Monday, February 1, 2010

You say primordial, I say primal

With all the talk about primordial saronites, people have forgotten about a great niche market from TBC: Primals! Primals are the TBC version of eternals. Some sell for a lot, others not so much. But as with any material, it's what you use them for that matters. Introducing transmute primal might, requires one primal of each of the following:


These things are needed for many TBC epics that some people craft for the sake of having them. I myself crafted a Wicked Edge of the Planes just because I thought it looked awesome. In addition to nice looking epics (some which last you to level 78), it is also needed for the quest that teaches an alchemist X-mute mastery spec. Most primals can be bought relatively cheap at 10g an below except for airs. Primal air is gotten from long boring farming of mobs, or engineers with the mote extractor running about in nagrand.

Check your local AH for the price of primal mights and the mats for them and you just might have yourself a nice niche market. Considering that the x-mute doesn't share a CD with anything now, you can make as many as you wish. Give it a look, it managed to make me a few thousand within a few days time and it can do the same for you.

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