Monday, January 18, 2010

Comming Soon!

No real post today as I'm currently working on a semi in depth guide on setting up the addon Quick Auctions 3. Since this tool is so important to any up and coming AH businessman it deserves a bit more special attention. It will be a full walk through to the best of my knowledge complete with screen shots and all. This will then be followed with "How to inscription" since the two truly go hand in hand. And since inscription in and of itself is a monster of a profession will also take some time. Stay tuned!

However in the mean time I will let you know that gem sales have picked up to their normal position as far as profit is concerned. I am selling rare gems for the same profit margin as I was a week ago, but now I'm able to buy them for almost the price that a vendor gives you. In fact I purchased 2 stacks of raw gems which I cut and then vendored immediately. Technically though, I'm actually making a higher rate of profit than before. I'm still getting a min of 3g profit per gem, but when I'm paying 5g per gem as opposed to 8g makes me feel a bit more fuzzy inside.

I also went into ZA to get the recipe for executioner enchant. We'll see if it sells and how well. Next to do is grind out argent dawn revered since I've been seeing several people posting that they want the bracer healing power enchant done with no answers. If this twink enchant sells well, I may have to bite the bullet and take my ass into MC for the 30 sp to weapon enchant which is ALWAYS in demand. But wowhead says it has a sub 1% drop rate and hasn't been boosted to 100% like the TBC ones. I may go and kill a single boss and see what's what. Will update later on how it all goes down.

Current Total: 207,000
GAH! So so clooose!

Thanks for stopping by!

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