Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gear professions selling gear

DISCLAIMER: Don't take my comments on twinks and pvp gearing as gospel. They're just a very basic explanation to help you understand the mentality of your potential customers, nothing more.

I posted a while ago that most gear professions don't make much money with the gear they make but the other things that they craft. Not always the case, following my post yesterday, with leveling gear. Every profession has a handful of cheap pieces you can make that are useful to new characters. Namely LW goods with agil and or stam on them. There's also some high quality twink gear that comes from normal profession crafteds and not world drop boe's. A few things that come to mind are nightscape gear from LW and some silk gear from tailoring.

Also if you remember a few weeks ago I mentioned the importance of doing your homework on what gets made when leveling a profession. Keep that in mind when picking a few items to mass craft. You could easily be flooded well below material cost indefinitely if you're not mindful of that.

Twinks are in the same catagory of thought as people just leveling an alt. Some will go all the way and spend top dollar because they want the most while they're a twink and others will only put in enough money to be competitive, but know they won't be a twink for a significant amount of time. This goes back to yesterdays post about pricing on leveling gear since it's still the same general market: low level toons that want good gear. And just like with leveling gear, BoA items won't fill out every slot. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to understand the basic mentality of pvp stat priority when dealing with twink gear. Which is also somewhat similar to pvp at the level cap, but also drastically different at the same time.

First off, stamina is important because otherwise you'll be dead in the time of a global cool down unless you have enough. So items with high stam on them are popular and are usually the deciding factor. Because if you sit there auto attacking against somebody doing the same the one with higher health wins. And since things like crit rating are few and far between, same with spellpower, it all comes down mostly to base stats and who has more.

However one thing that needs to be pointed out because it is just as important at 80 pvp as it is as a twink. What I refer to is hit rating. If you're a priest and you miss a mass dispell on a holy pally after a bubble, you lost a chance at a kill. If you're a level 19 rogue and your sinister strike misses, you might be dead before you regen the energy to try again. Or a frost mage missing frost bolt and letting that OP warrior in range right away. There's a very limited amount of gear with hit on it for low levels, but even for leveling, it's a prime stat (especially due to scaling).

One other note on this is that some slots have VERY limited options, 300g blues included. Basically any jewelry is important, along with capes and head pieces.

So here's a few suggestions of easily made and sold twink gear. As per usual, some fetch more than others, and some materials may be harder to get than others. Regardless, it's also a small market with little competition and steady sales which makes it worth mentioning.

spidersilk cape
Spidersilk boots
Crimson silk shirt/legs
Azure silk hood

Nightscape gear
Deviate scale belt
Gems-studded leatherbelt

Shining silver breastplate
Green iron leggings

Wicked moonstone ring
Simple pearl ring
Bronze band of force
Brilliant necklace

Obviously this isn't a complete list, just enough to give you the gist of it all. And also note that most of these things you can craft a few dozen of at a time for cheap that you can set and forget. The blue gear you'll mostly want to just make a pair of them and wait until they sell though. Lastly, following up these low level tips with one quickie: prospect tin ore. You can likely buy a stack of it for 2-4 gold and sell each of the gems you get from prospecting for that same price each.

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