss the posts. Since finding the blog a few things changed for Mulegirl:

    - Went from "hating" my only spellthread competition (you!) to having the upmost respect for your methods. Hell I copied them.
    - Made tailoring very profitable.
    - Made 7K+ profit with just netherweavebags in a month :P I now control this martket completely. Very fun.
    - Starting selling TOC and ICC epics. Very nice.
    - Learnt the wonderful idea of massive stokpiles. And now spend easily 5K + on matts daily.
    - Read all the enchanting posts. (Hell I read every post...) Then decided to enter that market. HOLY @#*$!
    - With tailoring and enchanting I have pulled in 8-12K income a day for over a weak now :) Up to 80K liquid from the 20K I had 2 months ago. (150K+ profit as per beancounter since I started playin AH in Oct.)
    - I had my first farmer approach me :P
    - I got my first "nasty" tell. No mail yet :(
    - I have ppl asking me for advice because of this blog. :)
    - I now want to lvl some alts just for some new professions. :)
    - I now have a goal of gold cap before Cata. And maybe 1 million after that...

    The advice and ideas on this blog are priceless. We will all miss you.

    Taking notes til the end,

  6. May I say thank you very much for writing this blog and letting us share in what you have accomplished. And if you even change the way a few of us have done things, then its very much an achievement. I am not ashamed to say I am a farmer but I have started using what I have learnt here and have changed the way I do a few things.

    Thank you very much again. You have been an inspiring teacher to those of us out there listening.

  7. This pretty well sums up my opinion of the game. It funny because if you could have seen this game back in Classic, and if they had maintained the same attitude as they did with Sunwell, the game would be more fun. Instead they allowed people to see content. Example: AQ40 Huhu was a guild breaker. And the funny part was after her you still had Twin Emps before C'thun. After which you would try your hand at Naxx 40. 7 friggin' days a week in raids for all progressive guilds. Oh, and you normally didn't see your first raid earned purple for about 2 months.

    Nowadays you get handed free purples just for putting up with 4 other people over and over and over after dinging 80 in dungeons that are nowhere NEAR what they were in BC or Vanilla, and that was when you brought people you knew to them. Gear is meaningless in the grand scheme with the exception of hard mode stuff, and people act like gearscore means skill. At one point people would advertise their DPS, now you see 5k GS LFM 10ICC competing with tanks for DPS.

    Jaded? Just a little. Ease of gear is a nice thing, but people's commitment to excelling is another. I guess being an elitist is fun in a way. I play the game correctly, 95% of people play the game.

    I do like grinding achievements though between raids. I checked on my old main, and she's still a server top 200 for points, and I quit 9 months ago on her. The fun for me is rebuilding that on another toon, while barking at newbies for being bad at the game.

  8. Stok:

    Ever thought about PvP? I'm finding it to be more fun and challenging lately than PvE, while not needing to be a veteran of a FPS to do alright (though I'm sure it would help).

    Either way, thanks for a bunch of great reading material and best of luck to you.

    A Fan

  9. And another thing, I love your example of how fucktarded people are when it comes to making gold in the game as it currently stands. Even a person with nothing but access to dailies can pull 337g per day if they complete the basic ones at 13.5g per. To hit 50k would take 148 days. That doesn't even include mob drop sales and coin from them.

    The reason I love the AH is because I can spend 10 minutes a day and earn money at a rate of 500-1000% faster than the daily grinder, while completely supporting a guild. And here's more fun - I completely pay all repairs, flasks, foods for people and they still can't put 5k together. These were also the same people that thought 100k for a mount that only 0.0001% of the server would have was too much gold. I enjoyed the spam from the seller when I bought it... "100k paid for the mount, believe it!"

    In reality, everyone else grinded dailies, killed mobs, and beat on mining nodes so I could buy my mount. It was their gold I used, I spent like an hour clicking buttons.

    "So what? It's only dirty paper, I'll make more!" - Warren Beatty as Bugsy, 1991.

  10. Personally I don't give a flying shit if everyone sees the same content as I do. The guild I'm with is still better than most by an order of magnitude. We spend ~3 hours a week to clear everything but TLK, while others have to pug it or is in a bad/slow guild.

    The encounters might be challenging only when you haven't seen them *and* haven't read any tactics about them whatsoever, but I think they're still enjoyable. And you know what? I'm GLAD I don't have to spend my entire free time to this game, like people did in Vanilla. :) I can still follow progress raiding. And that's awesome.

    And I don't know about you folks, but I sure as hell think that actively partaking in something beats watching a movie or two.

    Sad to see you go, you're one of a handful of blogs I read daily. Good luck. :)

  11. @ Everyone
    Thanks all for the words of support. I ahve more posts left to put up, but the last one will be saturday.

    I also don't care about people seeing the same content that I do. Honestly if you think you're somehow "less special" because you killed LK on heroic and all these other noobs can kill him all the time on normal, well, you're an elitist prick and have no business reworking the system Blizz has.

    I feel proud when clearing difficult encounters, ones that need strategy and coordination. Do I feel special for killing Brutallus? No he was easy, the gear check was nigh impossible. I felt special for downing Kalecgos.

    Would I feel special for downing Algalon? Not at all. The fight is simple as hell, but the damage and tank/heal checks are pretty high.

    The game is just easy now and I have no interest in joining the PvP crowd as 90% of them are just like the 2% of high PvE elitists.

    @ Mulegirl
    Enjoy yourself on the AH and you're welcome for doing all the hard work for ya =P Good luck on your way to a million!

  12. Stockpile, thank you so much for making this blog. Between you, markco, and gevlon I've become rich in WoW in just the matter of a couple months. I've played since the original WoW beta and I've always had problems making and keeping gold. I used your blog the most of the three because you were so much more detailed and showed exactly what you were selling and what kind of profit margins you were making.

    My eyes are open now and I have so much experience and knowledge on gold making that I am making my own goal to one day become a WoW millionaire like yourself.

    Thanks for all the great posts and your sense of humor, I will be missing this blog for sure.

    Blinging WoW Gold Blog

  13. So now that you are quitting wow is there anything else on the horizon? I read your blog daily and I agree that it was one of the best ones out there. Your no-fuss straight-to-the-point posting is refreshing. I hope you start up another project and post about it regardless of the content/game. So many other blogs out there are just so plain and add nothing to the conversation. Good luck on your endeavors.

  14. I still remember the days I started playing Warcraft, then Warcraft 2 and then, oh my...Warcraft 3. The lore, the music, the characters and oh, Arthas. What have you done...

    The feeling of that story and thrill of playing it, were so powerful. I don't like where the game it's heading. I don't like how the story develops. I don't like how all the mobs in ICC are all lined up for the kill, unlike say The Steam Vaults. I think I'm just to stubborn and in my subconscious I still hope to feel the thrill of playing Warcraft again. It's the only thing that keeps me in the game.

    Else I found myself contemplating more and more the idea of starting EVE.

    Thank you for making this blog. I'm looking forward to read your articles again. Have fun !

  15. Thanks a lot for posting this great blog and good luck with what you do next. im sure you wont need the luck tho.

    xoxo Anaalius