Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Leveling greens

A few things that you can easily flip for some fast cash in your pockets are leveling greens. Even with all of the nice BoA gear, they don't fit into every slot and some people just can't be bothered to grind up the emblems or champion seals for them. That leaves you with a market with little competition as these greens/blues are only gotten when you're killing or looting mobs at that level. As I level my mage some low level greens I pick up are selling for a ton of gold above their vendor cost or DE value, to the tune of 12 to 20g profit each.

Most of you know that anything "...of the monkey" or "...of the bear" are worth looking into, but a few others are also worth selling. Namely anything that has some kind of spellpower on them, especially "...of frozen wrath" since the go to leveling spec for a mage is frost. Also leather and mail gear that is "...of power" is a great item to sell as hunters and rogues tend to need less stamina at low/mid levels since things die so fast. Naturally ANY blue that's BoE you'll want to put on auction, but you need to price it right.

Pricing is the only difficult part when selling leveling gear since you have two general schools of thought on the matter (twinks excluded). One thinking is that since you're leveling you'll likely out grow that item sooner rather than later making it almsot a waste of money. The other is that you want the leveling process to be as smooth and easy as possible, and quality gear for your level is important. As a businessman, you want to capture as much of the customers as possible and not limit yourself to a small portion of an already small market. The basic idea is to post them low enough so that the first group won't mind buying those green boots of the bear.

That means that at the same general price, they also won't mind buying the next one and the next one. You also want the price to be high enough to make it worth your while and get into the pockets of people that fully kit out their alts while leveling. One last thing to keep in mind is that unless it's a great blue item, people will not bid on it because they want the item NOW so they can use it NOW and not potentially waste levels they could be using it on.

With blues, you'll almost always having somebody searching for specific items or just anything that will last a dozen or so levels. With these it's ok to set the bid at 50g and the buy out to 200 or something to that effect. But with greens it gets a bit trickier, and therefore fun in my eyes. I generally post my greens for 8g bids and up to 15g buy outs if it isn't worth it to DE. If it happens to give illusion dust or eternal/nether essences, I'll post it for a bit more depending on those material prices. Since essences only regularly come from weapons, that's usually not an issue.

What do you do? Go into the AH armor section and type in "of the bear" among other things and have auctioneer sort by level. Buy anything that's 5g and below then repost them for 8g bid and 12g buy out. If you're using QA3 you can make a new item group called "Greens" and add those items into the group as you pick them up. This will streamline the whole process and the more you expand into different items and levels, the easier it becomes the next day. Just a simple way to flip easily sold items to cover a months worth of repairs and a few flasks. Good luck!

AH giggle of the day
I bought myself an int/stam belt for 4g since I still had a white there at level 20 something. I went and did a few quests and got that exact same green that I had just bought less than an hour later. So instead of being annoyed I looked at it as an opportunity and posted it on the AH for 12g. Before I had resumed my questing it had sold. So not only did I get a nice green for leveling, I also had made a few gold profit on top of it.

Lesson learned:
Everything has a price!

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