Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Profession How To Part 6: Tailoring

Holy shit tailoring!

This profession is definitely a sleeping giant in the AH game believe me. When I first looked at tailoring, I only saw the leveling guide for it and the 3,000 frostweave cloth it needed to get anywhere high. With frostweave being nearly useless (so I thought) and having plenty of bandages I would just vendor the crap and not bother posting a stack of 9 on AH for a few silver. It just wasn't worth my time to save up several thousand cloth at a handful a time from whenever I'd pick some up in a heroic. The same went for iceweb spider silk, which I'd only get when leveling, I'd think who wants this crap, no gear needs it!

Boy was I misinformed. This is a very low maintenance easy money profession, easier than any other if you ask me. And if you happen to play on your tailor a lot, the cloth scavenging passive ability you get really increases the amount of frostweave you find by a lot. I've found that not only can I get up to 9 cloth from a single mob, but when I'm doing heroics after somebody loots a body, I can also loot it sometimes for an extra 3-6 cloth.

To start off your tailoring empire, you'll need an absolutely massive stockpile of frostweave, netherweave, eternal fire, eternal life, iceweb spider silk, a handful of frozen orbs, and several stacks of infinite dust. Basically you'll need maybe a week before you can start by checking the AH daily during prime time (when people run chain heroics) to stock up on cloth to hold onto so you can get started. In addition to that, you'll also need your tailor to be exalted with the argent crusade and the kirin tor factions for the spell thread patterns. The things that you'll be crafting with all this are netherweave and frostweave bags and epic spellthreads. Sure that doesn't seem like a lot of things to sell, but the pure volume that you can sell in two days is astounding. On your average day, I'll sell 40 nehterweave bags and 20 frostweave bags along with two of each spellthread.

The way I do it is I'll post 8 netherweave bags along with 8 frostweave and then post 4 of each spell thread. Then I wait an hour and post more bags and more and more! OK I don't really do that, but in all seriousness, you really can sell that many that often, trust me. Basically here's what the stuff break down to:

Netherweave bags: 20 cloth and 1 rune thread

Frostweave bags: 60 cloth, 12 dust, 2 eternium thread

SP/stamina spellthread: 4 eternal fire, 4 iceweb spider silk, 1 frozen orb

SP/Spirit spellthread: 4 eternal life, 4 iceweb spider silk, 1 frozen orb

You can use that to base your purchases and prices off of. If all you ever sell are bags, that pays for all the repairs you'll ever need. Start selling the spellthreads and you'll never have to worry about money for raids ever again. For my server the happy price to buy cloth at is 5g a stack for both kinds. As for the spellthreads the only problem with them is getting the spider silk for it. After my initial find of 30 on AH for a decent price, I've had to buy it all from trade chat.

So whenever you're passing through town make a post that you're buying it for X gold and to CoD you. Works especially well when I'm waiting for a tank to que for a random (can't join groups or I lose my que spot sadly). I almost never see more than two other people listing spellthreads on the AH so the competition is small and, so far at least, not very aggressive. That's good because you don't have to worry about checking your auctions, only takes 30 seconds to post everything, and then you're done until tomorrow or the day after.

The rare quality threads I don't bother with since the ones I made took me almost 2 weeks to sell off for a measly 8g profit. Granted that's about what I make from selling netherweave bags, but those sell faster than I can make them. As I always say, consistency is important. Once the patch comes and specialty cloth loses the CD I may experiment in making epic gear to sell. Other than that I'll make a few tuxedo sets and see if they can bought up or not, but since it's a rather small customer base I don't expect much from it.

That's all the important info that you want to know about tailoring, now here's the stuff you need to know. Bags take a very long time to make and you have to craft a ton of them. I try and keep 20 on hand at all times in case somebody decides to fill out their bank and character slots. It also requires you to check the AH every single day for cloth to buy out since you'll be using such large amounts of it. Luckily cloth is rather cheap so this profession doesn't need a huge start up amount. The same things goes for spider silk, this stuff can be a pain sometimes to get a hold of, again due to the amount you need and that most people vendor it.

Once the patch comes, I'll be converting a lot of my eternals and imbued frostweave cloth into specialty cloth and see what profits I can get from that market. All the ulduar patterns that use it are being cut in half so not as many may sell, but the ToC patterns are untouched (currently) so people that get that stuff made will still need to buy a bunch at a time. As soon as the patch comes I'll be starting this and update you all on how it goes. In the mean time, I'm off to go buy more cloth!

If anybody has other suggestions for tailoring goods to sell please comment and I'll give them a go. After all, it's always fun to expand your horizons now and then.

I will leave you with this screen shot of my bag sales every other hour.

Thanks for stopping by!

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