Friday, February 26, 2010

WTB lololololol

When I go to trade to buy stuff, I always expect people to comment on my prices and I'm sure you've noticed it too. Usually along the lines of 'wtb abyss crystals for [market-X] pst' and responses like 'lolol you no get dem for dat price nuubz!' Or sarcastic comments of ' lulz u wtb cheap so u can make moar golds?' Well as a matter of fact, yes you moron. Taking a page from Gevlon's book, these people are the M&S (morons and slackers), the fools that make the game much less fun for us. I mean god forbid I use my professions to make money and not spend two hours doing 25 dailys and another 4 hours farming saronite in ice crown.

These people have no concept of how a business runs. Not saying that I'm a regular Rockefeller or anything, but the basics are simply having sense. Any business that makes money by selling a product obviously has to get the materials from SOMEWHERE. And if they happen to also create the materials themselves, that only cuts out the middle man. Also even more than that, not every company has a partnership with say a metal working company to refine the steel and ship it over. They buy it and transform it to into their own needs. That's exactly what is done in wow. You pay somebody to give you the materials you need (saronite ore), maybe pay somebody else to refine them (smelt it into bars), now it's in a form you can work with so you begin to create the products you sell.

I know this is obvious to you, but again, you need to know your customers. These fools are the ones that you're selling that 90g belt buckle to, they're the ones that will spend 100g on a meta gem with the raw gem on AH for 30g. They have zero clue about the AH game nor do they have the smallest desire to. So when people start up with their "QQ u buy 2 cheap no1 sell 2 this nub they screw you" you can't simply ignore them. Because the mob mentality instantly creeps in and they think that you're using professions to make a lot of gold and not doing dailys like one of them.

If you're not one of them, part of their social group, or cool happy friendly helpful ppl, you're "the bad guy." Is it jealousy? No, not at all. It is simply you being different, not being part of "the group." Well, I've never been one to automatically follow the group by default since what's popular isn't always right. When this starts up with more than one person I'll generally wait a few minutes so their goldfish minds can go back to being distracted by their purples and I can go about my business of making the business.

The best part, and one of the most satisfying things in this game, is reading this while you collect 4 CoD mails of things you're being told you'll never get for that price. Just yesterday I picked up 5 stacks of abyss crystals for my price which people laughed at AS I was getting tells from people wanting to sell to me. Funny isn't it?

In WoW you'll hear of "some jerk ripping people off" a lot more than some dude buying cheap gems from people that hate the AH. But what they'll never realize is that just because you CAN sell a scarlet ruby for 80g doesn't mean a damned thing. All that matters is if you WILL sell it for that much. Sure I have an epic twink piece that I COULD sell for 3k gold, but I can't be bothered to repost it constantly. And just because it's worth 3k to somebody doesn't mean that as soon as I got it I instantly got 3k in my pocket.

And even more than that, if I never go to the AH to list said twink item, I'll never have that money. Because I could someday sometime do that, doesn't mean that I will because I love having it. I like being able to show off to all the 400+ members in my social, bg, raid, pvp, leveling guild the nifty purple that I have! That means it's gold value is nothing and still stay that way. So if you have something that could be worth some gold, it's completely useless until it gets used or sold.

Like I said before, anything in your bags not being used won't be making you any money. So if you have 50 stacks of gems and just letting them sit there, they are worth exactly squat. There is no reason you should have a need for 500 forest emeralds by the time cataclysm comes out.

There's a big difference between stockpiling and hording. An intelligent person stockpiles because they know for a fact that they'll have a use for such things in the near future. Your typical WoW M&S will horde things for no other reason than the sake of having them, the whole 'he who has the most toys...' type of mentality at play. But hey, it's your $15 a month, not mine.

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