Saturday, January 9, 2010

Profession How To Part 2: Leatherworking

Tomorrow's profession: Enchanting

My secret cash cow for a long time until purchased arctic fur with heavy borean doubled the price of regular leather. However it is still solid g/hour.

Start by purchasing oodles of plain borean leather and use it for the following:

(Based on 12g/stack of regular borean leather or 3.6g/ea heavy borean leather)

Heavy leather - 4.5g/ea minimum sale price, I usually get upwards of 7.5g/each for this simple conversion.

Arctic fur - 45g/ea. Prices get as high as 60g each for this. you can turn 10 heavy leather into 1 fur by purchasing it from this guy in Dalaran. Depending on the current rate of this, I may even buy some of the cheaper heavy leather on AH to turn it into furs for a modest profit.

Leg armors (ice scale and frost hide) - 120/ea. These are constantly falling below material cost so I don't bother with them usually, but it is an option if prices are more stable on your server. Aside from the listed fur prices, orbs are about 5-7g each and the chitten/scales are about 2-3g each. Take this and compare it to your server's price range and decide if this is a viable market for you. Keep in mind if the leg armors are at 200g and up, wait a few days to see what happens as they may bottom out to 90g each leaving you with a stock that isn't going to sell for a profit.

Heavy borean armor kits - 20g (usually get 35+ each). Very consistant sales to tanks gearing themselves up and not wanting to drop big money on high end enchants for starter tank gear. Also many progression tanks (myself included) use an armor kit for their gloves as there are not many great options for this slot.

Regular borean armor kits - 4g (can sell as high as 10g each). It isn't often that these will sell due to it being a prime craftable for leveling your LW, but when the AH isn't flooded they'll fetch a decent enough profit for it to be worth listing.

Mammoth mining bag - 45g (pattern requires sons of hodir honored). These bad boys sell for 95g regularly and I always sell at least one per day every day, sometimes up to 5 all at once.

Pack of endless pockets - this is an item i do NOT craft! Why? because on of the msot popular guides to leveling professions comes from wow And they have you craft a large amount of these which sell to only one type of person: a scribe's banker. Due to that, they will be on AH for well below material cost and always in large numbers since not many people need them. This is contrary to the normal armor kits because those are actually used by people leveling up, and not one specific type of person. One key to making money is to know what is selling to who, remember that.

Trapper's Traveling Pack - requires the kalu'ak revered. I don't have the rep to craft this, so I can't say with any experiance or certainty that they sell well enough but I never see any on the AH so it might be worth crafting a pair and seeing what you can get for it. Since I'm sure there's many others that CBA to deal with the silly rep dailys for them and fewer still that are LW'ers. If you give this a shot, please let me know how it goes for ya and I might even end up considering getting the rep for it myself.

Ok, here's how I work the leather (simple stuff):

1. Buy a large stock of leathers for 12g/stack and under
2. Craft enough plain armor kits to have 5 in stock, list for 6g with no competition
3. Turn the rest into heavy leather
4. Craft a stock of 4 mining bags, list for 95 with no competition
5. Craft a stock of 12 heavy armor kits, list for 40g with no competition
6. List most of your remaining heavy borean in varying stack sizes at no less than 4.5g/each. Try and keep at least 2 full stacks on hand at all times in case you sell out of mining bags or armor kits. Also if you see full stacks on the AH for 5g/ea, list yours in stacks of 10 for your normal price. Basically keep changing the stack size so that you're the only one posting at that amount. Might seem silly, but this gets me sales of high priced leather when there's cheaper options just due to the stack size.

Closing thoughts on LW

-Very little effort and 90% afk time with this profession. The only time you have to ACTUALLY be at your computer is when you're checking how many bags and armor kits you have. crafting all of them takes less than 2 minutes, then you hit Create All for the heavy leather conversion and go afk. Occasionally go to the fur vendor and buy a fist full. Come back, list, and profit!

-This profession requires a constant supply of leather and a large stockpile of it as well. Because of this I made a macro that posts in trade that I'm buying, my price, and reminding people that you can just CoD mail it to me. So every time I happened to be in a major city, I'd hit it and collect a few CoD mails of leather in an hour or 2. Also the fact that i was saying that I would buy everything they had in stock got some attention as well when I made good on that offer. This got me several consistent suppliers until 3.3 came. Remember, when you stock up, REALLY stock up!

No AH Giggles today, instead a small business report.
It seems the farmers have been on a caffiene induced bender as both the AH and trade chat have been flooded with uber cheap mats over the last few days. Namely enchanting materials and saronite which is strange because that sort of thing is usually only in mass supply on the weekends. Unfortunately this causes my daily profit over the last few days to drop significantly lower than usual. There have been stacks of abyss crystals at 20g each (normally 35) and epic gems for as low as 130 as opposed to 170each. How can an AH junkie like myself pass up such great deals? So once this massive influx calms down, I should be seeing some killer income.

I mention this because it helps me emphasize a point which is very important to hitting the cap. If you only want to learn to use your professions to stay 100% self sufficient you can stop reading, otherwise take a note. Always, Always, Always stay stocked up! If you see a great deal on something you sell, take it or some one else will. And guess what that some one else is NOT doing? Buying your stuff! In other words, know when to stock up, and when to empty your bags.

Thanks for stopping by!

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