Monday, January 25, 2010

Business report part 1

Since I've hit the gold cap, I decided that I'll be giving a moderately detailed business report every teusday. This way when you read my posts and I mention that
I'm going to be experimenting with either a new market or a new product, you'll know the next week if it may be worth your time. This will be a longer than usual post, but if you want a good idea of what sells and what's worth the time to grind out then look no further. But since I've had a lot of different things to play around with, I'm going to need to split the first one up over a few posts. Here's part 1 of my report. I'll be splitting items into several different categories along with a short note about it if necessary.

Standard inventory: I am always keeping a stock of this item.
Secondary inventory: I will craft and sell these so long as I have a stock of the items that uses similar materials
Unsold: A complete loss of time, money or both.

Titanium Shield Spike: Unsold
Titanium Plating: Unsold
Titanium Weapon Chain: Standard inventory, but nothing I will be mass crafting. I'll keep a stack of 5 around and only craft more when all have sold. Only reason I'm not ignoring it is because they do sell and there's no competition.

I picked up the recipe to transmute essences of water into air. I got this because two highly profitable enchants require the air but they are always in short supply or are at insane prices. They sell far too slow to be worth the effort without putting them into a scroll. Unfortunately the transmute still has a 20 hour cooldown which is shared with epic gems, a total waste.

X-Mute essence of air: Total loss
X-Mute meta gems: Standard inventory. In fact just yesterday I made 28 earthsieges with the mats for 20 and sold all of them cut.
X-mute titanium: Secondary inventory to belt buckles

I bought the epic cut for a few X/resilience orange gems. So far only SP/resil and strength/resil are selling with any frequency. My next cuts to get are a few eye of zul cuts that match the rare versions that I sell frequently.

Durable ametrine: Standard inventory, Well worth the cost
Resplendant ametrine: Secondary to other ametrine cuts. Sells, but of questionable value due to slow sales
Stat/resil epic gems: I have not gotten many, but since it's rare that you see a melee class gem for resil this is also of dubious value. No intention to get the rest of these cuts any time soon.

Off hands are still selling at a rate of one of each every day so are officially standard inventory. Glyphs are still moving like usual and snowfall ink demand price has dropped a lot. Maybe I'll see some cheap nobles decks to possibly flip for a profit.

What, tailoring? I don't have a tailor! But I do know some nice people that ARE tailors. I crafted a handful of sapphire spell threads and sold all of them in 3 days for 40% profit. The only problem is they require eternal fires that I use to X-mute meta gems which sell almost immediately. Due to the sheer speed of sales, these take a back seat to my meta and crystallzied sales, but still very nice profit here. I'll be testing out brilliant spell thread eventually.

Sapphire spell thread: Secondary inventory to meta gems and crystallized fires.

Leather working:
Plain armor kits have been flooded for ages so I haven't sold any of them and to the vendor they go. Heavy armor kits however have been selling a lot and for large prices as well. LW profession bags have been very very slow to sell, but mining bags are still steady sales each day. As for leg armor kits both epic and rare they're still dipping below market value constantly. I could craft a pair and wait for prices to go up, but even then the sales aren't too consistent. As for converting leather to furs, this has been making me GREAT money, so I'll be keeping up with this. LW practically has its own version of the saronite shuffle.

Borean armor kit: Unsold
Heavy borean armor kits: standard inventory
Mammoth mining bag: Standard inventory
LW profession bag: Secondary to all other LW goods
Heavy borean leather: Secondary to all other LW goods
Leg armors: Not worth the time
Reinforced mining bag: Unsold.
Arctic Fur: standard inventory.

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