Friday, January 29, 2010

Raiding the AH!

When I'm not busy mucking about on the AH, I raid. And over the time that I've been doing the AH, I've noticed a lot of things that raiding and AH playing have in common to the point that I consider really working the AH a type raid.

Raiding requires a host of addons and possibly macros to make things easier.

DBM or BigWigs (Auctioneer or QA3)
Omen (lil sparky's workhop)
Recount (Bean counter)
raid frames (bagnon)
Scrolling combat text (postal)

You also have to work with other classes (professions) to balance out your raid (inventory). Without this balance you won't be able to succeed in the boss encounter (AH sales). You have to deal with other people, some morons being carried (AH campers), some are good players (competition), and some are just normal casual players (suppliers). In addition to them, you also need a sufficient raiding roster (stock pile) in case some raiders can't raid (items sell out). The real fun in raiding to me is progression (new markets), the challenge (sales) of getting to the end boss (gold cap x2).

I raid as a tank which may effect my business mentality on the game which makes me self contained and unable to rely on others to do my job right mostly.

Now how does this relate to making gold? Simple. The success of a raid is the same as an AH business. They both need the same things in organization, balance, etc. If you want to have a successful AH business, look at it the same way you look at a good raid. It has to work like a well oiled machine, doing the same markets/boss strats every time because you have proven that they work. Keep your auctions above your threshold and call the raid after too many wipes.

Just think about it some time.

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