Sunday, February 21, 2010

Patch 3.3.3

Changes Part 2


Since I've had the weekend to do some thinking about all the new changes coming to the AH scene, it's time to share with all of you what my plans are. Firstly, I'm obviously buying any cheap frozen orbs I can get my mits on. I'll be turning these into either frost lotus' or crusader orbs to sell off depending on what gives me the better profit margin. If nothing else, I'll definitely be able to resell quite a few of them for a nice amount. But since I still use them for off hands and spell threads, I can't afford to sell all of them off. This will be adjusting my thresholds a bit since they can be sold for far more than before.

I'm also selling off my eternal fires for around 30g each, keeping only what I need for the time being. I'm hoping that their prices will drop a bit and orbs will hang around the 25g mark so I'll have much better flexibility with things that use them. My reasoning is that raid orbs don't sell too much and with the drop rate of frost lotus going up so much the prices of orbs will hang around what they're at.

I'm not changing anything I do with inscription as the change of 2 inks to 1 doesn't have an effect on the current market. However once the patch hits, I'll be crafting 10 of all the glyphs that are effected by skill/specs instead of my normal 5 of each. This also includes extras of the standard PvP rogue glyphs and their variations for the cookie cutter mut/prep spec. I'm expecting a lot of people to be trying out the new specs, especially shadow step rogues in PvP. If you head over to Arena Junkies and check out the rogue forums, you'll see a ton of people that while not convinced of how viable Sub will be are still going to try it out. That means they all need a fresh set of glyphs, will likely try out several before deciding to stick with it or go back to mut/prep. In which case they have to buy another set of glyphs from yours truly.

Here's the list of glyphs I'm expecting to sell more than the normal amount of. Note, some of these are NOT recommended glyphs at all. However the customer is always right and will usually buy whatever happens to look correct first (I love those people).

Chains of Ice
Icy touch

Ghostly strike


With tailoring, I'm stocking up on imbued frostweave and mixed eternals to craft a ton of specialty cloth to sell off. Sure the prices are going to drop (mark my words, sell your entire stock now) with the CD being removed, along with the hassle of making them. But it won't be such a pain for me to get into that market because of that and I can turn my excess eternals (and potentially extra orbs) into money now instead of money two weeks from now. It also brings more options to the table so long as I can keep stocked up on them, my total income will go up a bunch. And since cloth is losing the CD, the glacial bag which previously wasn't worth the effort to make, will likely go up in price as it's getting a week long CD. Still no clue if it will sell or not.

Mining! My miner is a level 68 noob that only is there to make saronite. With the patch titansteel smelting is losing the daily CD on it so prices will drop a bit while prices of titanium/saronite bars may rise so people can mass craft the titansteel they are saving up. I expect a temporary increase in the mats for titansteel before it falls down again. Since my miner can fly, I may take the time to finish leveling it up to make my own titansteel as that's yet another market for me, but I'm always short on saronite and with all the eternals I'll be needing I might not have the stock for it. We'll see how it pans out. Regardless of the price on the mats changing, sell off any you have left.

JC and enchanting! I'm doing my best to stock up on as much of these mats as humanely possible, mostly orange resilience gems, red dps gems, and armor enchants. With the large increases coming to HK's and doing random BG's with bonus rewards just like random dungeons, a lot more people will be getting pvp gear. And as with any influx of gear, a huge demand comes for gems and enchants so I'll be making extras of the usual gear enchants. Sadly my server is in a drought of infinite dust and crystals, the price on dust is hovering around 2g each, and crystals are just coming in slow. What I will do however is anything I'm low on stock I'll stop selling now and wait for a potential price spike. If things don't go up like I expect, they'll still sell as usual so there won't be a loss.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What is your threshold for purchasing frozen orbs?

  2. Previously I was buying them for 7g for my spell threads and inscription offhands. Once notes were released I bought them for 12. Now that I have a stock I'm letting the prices bounce up and down before I buy more.

    So to answer your question, I don't have one because I'm not buying them currently.