Monday, February 1, 2010

Business report 2-1-2010

It's that time again. The day of server resets, raid times, patches and crashes. It also the time where I let you know what's on the up and up for making some shiny coin. It has truly been an interesting week as far as supply and demand is concerned, especially with my cut gem markets. I also started to level an alt (frost mage) and picked up tailoring so the normal 'getting started' fees for an alt with decent gear and new professions cut into my profits a good amount.

Finally sold a scroll of 15 strength to weapon. First sale so I'll wait until the last one I have sells before making more. However, righteous orbs were over 100g at the time which I'm almost certain was the only reason it sold. Other than that, northrend weapon enchants have been selling steadily along with the few armor enchants I noted last week.

The demand for buckles has really gone up, I mean a lot! I'm moving more than double the amount I sold last week. All in all, still as solid a profession as ever.

Leather working:
As with the buckles, I'm moving far more armor kits than before and with no competition I might add. Currently they're selling for triple the material cost, so I may raise the price up a few gold more soon. Arctic furs have gone way up in price to the tune of 75g a piece while I'm spending a mere 36g to get them. Sadly leg armors still aren't worth selling as I can get far more profit from selling the furs.

Gem x-mutes are still a solid few hundred a day, but meta gem sales have dropped off. Now instead of selling all the metas I make, I'm only moving a few per day. All in all not a very impressive profession still.

Jewel crafting:
This is where things get interesting. Most of this week I was running on fumes for my rare gems, being completely sold out of a few colors while I had come int oa ton of epics. Rare gems uncut had doubled in price while the CUT versions were all selling for double. Mind you there were barely any raw gems on AH at any time, the few that were up were priced at around 15g and up.

This is strange because as demand goes up, price should go up as well while supply goes down (when the supply is limited). But what's happening is demand has gone way up, supply has all but vanished, and price has gone DOWN! Does that strike you as strange or is it just me? This could be due to the fact that saronite ore has gone up a bit in price to 117/18g a stack, but that's happened several times without effecting the supply of rare gems. Strange indeed.

Epic gems however had their price raw drop by 30g making them much more worthwhile than before. I had bought several full stacks of all colors and sold the normal amount each day for upwards of 100g profit per gem. Makes me a happy orc for sure.

All that being said, rare gems have been a very low portion of my JC profits but epics have been much bigger profit.

Vendor pets are still a huge market, in fact I even had to take another trip to the netherstorm to refresh my stock. Also crystallized fires have almost stopped selling, so it's time to put them into use as spell threads again since meta sales have gone down also. JC green rings have been selling at a rate of 1 a day of each type, so I'll be sticking with this market. Not a huge profit, but consistent. And like I always say, consistency is key.

rare gems and epics switched spots, LW/BS way up, enchanting steady, alchemy down.

TOTAL: 257,000g

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