Tuesday, January 19, 2010

QA 3 set up

Finally I know!

I use the addon Quick Auctions 3 to do the bulk of my auction listings. It is truly a necessary tool for any wow businessman. It cuts your posting time down to almost nothing. Doing a post of 1,000 glyphs using auctioneer batch post can take 15 minutes or more, but with QA3 it gets done in under 5 minutes. It also does the same for my gems, enchanting rods, basically anything that has either the same material cost or same general price range.

The use is very easy, it's the set up that takes a while and needs the real explaining. I will say up front though that I am by no means the be all end all expert on this tool, just that I have been using it with a large degree of success. Once you get the hang of using this addon, which won't take long I promise, you'll have a much better understanding of tomorrow's inscription how to post.

I don't use QA3 for all of the auctions I post because either it isn't practical, or isn't possible to be used effectively. Namely enchanting scrolls.

Alright first, you obviously need the addon itself. Get it from curse.com here.

Once you get it installed the first command you need to know is "/qa config". This will open up this window where you set up all your item groups such as scarlet rubys or glyphs.

Ok once you get this window showing click on the "item group" section and type in the name of the group (name has no bearing on your auctions, just a name) then hit enter. I'll be setting this up for glyphs in the interest of keeping it simple.

Now that you have a named group you need to add items into that group, so go to the "add item tab" and type in "Glyph of" minus the quotes of course. This will add every glyph in your INVENTORY into the list, meaning if you have any on auction, in the bank or mail they won't be added in. If you want, you can just scroll down and click on each of them manually.

With a load of items in the group we can now set up for real. Go to the "Auction settings" tab. First thing to do is to set the post time. The default is 12 hour listing, but I set my glyphs up for 24 hours. Click on "override post time" and set it to your preference. I also tell it to ignore AH posts that are in stack sizes higher than 1 since everything I use QA for are always in single stacks, especially glyphs.

Next is quantities, or how many of these items will be posted in what stack sizes. I have this set to post at most 5 items in stack sizes of one.

Next is the important part, MONEY! I set the undercut value to 3g and the threshold to 3g 50s. That means that I will always undercut the lowest price by 3g each time, but will never list below 3g 50s. Note that when typing in the price you must type it in as Xg Ys Zc then hit enter.

Lastly is the fallback prices. In a nutshell, if you can't undercut somebody or there are none on AH this is what you post at. It also sets the maximum price that you will post at. With glyphs I also have the "override auto fallback" and "enable auto fallback" boxes checked. What this means that even if I can't undercut, the auction will still get posted. I do this only with glyphs since their AH deposit is almost nothing, but with gems and such it's quite a bit more. So I trade about 1g in deposit costs for the ease of an empty inventory which does a lot to help me stay organized. I set the max price to be 100% of my fallback price so no matter what I will never post a glyph above 30g. You can change this as you deem necessary of course.

Now that we got it all set up and ready to go, lets post some auctions. Go to your local auction NPC and go to the auctions tab. You'll notice up top you have a few new buttons. The ones you mostly need to be looking at are "cancel" and "post." What cancel does is it will scan the auction house looking only for things that you have in an item group and take note of anything that you have been undercut on. After it does its scan and will give you a message saying that it's done and is ready to cancel. This whole process takes about 2 minutes for 1300 auctions to be scanned and canceled.

After this you collect your canceled auctions, go back to the auctioneer and hit the "post" button. Now it'll do exactly what you'd expect, it posts your auctions at your set undercut value under the lowest poster. If the lowest post is below your threshold price, it will instead post it at your fall back price. Posting a full set of inscription bag of 715 glyphs is around 5 minutes give or take for a total of about 13 minutes to list my entire stock of glyphs. Note that when posting with a full inventory you need to have at least 1 bag spot open so that QA can split up the stacks.

Hope all of that was easy to understand and that you have no issues setting up. As you use this tool for other item sets and other markets, you'll be a lot more fluent with it and it'll be easy. Large addons are always a bit daunting to try and figure out, so this should be at least useful. Tomorrow I'll post my inscription guide, the last in the profession how to series.

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  1. This was awesome, thank you so much. I am just starting the Inscription industry and I was spending tooooo much time listing auctions manually. Thank you so much for this great little tutorial :)

  2. Been doing a bit of backreading on your earlier posts to get a good grasp of what addons to use and which times to post. Thank you for this as usual.

  3. why not use for enchanting scrolls?

  4. zomfg thanks so much

  5. Hi, when I click on the POST button a small confirm window opens which says "Auctions ready" and has an OK Button. I now have to confirm each item by clicking on the OK button. How can I deactivate this confirmation window? I haven't seen one on your screenshots.