Saturday, January 16, 2010

Indirect Farming

When people set out to get a large sum on money be it for a chopper to kill friends with when you drive off a cliff and /slow fall. Or a ridiculously over sized mammoth to block the Org mailbox or fishing pool in Dal or just want to reach the gold cap. A lot of them have the same thing in common: they're always looking for something to sell for thousands all at once. How many individual items can you list that will ACTAULLY sell for more than 5k on your server? 6? 7?

Ok now what's the drop rate (0.forgetaboutit%) or proc chance on getting it (0.0%)? How long would it take you to get it? If it's an epic boe, how many others in your super cool "lfm icc 10 rep grind going for 40 hours straight" group will be needing on it? Can it be ninja'd (all signs point to yes)?

Now ignore your thoughts of 'well i'm still getting [something useless or overly time consuming] while I try to get this item that sells for over 9000' thinking. Mining saronite with 30 other miners in the zone will get you closer to [super expensive purple text] than directly going after what you're wanting for "the big sale." The reason for this is the same reason that farming is not free. The fact is that if you want to make a large sum of gold, the idea is to find a market of easily crafted items that you can sell repeatedly. Things like glyphs, gems, or belt buckles. Since they are always in demand, you will always have a customer, and lots of them.

Here's the senario (fake numbers are fake):

-You have 1 hour open to you per day to do nothing but acquire shiney moneys.

-Eternal shadows sell for 50g each, which you can farm 20 of in your single hour of super fun money making farm time.

-Eternal fires sell for 100g each, which you can farm 7 of in your 1 hour of super fun money making farm time.

-You need eternal fire to craft a [super cool purple].

Do you A) farm the 'big sale' item of eternal fire needed for your [super cool purple item]? Or do you B) farm the eternal shadows, sell them and use that money to buy the fires you need? If you said answer A, go back to your second grade school and apologize to your math teacher for telling them they suck at teaching and that their class blows goats because you fail at learning math.

Farming shadows will get you 1000g while fires will net you only 700. So even though you need fires for whatever it is you're wanting, selling shadows will get you there 300g/hour faster. So when you are farming eternal shadows, you are indirectly farming the fires that you need. There are only so many hours in a day, and time is the only thing you can't get back or save up. Use it wisely! In other words, get as much gold as you can if you're farming and use that to get what you're REALLY after.

To expound on this slightly, the most common profession used by people that have gotten gold capped is inscription. If you're in there, you are IN THERE! But if you ask any of these scribes (say inscriptionist and I'll gut you with a fondue fork!) how much their average glyph sells for, you won't really get an answer above 20 gold, some have average sales of 10g (translation: they make as low as 7g profit after material costs on average).

Sure you may sell the odd glyph here and there for 50+ on a lucky day (on my server a glyph is never higher than 30g for more than 20 minutes). But on average, you're not making 'the big sale' every time you do your parchment scribbling. Then how are these people making several thousand gold a day!?!? One word: quantity. If you sell 400 glyphs a day for 7g profit each day, you're raking in a ton of money. If you make all your money from trying to buy a battered hilt for 5k and flip it for're going to be waiting a while.

TL;DR: there are many items in the world (of warcraft). Sell them!

AH giggle of the day
I was "hard at work" converting a few dozen stacks of borean leather into heavy when a discussion started up in trade chat about the weapon enchantment Blackmagic. According to EJ this is the best enchant you can get as a caster DPS for your MH weapon, and (for mages at least) is competitive with 81 SP. So people were discussing the proc on it, up time, dps value and so forth. Many agreed that indeed the theory craft was correct and is better than mighty spellpower. Of course I had to put in my thoughts on it to add a bit of emphasis to it being the best you can get. With this in mind, I stopped my mass crafting (and paused the show I was watching online) and got on my enchanter. Scanned the AH for black magic scrolls, undercut and posted 2 as this discussion went down. Shortly after trade chat returned to the good old fashion ANAL [ITEM] I had sold both of the scrolls for 200g profit on each.

Lesson learned:
A little advertisement can go a long way!

Current total: 197,000

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