Thursday, February 11, 2010


I came up with an idea for an experiment I'd like to do, but I'm not entirely sure on how to go about doing it. What I want to do is prove that I only spend 60-90 minutes a day doing my auctions, but running a fraps of the whole thing isn't that practical since the video will be HUGE. I can't make a new toon and show their /play time because I can't prove that I was ONLY on that one toon. I'll also be switching toons, crafting, and the like so that wouldn't work regardless. And a ton of screen shots also wouldn't work because that would just be far too clunky to go through them all.

I'd really like to do this so I can prove that you don't need to camp the AH, have several accounts, or anything absurd like that in order to get gold capped. If nothing else it can prove that you can make a good amount of gold with very little work. So in the mean time, I'll be thinking of ways that I can pull this off and any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated. Any suggestions I'll be sure to make a point of looking into and will post any updates on how my research into them is coming. And should a reader give me a suggestion that I use I'll be sure to make a point of thanking you in the following post. In addition I'll let you take over the blog for a day even!

I'll be dedicating my weekend posts to this project from now on as I get more ideas and thoughts collected.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Have two short videos. First, video your storage and auctions before business begins, and open the calendar.

    Next, video storage, auctions, time and date after business commences.

    Indeed, depending on your video capture experience, it might even be a good way to supplement time accounting or auditing.

    Optionally, a third video where you collect your earnings. This one you'll probably have to compile on fast forward, considering the number of auctions, but then it might be fun in a 'It's still going?' kind of way to watch it in real time.