Monday, February 15, 2010

Reporting in! 2-16

Ok, same deal as last week, but with new and improved moneys! Also keep in mind that my gold spent is total across all materials, not X gold for gems, Y gold on inks and such. Also my per profession income is not just a single profession either. This is because I have bankers handling several different markets at once. There aren't enough open character slots to have one banker for rare gems, one for enchanting and such. Though I could do all my buying for a specific market from the toon that does that banking, but you never know when you'll find a good deal. I'm usually bouncing around my toons that are in different towns to suit their needs. Also doing my buying from a mage is amazing since where ever I happen to be I can port right over to the seller, or to a town to snatch up more goodies from the AH there.

Also keep in mind when you see something on AH for X gold, you can usually get it by posting in trade for X - 30g. This is how I get the majority of my epic gems. The normal AH price for them is around 160 up to 180. But in the infamous /2 I can see them posted for 130-140 a piece. Makes my profits much better. For the expensive things I go to trade chat, for the more common goods like leather or herbs, the AH works just fine. Remember it doesn't matter what the market price is, all that matters is how much YOU paid for it.

Income per banker
Epic gems, rare orange gems, vendor pets: 12,500

Rare gems, meta gems, LW, misc: 17,000

Smithing and enchanting: 27,000

Glyphs: 4,000

Material cost: -55,000
Total sales: 60,500
Weekly Profit: 5,500
Total gold: 335,500

Detailed Recap

Gearing up an alt at 80 with epic flying and 245 epics sorta makes a dent in your profits now doesn't it? Yes I count that as an expense because that money could have easily gone into more mats or dropped into the guild coffers.

Ya know, some people might have a wonderful feeling when they've sold out of something, but not me. I look at it as lost potential. With all the talk I do about the importance of stockpiling, I'm sure you can understand why it's important. I have completely sold out of all my gems, LW goods, and a few choice enchanting mats. Sure that means that I have made a lot of money, but as you can see from my goal, it means I'm slowing down greatly in reaching it because of that. And also since my baby mage is nearing 80, a good chunk was spent on them (merlin's robe, epic flying, etc.).

I've also taken a bit of a hiatus from the glyph market, so this week I've been back to my deep undercutting again. I've noticed more and more names pop up on several pages of glyphs so back this this bit again.

So all my gems have been sold, fresh out of leather, some mats for enchanting old world things I've had to raise my price on. Smith goods have been selling constantly. My lovely vendor bought pets are selling a full set every other day with the ones from dalaran selling every single day. Also since saronite prices have gone up again, there's no point in buying it to prospect as the profits would be too small to warrant the effort.

I've taken tailoring on my new mage and I must say, bags are impossible to have a stockpile of. By the time I finish 5 quests, all 15 bags I had up on AH have sold (a mix of frostweave and normal netherweave bags). And this is with me buying a few dozen stacks of cloth at a time! I may eventually start crafting some imbued netherweave bags, but I generally need the arcane dust for my enchanting, but I'll give it a shot regardless and see how it goes this week. Still working on the rep for the epic thread patterns so next weeks report will be based mostly on my new market. I will say this though, it takes too god damned long to make a netherweave bag, I mean seriously...

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