Friday, February 19, 2010


Patch 3.3.3

I had written this post while I was reading the new patch notes, but it got so long that I'm going to have to split it up into 2 separate posts. So since the weekend buying/stockpiling time is coming up, I'll give you the TL;DR version first with a few minor explanations here and there and go much more in depth later. Regardless, you can be assured that a lot of changes are coming to your local AH. And since knowing is half the battle, go and read the notes now! Patch notes!

Ok here we go!

~Many glyphs that need 2 inks will only need 1 ink. Also a few DK (chains of ice and disease) and Rogue glyphs (anything for the subtly tree) are going to be selling a good bit more due to talent and glyph changes. post more than normal on patch day.

~Frozen orbs will be able to be traded in for other trade goods. Same way that you can turn leather into furs now. You can see exactly what on mmo-champion for specifics, but the list is eternals, lotuses, runed/crusader orbs, and a tailoring only flying carpet pattern (lets all hope it's BoE). Expect eternals to sink for a while then creep up slowly.

~Double honor gains will make more pvp gear acquired which will need gems and enchants. There's already a shortage of all enchanting mats on my server, so my sales will slow down in case of a price spike for this.

~Specialty cloth CD's are getting that CD removed and can now be made anywhere. Expect these to drop a good amount in price. Also glacial bags are getting a CD added to them, likely due to the cloth changes.

~Titansteel bars are also losing their CD, so if you have a bunch sell them for a good price now, expect them to drop as well.

~Frost lotuses you also want to sell asap as their drop rate will go up by 50% making them a lot cheaper.

~If you're in the business of selling ulduar crafted epics, sell out now as their material reqs are also dropping by a lot. Don't know the specifics yet sadly.

~And the last best change for this patch, you can now finally skip the intro RP junk for CoS. Thank god!

Ok that's the highlights, read the notes for yourself and later on I'll give you a write up of what I intend to do about all of this. In the mean time, I am stocking up on just about everything. Tons of saronite to xmute into titanium, eternals of all sorts (especially curious on how new titansteel prices wind up). Oodles of enchanting mats, frozen orbs, you name it. Going to have to sleep on this to have a real solid plan of action.

Remember, this is just a first impression, I'll be posting my finalized thoughts on all of this tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!

EDIT: I bought 5 stacks of orbs for 7g each and sold 3 for 55g each, and another 10 for 35g each. They have now settled to 25g each on AH, good times!

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