Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's all in the numbers

This is going to be a simple but very effective post about stack sizes. Wonder why certain things aren't selling? It could simply be due to the stack size that you are posting them at. While this might seem like a no brainer, some things that are obvious need to be pointed out before you can consciously say "hey that makes sense, I should try this some time!"

First example is one that I used to make a large profit, but thanks to the auto DE feature blizz added in, isn't worth much. Dream shards are used to purchase many enchanting recipes, which cost 4 dream shards per (mostly). At the time I was doing this your average shard sold for 15g a piece. I bought any blues and any shards (stacks or singles) at 15g and relisted them in stacks of 4 for 25g each. That's 10g pure profit on each sale, of which there were many.

After this stopped working I went on to heavy borean leather. Current stacks and singles are around 4-5g each. I post stacks of 4/10 for 7.5g each. They sell while the stacks of 20 and singles are still on the AH.

Arctic furs (which you can buy for 10 heavy borean from Braeg Stoutbeard in dalaran) I post in stacks of 2 because that's what the leg armors require.

Eternal shadow/earth I sell as crystals in pairs because of the epic ammo material amount.

Fires I sell as crystals in singles since a lot of people need 1 more eternal fire, but have 7 crystals already and thus think they're "saving" money. Shame you could have bought the cheaper eternal and sold your spare crystals! With eternals selling for 25g/ea and posting them as crystals for 7.5/ea that's a hefty profit margin.

All common gems I sell as singles or as three for the JC daily that requires two common gems of different kinds and the frozen orb that needs 3 (dark jades, shadow crystals, chalcedony).

Cooked dragonfin I sell in stacks of 5, 10, or 20. If a stack of 20 is up for 5g each, put up a stack of 10 for 7g and more stacks of 5 for 7g as well. Although these you want to sell as full 20s if possible.

Potions, the rare occasions I sell them, go up in stacks of 5 since most people think that's as high as they stack up to.

And titanium bars I sell in stacks of 3 for people doing their titansteel CD's.

Of course there are many things you want to sell as singles. Things like enchant scrolls, belt buckles (any type of item enhancement really), flasks, abyss crystals...you get the idea. Stuff that's expensive and/or consumable = single stacks.

Give it a shot and you'll see some interesting sales.

AH giggle of the day
I log onto my smithing banker after raids tonight to catch the post raid crowd. I got talked into doing a 10m after our standard 25 so I missed out on a good amount of AH sales. I check the belt buckles and there's not a single on on auction. So I post them fro my normal "no competition" price of 65g. 2 minutes pass while I'm handling other auctions and they all sell. I post another set of 5 but for 75g. A few minutes pass and they all sell. I repeat this process yet again and have sold 3 more as of this writing. Quite curious to see how high it'll go before a competitor shows up. So far this has given me a total of 565g pure profit in under 10 minutes.

Lesson learned: Nothing in this world is untouched by a potential stroke of luck. So you never know when you might get a lucky break and be handed a temporary monopoly. When you do, be sure to take advantage and milk it for all it's worth!

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