Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gone Solo

Simple post today on the specs that I use to solo with And where I go. I primarily solo with my DK as she's my enchanter, but when it comes to soloing for fun or some nifty mounts, I take my pally. Usually I do the basic rep farms for when I get curious about an old world recipe and decide it's worth the effort to see how well it sells. These specs are obviously not intended for raid use, but whenever you go to solo an old raid you'll want to spec for it on your first run or two there. This is because even though you may have ran it a million times when it was a max level raid, things are obviously quite different when you're alone. The main things you want to emphasize when soloing is burst damage (to make it go as fast as possible), run speed, and of course self healing. Now if you're in light armor and can't heal yourself, well, best of luck!

Pally specs: Prot or Ret. Usually I'll go as plain ret for trash and prot for bosses. It really depends on if you need more damage or if survival is the primary issue. As ret I'll usually judge light and use seal of cleave. When I get to a boss I'll use seal of light, keeping sacred shield up as much as possible and ignore consecration depending on mana. As prot, you can usually just faceroll your 969 rotation and win. As ret you can just let your instant flash heals keep you up and with a long duration sacred shield they should have a nice crit rate. Combined with the DR from the imp. RF talent and toughness makes you far more durable that normal.

As prot just load up on as much block value gear as possible and you should take almost no damage at all. Just change seals according to the situation you're in and it should go well. Even if it takes a bit longer than as ret, you'll get there with confidence barring any dps requirements like stacking debuffs or what have you.

DK spec: Blood is the defacto solo spec due to the need for healing and lack of a shield to reduce hits you take to almost nothing. I'm sure you can do most as either unholy or frost, but blood can keep yourself alive almost forever with death strike spam healing you for over 4k a hit. Naturally a decent amount of tank gear is recommended just so your DS heals you for more, but since I don't have any and can't be bothered to get it for my DK, I use pvp gear which still makes me crit immune and is loaded up with stamina.

Places that I generally solo are molten core, heroic MgT, scholo/strat, and BRD. Weather it be for some obscure vendor location or very valuable mats I'm in need of with none on AH to be purchased. Obviously if I could just buy the stuff I wouldn't bother, but sometimes the grind is unavoidable. The last solo grind I did was strat for argent dawn rep for a bracer enchant which I've sold 4 of so far for triple the price of the required mats. If a few more sell It might be worth it.

Next is MC or BRD for a few rep items for the thorium brotherhood to get the 15 str enchant. If people won't give me 200g for crusader, they'll give me 50g for that one. All about options!

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