Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hidden Treasures

Short post on a few things that I rarely see done lately and tend to sell with a degree of regularity. Not huge profit margins, but they are very friendly to the 'fire and forget' mentality, which is always a good thing.

Delicate copper wire: Created by any level 1 jeweler. It's bought because you need it to make certain repair bots which are in turn needed to craft Jeeves. I can get a stack of copper for say 4g and make 10 of these things. Post them all up for anywhere from 2g up to 10g each and sell them all at once. Sort of scary since you can just make a level 1 alt, send them some copper bars and a gold coin to train JC and you're done.

JC leveling rings: I got this idea from Gevlon and found that these things actually sell. I always assumed that since they were leveling pieces for leveling alts they'd be flooded perpetually. Not the case apparently. You can craft these for about 2g and sell them for 15 a piece. And the best part is if you set your threshold to only 2g when you get undercut below that, buy them out and get them disenchanted for a profit. It's a wonderful thing.

Saronite Shuffle: This is where you buy a ton of saronite ore, prospect it all, and use the gems for DE rings, rare gem cuts, metas, etc. This used to be hugely profitable, but not so much now that the market on dust has crashed on every server basically. However on my server saronite ore is falling in price steadily so this has become worth the time to do once again. If you used to use this method but stopped like many, look into it again and you may be surprised. The main thing that is making this profitable for me is the common gems and what they can be used for. Green JC rings, meta x-mutes, and simply selling jades and chalcedonys as singles. Hell just a single dark jade pays for a stack of ore so anything else you get from it is profit. Remember to buy it all on saronite Saturday!

Small speculation here. Since mining profit is almost directly tied to JC profits and the decreasing price on gems and thus saronite, what other farmable mats are going to go up in supply? Since many have several gathering professions, I'd imagine that they'll start farming something else. Perhaps I'll be seeing more leather or herbs? I can only hope the supply of leather increases as that would be a very large profit for my LW business which I love oh so much.

Vendor pets: I've said this a few times before but I just have to repeat it again. Flying out to the netherstorm once a week and spending 500g on vendor pets from Dealer Rashaad and the lady in Dalaran makes so so much money it's insane. If you haven't gotten into this yet do it now!

Crystallized eternals: I mentioned a while ago that I like to sell eternal fires as 10 crystallized fires at a ludicrous mark up. This also applies to shadows and earths being sold in pairs to people filling out their bag of epic ammo. So far in the entire time I've been on this server I have had zero competition selling crystallized at 300% mark up or more. This is a friendly reminder that if you haven't given this a shot yet please do so. All it takes is a single eternal fire to try it out and worst case, you lose 3g from reselling the eternal.

AH giggle of the day
A subtle emphasis on how lovely selling vendor bought pets can be. Special attention to the ones that are vendor sold in horde cities for a few silver being sold for 80 gold.

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