Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spending money: Entertainment and business

Work has really been piling up lately, so I haven't had much time to work on the QA set up and inscription posts, so I'll be writing on my post gold cap experience.

The few days before the gold cap I was so excited that I had completely stopped spending money on anything but repairs and things I knew would sell that same day (cardinal rubys, weapon enchants) due to the excitement of being so close. Now that I have a large sum of money, it needs to be spent in some way. Currency in any form is used for two things and has no other purpose: Buying goods and services. Of course 'services' can be defined many ways such as using your wealth as a means to influence others. Them doing what you want them to do is a 'service' that your money has afforded you.


So what am I going to do? Well first thing is first, reward my banker for all their hard work with a full round of portable holes and a Gigantique sack. After that I bought them a nice new tuxedo and some very expensive jewlery. Why would I buy this stuff when it does 'nothing' for me? For the same reason that I buy and collect mounts, it's a piece of art and I enjoy looking at it. Ok but what about the rings, you never see those! Ok I'll admit I did that for the sole reason that I COULD do it. It was such an obscene waste of gold I laughed myself silly when I put them on and that's what I got from the waste of rings. I got to laugh, I enjoy laughing, so it's no different than giving somebody money to tell you a bunch of jokes and funny stories. Just because the 'use' of the vanity items that I got wasn't something tangible does NOT mean that I got nothing at all.

After this I treated my main to an early purchase of Pillars of Might even though they can't wear them until I get the EoF glvoes due to the lack of defense. Regardless they're effectively Best in Slot and being on the last tier of content makes them completely worth it. But since I love my tanking job so much, I'd buy them regardless of course. And with the icecrown radience making tanks take a large amount of hits all the bonus armor is a great way to deal with the incoming 15k auto attacks from a boss. But even though the armor does nothing for magic damage, any other options for this slot won't net me more than a few stamina so they're going to be worn all the way up to heroic ICC, possibly even until level 82 when a questing green reward is better. /shudder

Well I'm already knee deep in the AH side of the game that if I were to stop now I'd definitely miss doing it, so I'm going to see how much I can get before cataclysm is released. Gold capped twice over? Three times? A million? Only time will tell, but until then I need to stock up!

After spending money on nothing that will make me a profit, I went on a stockpiling frenzy and spent about 7k on assorted materials, many of which are still sitting in a crafter's mail box still. When I had bought up all there was on the AH (at my normal threshold of course!) it was almost immediately refreshed and I bought up another host of mats for the evening and had over 600 things sitting in my bankers mail waiting to be sorted. I also found a guy in trade selling 60 stacks of saronite bars and since I'm constantly running out of them I bought all they had. When you can go through 30 stacks in two days time, this is a god send. Of course I loaded up on dust, old enchanting mats, leather (the 2k I spent on leather recently has already run out), and enough herbs to mill into at least another 500 inks (I have 2k inks already in my bank).

With any luck this massive influx of goods will keep my busy for a while before the need for more arises. I'll still be buying more when I see good prices to keep the markets that use those materials at a steady price, but I HOPE that I won't be running out of anything for at least a week or two.

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  1. "worn all the way up to heroic ICC, possibly even until level 82 when a questing green reward is better. /shudder"

    When I leveled in Wrath of the Lich King I didn't find a replace to my Tier 6 (final tier at Level 70) until I hit 80.