Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ice Crown thing of crafting things

With the release of ICC we got the new "crafting reagent" of primordial saronite. This is its own market much like runed and crusader orbs once were. And just as before, people are making serious mistakes on how to handle them thus wasting a lot of money. First off, they're new. That means they'll be very expensive at the start just like anything else. And also like everything new, it will drop in price rapidly. The mistake that people make is buying them up while they're still new rather than waiting a week and saving a few thousand gold. The smart ones, or those not concerned with BiS gear, used all their frost emblems to buy these up relatively soon and sold them for several thousand each.

Right now they're likely hanging around 2,000ish a piece, perhaps as low as 1800 if you buy in trade chat. What does this mean to you? It means that you should learn from the past and realize that their price will keep dropping until it bottoms out at whatever it happens to sit at. For my server this has already happened, but I'm expecting it to drop a bit more when the new VoA boss comes out. That's because frost emblems won't be such a rarity with people getting better gear to carry them deeper into ICC and even more sources of emblems. Thus they get more emblems from vault and being able to raid ICC more and buy more saronite to sell and so forth.

The same thing happened with crusader orbs. You got triumph emblems from ToC and the daily, then onyxia and vault. The only major difference is there's a few people that think they'll be able to get shadowmourne and will be buying up a lot. Then when they realize they're not going to get it (likely most of them) they'll flood the market with their 20 some odd saronites, dropping the price even further for a time.

Suggestion: Wait for your servers price on primordials to drop another 100-200 gold or so on their average price then wait to see somebody selling a large amount of them for less. Then it won't take much effort to buy and relist them or sell in trade for a decent 100g profit on each. Yes I know I recommend against flipping, but with such a small market, and a predictable one at that, it's not too big of a risk. So long as you don't jump the gun and try to buy early (before the prices have bottomed out and leveled) it shouldn't be too difficult to make some spare change.

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