Friday, January 22, 2010

Location, Location, Location!

You have a bank alt, they're level 1 and have no mount. So where are they? Choosing a proper city to operate in is an important decision believe it or not. Most just park themselves in their factions capital city and just go with it. Fortunately for alliance Stormwind is the best spot for you that I know of. However for horde you have several options depending on what your banker mostly sells. This is important because after all, time is money friend!

The capital of the horde. Also was the biggest pain in the ass city for a long time. But it is still where 90% of people will be going to sell things in trade chat. Because of that, this is where I place my primary banker that does all of my buying. But for all other purposes, it's a terrible place due to all the run time from AH to bank and such.

Silvermoon City.
If you need a lag free environment for your work then this is a great place, I almost never see anybody here. It does suffer the same problem that Org does in that the distance from AH --> bank is too far for my liking. Although the scenery is very visually pleasing which is a big plus in my book.

Thunder Bluff.
Now this is more like it! Lag free, short run time, and the guild totem (bank) is right out front. This is also where I have my smith working from since the anvil and forge are directly behind you. Also the scenery is rather pleasant. If your banker has a mount I recommend you operate from here. This is a primo spot since the bank and AH are "outside" locations so you won't have to remount once you leave them.

This is the perfet spot for your glyph bankers. With the massive amount of back and forth you do between the AH and mail box, it's nice for it to almost literally be beside you. Also lag free, but the trip to the bank may be a bit annoying for some. However if your banker has a full set of scribe bags, you'll only need to take 2 trips, maybe a third on average. Another place where you can stay mounted at the bank and AH.

For you engineers, this is still a bad place to work from. Sure it's very nice if you happen to be passing by on your main, but I doubt your bank alt will have the proper engineering skill to work from here anyways.

One thing to keep in mind is that if somebody is selling an item in trade chat and you offer to buy on a toon that's in TB, they might not reply. So to avoid this, simply tell them that you can get on a toon that's in org, or just change toons and hope it hasn't sold by then.

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