Saturday, February 27, 2010

Assorted thoughts

Over the course of this last week I've been coming up with a lot of different ideas to post in the blog. They're mostly very short and fit more into an "oh by the way..." than they would fit into an actual post. So today I'm going to go ahead and just post them all in no particular format or order. Simply just a "hey here's a handful of things on my mind you may or may not find interesting or useful." Enjoy.

-I've now decided to start buying frozen orbs and I'm paying 15g each. I'm doing this because I buy a eternal air, life, and shadow for that price and I expect their prices to largely remain the same. If they don't, I can promise that frost lotus will still be worth more than 15g even with the trade ins and drop rate increase.

-I'm also doing battle grounds since on the ptr you can trade a single mark from any for 2k honor. Though I highly highly doubt this will go live as with full marks you can have enough tokens to get 1.2 million honor. That turns into 120 epic gems or all the pvp gear you want from every arena season from now until the END of cataclysm.

-There is a definite 12 hour cycle of sell times for the AH. It moves like clockwork each and every day at 11am server and 11pm server. It's so consistent that you can set your watch on it. As soon as you start selling a lot of stuff you know that it's either almost noon or almost midnight. I find that it generally lasts for 1-2 hours before it fades off.

-People who get angry at you for undercutting you won't be posting their goods for very long. Weather it be friends, competition, or guildies it doesn't matter. When somebody gets upset over that, I can't help but just outright laugh at them. I mean what did you think, that I would just hand you the entire market? A week later they'll have already stopped and likely won't be a bother for a while.

-A question for all the druids, hunters and shamans out there. Do you people even use glyphs? I mean really, I almost never sell a glyph for any of those classes even a bottom of the barrel 3g glyph. It might be because the glyphs for those classes aren't as obvious or intuitive as others. It's a lot easier for a retard that never heard of EJ to see something that says "5% crit to fireball" and know that's useful than to see "reduce the cool down of [skill] by 1 second" and know if that's any good at all. It would definitely explain why some of the most useless glyphs get sold for 30g.

-Denial of service still works for late night gem cuts or obscure enchants, which is always fun and amusing. It might not happen often, but it is so hysterical when it does that the loss of a potential tip is completely worth it. A while ago I got the +22 int to weapon enchant from thorium brotherhood rep. I sell the scrolls of it for 450g (about 300g profit) and just recently saw somebody looking for it. They were offering I think 50g tip for it, but I was off in TB and didn't bother trying. They waited about 10 minutes, bought my scroll for 450g, posted the mats for half market price, then I bought the mats and listed another scroll for 450. Sold that scroll the next day which made this even more gratifying.

-Intentional price spikes. You've likely had the chance to do this before when you go to buy say abyss crystals and there's none on AH. You consider posting a handful for like 80g or some other silly high price. This is usually a bad idea since it could take a while for the prices to go down to your buying range. If you use a certain material, it's wise to leave the market as is because it's far too easy to shoot yourself in the foot without a totally massive stockpile. But if you do have a week or so of supply, you can mess with your competitors something fierce.

-Post a large assortment of things in any market that you can. While you will surely be undercut on many things, more likely your competition won't be crafting X of every gem or X number of every useful enchanting scroll. If you've been taking my advice and stockpiling mats, you'll be able to regularly post everything that sells for a profit and your competition will only be effecting a portion of your market rather than the entire thing. This mostly applies only to epic gems and weapon enchanting scrolls due to the high material cost. Because you could spend several thousand gold to make a full stock of weapon enchants or cut one of each cardinal ruby, a lot of people will stick with the handful they craft when possible. This casual seller usually won't branch out as they don't have the inventory or financial backing for it. Since you like to stockpile, and I know you do, you don't have to worry about being stuck there too.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. "A question for all the druids, hunters and shamans out there. Do you people even use glyphs"

    I find that hunters do not buy glyphs at all, but that I constantly restock on shaman glyphs. Apparently some shamans can just buy glyphs to switch to a PvP spec instead of respecing...but someone might have to correct me on that one. Also with the new shaman glyph change on the ptr (lava something I think) that might sell for a while.