Tuesday, January 5, 2010

BS is not BS!

This is my first ever post in this blog so I'll get straight to it. I'll be doing my best to update daily with a new tip, trick, or explanation of the world of warcraft economy along with an amusing tale of the day from my AH antics. First topic to post about: Blacksmithing!

Blacksmithing is one of the professions that the all knowing /2 will indefinitely claim makes zero money. That is the only BS you're going to find here my friends! First why do people think this? Because most people are only concerned with one color: purple. Meanwhile people like myself (and presumably you as well since you're reading a blog about making wow gold) care about a different color: gold! Granted it is indeed a rarity to sell a titan steel piece of gear (thank you ToC and emblem upgrades), you will however sell many many other things in your skill book.

Currently, I cannot keep enough belt buckles on hand. In fact just recently I have bought up every last bit of saronite ore/bar, and the necessary eternals and I still don't have a steady stock over 20. Check your AH and you'll see how much profit these blue beauty's go for.

After the buckles there are of course enchanting rods which many people have forgotten about (read that as no competition). And guess what? There are people that are leveling enchanting, so sell them what they need...for a nominal fee of course.

And my personal favorite are titanium weapon chains. Cheap to make, easy to sell and even easier to attach a nice price tag to. Because of all of this, smithing is making me about 1,000g per DAY with 99% afk crafting. Now I don't know about you, but that's hard to beat. So gear professions DO make good money, but it's not through the 'gear' that they can make (unless some have some nice twink patterns). Leave that stuff for leveling up and your fresh 80 alts.

My daily Auction House giggle!

I had just posted some belt buckles for 35g each (low end day, only netting me 15g pure profit each) while I went afk to craft another stack. I come back to post some of the ones I had just made and lo and behold, a wanna be monopolist has bought all that I had up, along with at least a dozen others, and relisted them for 70g each. what did I do you ask? Naturally I posted 5 for a significant undercut and sold 3 of them within moments. I organize my materials in my bags and bank and go to check them again (as I just sold several in no time).

Surprise surprise! The people who just sold their buckles to the "monopolist" had just posted a handful of their own undercutting everyone all the way back down to 40g. So not only is the would be monopolist now sitting on a huge stock of expensive buckles, their attempt to control the market failed in a matter of minutes.

Lesson learned: creating a monopoly on a market that has a very low entry cost is futile. Remember that.

Current Gold Total: 128,000.
(SS or it didn't happen, I know. screenies to come!)

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