Thursday, February 11, 2010

Profession leveling kits

I read a post the other day on JMTC about profession leveling kits. This is when you put together all the mats needed to level a profession from 1-450 in one sitting. The value of this is obviously high because of the sheer amount of mats needed and of course the ease of use since most of the hard work is done for you already. The cost is equally high. It takes a good amount of effort to put one of these together, even for one as simple as inscription. But even more than this, it takes A LOT of effort and time to gather it all at a decent enough price for a profit. One option is the mail box if you have a toon that does zero auctions and can afford to have a clear mail box. The other is several dedicated guild bank tabs. Since you'll need around a hundred different stacks, you will need more than one tab. Or you can just use an alts entire pack and bank for it all.

After that is shipment, how do you get it to a buyer? Obviously via trade window is going to take way too long and be too complicated to keep track of for them. The other option, and likely best, is to CoD them all to your customer with an even amount need per mail. You can always invite them to your guild bank and give them access to only the tabs with the mats in them, but do you really trust yourself and them enough to do that? I know I'd be worried that I left "unlimited access to gold withdrawal" turned on for everyone.

So we have a reasonable way of shipment and, if we have a spare alt, we have storage. naturally the purchasing will be done over a rather long period of time with dedicated searches. Now for the hard part: sales. First we have to ask my common question, who are our customers? Who would have several thousand gold ON HAND, have a need for such a service, and not think they can just farm it for free? One potential answer is serious raiders. People know that min/max is key to beating hard encounters. Another answer would be people who love playing alts. Granted most people that spend a lot of time on alts know to take a gathering profession to support their crafting profession, but others like to have everything ready. Maybe some people, like myself, don't like to grind even while leveling.

With all that being said, we need a sale pitch of some form since you'll have to sell this in trade chat. Along with that, we need a price to set as well. My normal bare minimum price is a 30% mark up, but with such a huge inventory being sold and all the effort taken to ensure that all mats needed to max a profession are there, a bit more should be in order. After all, when I leveled engineering in TBC for the tier 6 goggles, I'd gladly have paid 6k to max out engineering in an hour and lose all the hassle of going to the AH, farming what I couldn't buy, etc. All this is when it only cost me about 3.5k or so not counting the hour or 2 of farming I had to do.

I haven't tried this business adventure before, but it sure seems interesting, might be fun, and has potential for good profit. Out of all the professions out there, the most expensive (and demanding on inventory space) are smithing, JC, and engineering. LW also needs an insane amount of space, I know I've power leveled it twice. So out of the remaining professions which are commonly leveled in a day? Enchanting is one, alchemy as well since people like having another x-mute spec for guild gem services. Tairloring of course, but that's a rarity it seems lately. Lastly there's inscription, but that's a small market indeed. Most scribes out there took it at release to check it out, others that are usually taking it now are people who want to make money with it. There's no need to be a scribe to skip the sons of hodir chain since the enchants are all BoA now.

Which one would I pick? I have no idea. I am planning on looking into it however and will post more as things develop. The potential for profit is huge, but so is the chance to lose all the gold for my alts flying training. We shall see soon enough! Have any of you tried this or thought about it? If so post away and if there's enough interest, I'll make another post as a collection of all the ideas presented and go from there.

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  1. I was actually thinking of this myself when I saw the post. Except, I was thinking about it more from the flipside. Would I buy a power leveling kit?

    My answer, yes.

    I believe it took me about 6 hours or so to level inscription (including having to find the low level herbs that were not on the AH).

    Now at 500 g/h Thats 3000g that could have theoretically been made. Also, these kits would take all the hassle out of power leveling. Worth the weight in gold if you ask me. Finally, whats stopping you from selling the items you made while powerleveling? I just leveled an alchemist; cost was ~3000g. I decided to clear out my bags of all the leveling potions/flasks ect made. I believe that the total that it all brought in was approx 2000g. So really alchemy was only 1000g to powerlevel, if you want to think of it like that.

    P.S. Love the blog, one of my daily readers.

  2. Thanks for reading! I'm with you in that I'd buy a leveling kit in a heart beat for a profession I wanted maxed. My question though is not one of profit (as I'm sure there's much of it) but rather of the effort needed.

    500g/hour for leveling is one thing, but how much will you be making per hour after considering all of the sorting, shuffling, retrieving, depositing, and so on and so on?

    That's the real question.