Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Biz report 2-9-10

Ok last week I said that I would be doing all my purchasing from the same toon and keep much better track of which professions made what. Unfortunately I can't have a single banker for each market I'm in, so you'll just have to bear with me on this. I also spent a good amount before hand on epic gems, inks and such. Because of that my out going gold compared to the income will be a bit skewed, but I'll estimate it to the best of my abilities.

Income per banker
Epic gems, rare orange gems, vendor pets: 33,000

Rare gems, meta gems, LW, misc: 26,500

Smithing and enchanting: 25,500

Glyphs: 8,000

JC Leveling gear: 300g

Material cost: -18,000
Total sales: 93,300
Weekly Profit: 75,300
Total gold: 330,000

Detailed Recap
I haven't had the time to craft many glyphs so that market has been almost non existent. It also requires the most at the computer time, so with as many projects as I have to work on right now, I mostly have been sticking to crafting gems and only making glyphs when I have the time for it. I've also once again run out of stock for several rare gems and all epic gems, so their profits will be slower for next week unless I can come into a large supply over night. Also oddly enough, the prices of epic leg armors have gone way up to the point of them being worth crafting. So much so that I've sold out of arctic fur and most of my heavy leather is being drained into the profession bags and armor kits. I still have the only borean armor kits on auction and have raised my price by 10g so far and they're still selling.

Perhaps I can go another few gold up, but for now I'll be keeping the price where they're at now. When prices get high that's when competition comes about and drives them all back to the ground. I'd much rather have a market all to myself so it's fire and forget than have crazy high prices and rarely selling something. Consistency, see a theme here?

I'm still hunting for a few enchanting plans, stats to chest and icy chill to weapon. There's still the odd person here and there wanting 4 stats for their boa gear and icy weapon adds a glow to your weapon. Stats I expect to sell well, but icy weapon will likely just sell one or two a week. Other than that, sales for all other old world enchants have been as steady as ever minus healing to bracers, so that's being sent to my new mage to blow stuff up with (frost mage AoE is fun as hell!).

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I don't see how you're getting that kind of profit margin when most of your money is coming from JC. On my server the average profit margin between cut and uncut epic gems is 30g (190 - 160), for a margin of 19%. You've said yourself on this blog that you cut and sell for about that much. Rare gems might catch a 50% margin, and while inscription has massive margins of 500% or more, it's a small part of your overall income. Smithing and leatherworking also rarely exceed 100%. I'd like to see a more detailed breakdown to support these exorbitant claims. I have no doubt your gross numbers are correct (they're similar to what I make in the markets I'm in) because there is no way you're hitting a 500% average profit margin across JC/Inscr/BS/LW, even if you include the misc stuff like transmutes and honor/badge-bought epic gems. By all means prove me wrong as I'd love to be able to duplicate such fantastic results, but if you can't then please stop misleading people as to what's actually possible.

    Yes, I realize you disclaim that you had a stock of materials ahead of time, but by posting a hard number for your material cost you're tactitly stating that what you left out was not a significant factor in your total cost, which I'm almost certain is false.

    Great blog so far, just trying to help keep it great.