Saturday, January 16, 2010

Business Report

It seems high time for a decent business report on my AH antics. This will simply be about what I've been selling with success, a few interesting deals I've gotten, and an all around recap of how things have been going. Over the last 3 days I haven't had much time at all to play let alone craft and post anything, so all my auctions have been up during the off hours and only yesterday was able to have them during prime time (5pm-12am server).

But even with me stocking up on whatever I can, I'm still able to turn a decent profit with the few auctions I've had time to post. In fact, most posts probably weren't even undercutting at all since I just batch posted them all without doing an AH scan at all, so now that I think about it I have been doing GREAT for not even doing a single scan lol. Ok on with the report!


Still making great money selling belt buckles at around 15 sales a day. Weapon chain sales have gone down to only 1-2 a day, but I'm not pressed since I don't have to think about it, just post and collect. The enchanting rods have been selling a pair of each every single day besides titanium rods due to a pair of campers. No worries as the plummeting prices will surely drive them away soon enough. Sadly I am completely out of saronite bars and none on the AH for a reasonable price, so I may have to either raise my threshold price for the buckles or not sell any for a bit. We'll see how it goes.


Still cruising along at a solid 1k-2k per day. I've raised my max sale price up to 30g and I think it'll stay there for a while to come, but my supply of ink of the sea is getting rather low. I'm down to a stash of 600 ink of the sea and about 80 of the rest. This profession sure takes a ton of maintainence, but if I can get a decent supplier of herbs then I won't have to bother with milling so damned many flowers every other day. Now if only snowfall inks would sell a bit faster I could consider this 100% profit. What I may end up doing is taking a trip to sholozar basin and posting in general chat that I'm buying all herbs at X gold a stack and inks at X a stack. I did this before and got a solid supply for the week, but I don't like the idea of having to sit there and not be able to actively do something else since this does require my attention.

It usually does get me a good amount of sellers because the farmers that are there are actively farming and get an immediate guaranteed sale, thus saving them the effort of mailing off herbs, making bag space and getting to the AH. Hell I might get a private supplier or two from the deal so it could be worth the time, who knows. Either way I need to stock up as inscription is a profession that you cannot afford to be without a large supply of mats at all times since a price spike or drought in supply will put an immediate halt to your business without one.


Epic gems are still flying off the shelf and still able to have a decent stock of a few of them, namely ametrines and dreadstones. Rare quality gems however are not selling well at all over the last couple days due to so many people posting them for 8g and less. So I'm taking the time to stock up on cheap ass gems and wait for prices to go up a bit and make a killer profit once prices return to normal. This price drop usually happens about twice a month, so I'm not sweating it too much. Still annoying as hell though for my best money maker to be turning almost no profit because of the price drop. But with the slowly decreasing price of epic gems and being on the last tier of raid content, this market may be drying up for good. I sure hope not.

Leather Working.

Leg armors still aren't worth the time and effort to craft since they're selling for 15g LESS than I can get for selling the mats. I recently spent around 1,500g on regular borean leather and making a 100% profit on converting it to heavy borean leather. Along with that I'm still buying arctic furs with the heavy leather and getting a decent amount from that as well. I'm paying 3.6g for the heavy leather and selling it for 7g+ and the furs I'm selling for anywhere from 45g to 55g each. Leather working bags aren't selling too well, but the mammoth mining bags are still going at a rate of 2 sales per day at 95g a piece. And surprisingly out of no where, the heavy armor kits have been selling quite a lot more than they have been lately. Sold a few of these for 5 times the price i paid for the regular leathers to make them, that sure made me smile! Very good profit comming from this end.

I also got my kalu'ak rep up to revered for the LW bag recipe and have since sold 6 at the same price if the mining bags. Since I had never quested in the tundra with my LW it only took about 45 minutes to do all the missing quests which got me revered. If you got the spare time I highly recommend getting this recipe for your LW.


Mostly inactive since I can't get a decent price on ESD mats. Dark jades and chalcedonys are selling for 15g EACH! Prospect a stack of saronite and get one of those gems and the rest of the stuff you get is all gravy, it's pretty nuts. The meta x mutes are still selling as I make them, still no awesome procs from my mastery on epics sadly. I also haven't been able to x mute titanium since I'm totally out of saronite and any that I get has to go into making belt buckles. Hopefully this profession will pick up soon.


Out of curiousity, I grinded up timbermaw hold rep up to honored to get enchant weapon agility and 2H weapon agility recipes. Took me only 90 minutes since they drastically increased the rep you get from the first few quests. And since I hadn't done a single one before it took almost no time. The one hand agility enchant has been selling quite often, likely to be put onto heirloom gear or the few twinks that are still around. The 2H version is selling some, but I can't really see what people would be putting it on. Either way, they both are making me well over 100g profit per scroll even with essence of air being semi pricey at 20g each (needing 4 per enchant) and my outright refusal to farm them. In any case, it was a worthwhile investment of my time.

Mongoose scrolls have all been sold! And by all I mean even the massive back stock of mats I had has been cleared out as well. The only arcane dust on AH is at 3g each and above, so the profit margin isn't that high compared to when I was paying half that for them. I also took my enchanter into regular mode arkatraz for the enchant 2H major agility recipe. I didn't have the key and definitely was not about to do the long ass quest chain for it, so I crafted a set of titanium skeleton keys to open the door (good thing they're a smith as well!) and got it in about 15 minutes. I've sold 2 of those scrolls so far for 250g each with mats costing somewhere in the area of 130g. Along with this, I'm also selling a crusader scroll each and every day for 80g profit and up. Very worth it to farm up this recipe. I still haven't sold a scroll for cat's swiftness or defense to bracers, so I think I'm just going to write off these enchants as a total loss.

Aside from a select few armor enchant scrolls, most are STILL below material cost. The only ones making me a profit are weapon enchants (I sell at least 1 berserking scroll a day), super stats to chest, greater fort to boots, armsman to gloves, and sometimes greater speed to cape. The rest I'm basically ignoring and intend to sell extra cheap to cut my losses at some point. I wouldn't say that it was a mistake getting into this market, but I definitely did not do enough research into it and ended up wasting a few thousand on scrolls that are selling for 40% of the price of the materials and below. How people can keep doing this and not realize how little income they're getting is beyond my understanding. It's probably another case of "I have money in my mail, it MUST be profit" or "I farmed all the mats so they're free!"

I think once I sell off most of the scrolls, I'm only going to be making weapon enchants and a very few select armor enchants. I'll post an update later on once I finally settle on what scrolls I intend to keep selling.

Vendor jumping and others.

I'm always amazed when this sort of thing sells. I've sold more vendor pets for 60g profit and vendor sold drinks for 10g a piece. Also I'm still selling off at least one eternal fire as crystallzied for triple the price you can buy the eternal for. The funniest part is you can see an eternal for 25g right up top and crystals for 7.5g then the SAME PERSON will buy 10 of my crystals. If you need an eternal, why not just buy one? I'm also still selling several vendor profession bags each day with enchanting bags selling the most followed by gem bags and lastly mining bags. Not concerned with the mining bags selling so little since the people wanting mining bags are buying my big ones from LW selling for such a tremendous profit.

By vendor bags I mean the ones you can buy from your faction's inn keeper in hellfire for about 10g each which I sell for 32g every day. I stocked up on a dozen of each so I'm going to move my vendor camping toon over to the netherstorm and start grabbing the engineering mats and vendor pets from them to sell. Again I will point out that I am not actively "camping" these vendors, just leaving a toon logged out next to them and only hop on them every now and then.

Current Total: 192,000

Thanks for stopping by!

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