Sunday, February 14, 2010


Another quick pro tip for you all today!

On every server, you have different times that people will be buying stuff, but the times are generally the same regardless of population. However some servers are completely dead in the night time or early morning. You should make it a point to see if your server is one of the ones that has no activity late at night or in the mornings and if it's the usual noon to 3pm and 5pm to 11pm servers. This should guide when you do your posting on the AH. All of this of course assumes that you don't camp the AH, and I hope you don't. My server is 100% legally deceased after midnight hits. Because of this, I won't post any new auctions after 11:30pm since it will all be undercut by the time I next look at the AH. Yes I know I'll be bound to be undercut at any point just as likely, but if I undercut the competition at midnight, they'll undercut me again and neither of us will be selling. That means that the undercutting does nothing but lower the prices.

Like I said in my inscription post, undercutting without reason is silly. If I post an auction at prime time and post it again later, there's a good chance I sold a good amount of stuff. But if I undercut and post again lat at night or early in the morning, the prices go down but nothing gets sold, leaving me wit h a lower profit margin the following day. Keep this in mind when you work your business and know your server's good and off hours. However if you're on a server with several late night guilds, or just a very high population one, then posting at night might get you some decent income. Knowing when NOT to sell is just as important as knowing when to sell. Besides, a thousand unsold auctions is one hell of a loss in deposit fees.

This can all go back to the basic basic tip of "know your market." If you don't know who you're selling to, you won't know WHEN they want to buy. Big selling days are Tuesday and Friday, and sometimes Saturday. The weekend is usually when you want to do your mass buying since a lot of people will be home all day and spend a good chunk of that time farming just for you. Take advantage of what is known as "Saronite Saturday" and stock up a lot while waiting another two days to sell it all. Now I'm not saying NEVER list at night or ONLY buy on the weekends, but again, just simple tips and guidelines for you to start with.

There is no be all end all rule, just guides for you to adapt to your own situation. All successful AH players know what works for them on their server. If I transferred my whole alt bank to your server, I'd likely lose a good amount of money if I kept doing things exactly the same because the whole market will change. Time, goods, and services are only worthwhile at certain places. The same thing is true in the real world. If you gave me 20 kilos of gold, I'd kiss you. Go to Australia and hand that over to an Aborigine native and they'll likely look at you funny.

So when do you usually do your posting? Are you on a late night or high pop server? How does this influence your timing?

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  1. It might be worth it to look at how the auctions are going on monday late night, many people have alts and get in raids as "last chance".

  2. This is quite true and I had honestly not considered that. Might extend my Monday night posting by a bit thanks to this. we'll see how it goes.