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Profession How To Part 5: Inscription

Following up the QA3 set up guide, this is the general how to inscription post. First thing that is daunting about inscription is the massive massive stock of items you'll have which needs a dedicated banker or 3. The second issue with getting into this market is the rather steep entry cost you have to pay up front just to get a stock of glyphs and start your business.

Rough Entry Cost:
-83 days of northrend inscription research.
-60 days of minor inscription research
-57 books of glyph mastery (assuming you haven't used a single one)
-Over 1,000 ink of the sea to craft or dozens upon dozens of herb stacks
-A stock of 3 of almost every single glyph at the least
-A dedicated banker with 4 pack of endless pockets on their person and every bank slot purchased also with inscription bags in them.
-Your scribe will also need as clear an inventory as possible, preferably with a pair of scribe bags on them as well.
-A handful of vendor sold glyph techniques found here.

When I first started my glyph business I spent over 5,000 gold on flowers, books, and the like. Granted I made that all back in about 4 days, it's still a steep cost for when you're starting out and don't know if it's a decent market for you to get into. Be mindful and do your homework on it.

First thing's first, addons:
-Lil sparky's workshop

Since I'm sure you read the post teaching you how to set up QA3 I'll just assume that you know how that works and have it set up already. Also see my post on AH tools for a more detailed explanation on these addons and the few macros you'll be needing.

1. First you take your banker to the mail box and collect expired glyphs. Use the reload macro to help take them faster with postal. Then go to the AH and click on the "Configure" button at the top center. Click on "Glypher" and hit "Scan Glyphs." What this will do is get you the most up to date info on glyph prices, takes about 2 minutes.

2. Now log onto your scribe. Open up your inscription skill window and LSW will load in the auctioneer data you just collected. On the right side of the window you'll see what the average price is of each glyph. There may be a better process to this, so bear with me, but here's how I go about my crafting.

I look at the prices given to me by LSW and any glyphs that it prices at 10g or more I select. Then I mouse over the item and in the tooltip bagnon will tell me how many of them I have and who has them. If I have less than 5 on my glyph banker I make enough to have 5 total. While these are being made I scroll down and repeat this many times until either my bags are full or I have made all the glyphs that I need. I do my crafting in UC next to the scribe trainer for buying extra parchments and so I have absolutely no lag at all with a large supply of mixed inks on me so I don't need the ink trader in Dal.

3. Now I mail off all the glyphs and hearth to Dalaran to refresh my stock on inks. At all times I carry 200 inks of the sea, 120 Etheral inks, and 60 of the rest. In addition I hold onto 160 resilient parchment and 60 of the rest. Make sure that your scribe is exalted with the faction that you're buying parchment from to get the best discount (if you're buying in Dal, it's kirin tor rep).

4. Next, long onto the glyph banker and collect the mail. Naturally you'll have to make a few trips bank and forth from the bank and the mail box so getting this enchant is a bit of help. One suggestion is to have multiple bankers for your glyphs. Of coruse only do this if you have the spare character slots and have an actual NEED for it due to the many trips to and from the mail box.

5. Once you have your inventory situated, go to the AH and if you have any glyphs up still, hit your cancel all macro and collect. Once that is taken care of, simply go to the auctions tab and hit post. QA will post all your glyphs that you have on your person while you go get drink or make a sandwich. Once you're back grab some more glyphs from yoru bank and repeat. DONE!

If you find it necessary, or don't mind camping the AH (god forbid your time is worth nothing to you!) you can go to the auctions tab and hit the "cancel" button. This will scan and cancel everything you've been undercut on. Now you just repeat from step 4.

6. If you have a ton of herbs now is when I usually do my milling keeping on hand 20 snowfall inks to craft the offhands scribes are able to and sell off the rest as is. I don't waste my time making cards as I have rather fail luck with nobles. The price of snowfalls are basically tied to the price of herbs, so if you sell 1 snowfall ink for the price of the stack of herbs you got it from, all those inks and thus glyphs are all 100% profit in your pockets.

A few closing thoughts on this whole thing:

-Inscription requires a decent amount of maintainance and AFK time. Unless you're only posting a few sections of glyphs and not the full
book, this might not be the profession for you.

-Set a "price" on ink of the sea. This plus parchment and a small crafting fee is your threshold price and works as your own internal price conversion of sorts. I value inks at 2g each. So your average glyph costs me 2g + parchment + 1g base crafting cost. So after the AH cut from a bare bottom sale of 3.5g I'm still making a profit, albeit a tiny one. But no matter what, I won't be selling below material cost.

-It is wise to have a large stock pile of herbs or inks. On my average day of crafting (which I do once every other day) I use around 400 inks total. If herb prices spike or there's a drought in supply, you're plain SoL for that time without a stock.

-Be very mindful of your threshold. Also know what the usual price for herbs are on your server and do your best not to purchase above your normal price. This ensures that no matter what you're making some kind of a profit.

-Lastly, just because you have money in your mail box does NOT mean that you made a profit. Be attentive to the price and sales of snowfall inks and any ink that you purchase without milling.

Thanks for stopping by!

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