Friday, January 15, 2010

Profession How To Part 4: Smithing and Alchemy

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Black Smithing.

My favorite money making profession because it makes loads of gold, takes little effort (nigh zero), and most believe it isn't profitable, which means nearly no competition.

There's only a few items that I craft and sell with smithing and a very simple process for it. Here it is.

Belt buckles - 35g min price, 75g max price
Costs 25g for me to make based on Eternal shadow priced at 10g ea which can spike to 20 and up. If that's the case and buckles are low, I'll sell the shadows and wait a bit before crafting more. With some VERY impressive belts available for emblems of frost, some of which are BiS or close to it, many are making them one of their first few purchases...and they all need buckles!This is the only item that I check up on form time to time. This is because I can't post my whole stock at once, but I can't post just 3 or 4 either. I post 5 at a time and check in whenever I have a spare 45 seconds to log in refresh and log out.

Truesilver - 3g to make, sells for up to 40g
Eternium - 6g to make, sells for up to 20g
Fel iron- 15g to make, sells for up to 80g
Adamantite - 45g to make, sells for up to 80g
Titanium - 25g to make, sells for up to 80g

These things I keep two up on the AH at all times. Some sell faster than others, but usually you'll sell one of each to the same person about to power level enchanting so they can "enchant their gear for free." I'm told that arcanite rods sell well also, but I don't have the patience to deal with getting the arcanite bars so that's just a small suggestion.

Titanium weapon chains cost 17g to make and sell for upwards of 60g a piece. Simple to do, I craft a stack of 5 and post them all for 24 hours and forget about it. There is such little competition with anything here minus the buckles that it's truly set it and forget it.


All I use this profession for is transmutes. On my server crafting potions or flasks is selling at a loss without being specced for it and making maybe 2-3g profit per. So unless you have a private supplier that has no problem selling their lotus for insane prices, or just insane proc luck, go X-mute spec or don't bother.

X mute titanium has no cool down which means that if you can get a decent price on saronite ore/bars you can turn that green stone into gold for little effort. I make anywhere from 6-15g profit per bar I x mute.

X mute epic gems and metas are solid income. The epic gems sell for more than double what the material cost is.Just make sure you're doing a proper x mute to get the most profit margin of the raw epic gem and mats to make it.The most popular metas I sell pre cut are:

  • Relentless earthsiege

  • Chaotic skyflare

  • Beaming earthsiege

  • Insightful earthsiege

  • Austere earthsiege

The rest of the meta cuts I see are drowning in the sub 20g range, obviously less than material cost no matter what server you're on.The eternal cut used to be an easy sale to tanks which were having troubles getting to the defense minimum (it's not a cap folks, defense is still beneficial after being uncrit) so they would use this gem instead of the standard austere. But now with purples raining from the sky this isn't nearly the problem it was when you first hit 80 at release. Last I checked, these were selling for 12g each, 2g more than a single dark jade.

Simply buy a stock of the materials needed and saronite whenever it's cheap enough to profit by making it into titanium. After that get a JC to cut your metas or sell them raw and post your titanium in stacks of 1 and 3, just be sure not to flood the market.

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  1. For Arcanite I usually just buy Thorium and Arcane Crystal whenever they're cheap (supply is low, but sometimes prices are good when a leveller dumps stock). Transmute spec can proc on the Arcanite transmute, which is nice. I don't have a smith, but selling the bars in stacks of 1 or 3 is usually pretty easy money.